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About Me

Found 4 results

  1. Hi All/PUBG Team, I am writing this after months of suffering, the issue is that, any lobby I am in either squad duos or solos, It will always take 1 minute or longer to find a game (can take up to 3/4 minutes). Now, while this may not sound too bad, I am a very agro player, and only drop in places such as pecado, military and school. This means, i do die in early game quite often, and sometimes the ratio of game time to matchmaking time is skewed in favor of matchmaking time. It is now beyond a joke, and is frustrating me and my teammates, since everyone else has an instant queue time. It is my working theory that this is caused by high kill games, as this first happened to me after a streak of high kill games (16,17 and 20 kill games respectively). After i did not get any high kill games over a few weeks, my queue went back to normal, and then i got an 18 kill game, and suddenly my queue time went back up to taking huge amounts of time. Please could a dev or official team member explain this, or other people who experience it let me know. Thanks At0micaL
  2. I just (16-10-17, 17:28) ended a round, where i was last man standing, killed the 2nd and 3rd last player alive. Where as I should have won... but didn't. My client crashed moments before "takeoff" because of lack of memory (so no bug report was created), and i had to reconnect - I do not know, if that has anything to do with it. Have attached photo.
  3. I was playing a game earlier this week where I was duoing with a friend, and we were in two pretty distant locations (still could see each other on the minimap, but we were by no means close). Right as I revealed myself behind cover I got instantly headshot, and my duo partner did too. From the same guy. But we were very far apart. My conclusion is that A) he's hacking, or B) there's a bug where if one person goes down then you both die instantly. Either way it would be much appreciated if it got addressed. Here's a link to the video I posted on my channel about it:
  4. Hi, now I ve noticed very terrifying bug... Fake time played, maybe that bug did my statistic false PLZ fix
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