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Found 38 results

  1. https://streamable.com/6gt5w
  2. Hey, today we were playing duos on Miramar. We got killed in a late game by a guy we did not see. He was inside a cliff shooting through a wall, while he was invisible, he killed three people at least by that. There is a bugged texture on the map, which allowed him to go in. Inside the texture, the guy saw everything and could shoot anybody, while nobody could see him or return fire. I include a screenshot, where the entrance is located with some screenshots from the inside. Date seen: 23/1/2018 Server: EU LIVE DUO Texture bug (screenshot included) System specs: Win10 (updated), GPU: GTX1060 6GB, CPU: i5-6300HQ, RAM: 8GB Thank you for solving this gamebreaking problem in advance.
  3. DEVs, can you please fix this? The texture of camo hotpants is broken since 1.0. The leg belt is melting with the womans legs. This looks aaarrrgghhh. Maybe the woman ate too much chicken dinners, i dont know.... See the picture:
  4. Hello, Bug Description: This bug is a texture glitch where a rock of a mountain isn't connected to the ground and allow you to get under it and then inside. From the inside, you can shoot and see through the rock but you can't get shot inside. To be able to beat those users, you need to crawl under the rock but you get visible and probably killed, or you throw a grenande in the little slot. Date Seen: 01/06/2018 Server: Official servers. ( Not test servers ) Launch Options: I'm using a vanilla version, no command lines System Specifications: Windows 10 Famille 64-bit (10.0, Build 16299) (16299.rs3_release.170928-1534) Nvidia geforce GTX 970 PNY Edition Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz (8 CPUs), ~4.0GHz 16326MB RAM I'm sending you a screenshot of the Seen glitch with the minimap informations to get the precise location. Hope I've Helped ! Thk for reading this post. SollStice
  5. Date Seen:January 2 2018 Server: Live Server Actual Bug: On the mountain range to the South East Mountain range of Los Leones, there is a location in which you can slip between the rocks. When done, you can see through as well as shoot through the rock you climbed to get into this spot. It is possible to exit this area by running towards the now invisible rock face and you can glitch out of this area. This is demonstrated in the video. Evidence: https://youtu.be/7_BY9NRJ8hI Other Information: The bug occurs in the south east mountain area outside Los Leones. If you go to the south side of this mountainous area and to the east side of this mountain and head northward, the bugged area is in the first divot of the mountain. A more comprehensible view of the location is given in the video.
  6. An example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fz649ymGAF4&feature=youtu.be The round tanks/containers inside the building don't render until I get close, the enemy does. Other unrecorded cases I've seen are entire doors/walls on Erangel that don't render after a couple hundred meters
  7. Was advised to post this into this forum. Building wall texture missing as marked on the minimap.
  8. Map: Desert Bug: Sunlight is a blinding white and green. Exiting lobby and rejoining does not fix. Once inside building or some sort of shade, textures are all fine. Server: NA Date seen: 12/21/17
  9. The super thick eyelashes are not present on any other face+skin tone combinations for women (or men). The first of the three skin tones for that face looks normal. Graphics settings are all on ultra and no settings that I tried had any effect on these eyelashes. It's probably not something that needs fixing by launch But it also seems like something that can be easily missed and unreported. Thanks for the game.
  10. In La Coberia theres a place where you can walk through the ground and hide inside it.
  11. Описание бага (Bug Description): - на развалинах локации Stalber, на верхушках, персонаж имеет возможность прятаться в текстуре Дата когда вы столкнулись с багом (Date Seen): 2017.11.22 Сервер (Server): test server EU, squad Попытки устранения (Troubleshooting Attempted): - Другая информация (Other Information): - Параметры запуска (Launch Options): по умолчанию Характеристики системы (System Specifications): Операционная система Windows 10: Видео карта (Graphics Card): Nvidia 1060 3gb ЦП (CPU): i5 3470k Оперативная память (Ram): 16gb
  12. Описание бага: При прыжке с самолета видна фиолетовая крыша.При приближение баг исчез. Дата когда вы столкнулись с багом: 14.11.2017 Сервер: Тест сервер AS Попытки устранения: - Другая информация: Игра стоит на HDD.Видеокарта в разгоне без признаков перегрева и т.п. Видео
  13. When you're on the plane and up until you're very close to the warehouse, it glows like this and it is VERY noticeable. Once you're close, it goes back to normal.
  14. Date Seen:From purchase (Sept. 15) Server: Live Issue: Close-range LOD (level-of-detail) models for world fixtures like houses, water towers, docks/piers, and other misc buildings fail to load in when in close proximity. From player perspective, the game makes no attempt to load the proper LODs in a timely manner; the game runs at a smooth 60FPS while all adjacent buildings appear as low-polygon blobs for periods of up to a minute. The game will then suddenly hitch for up to several seconds while all buildings within roughly 300 meters have their textures loaded in simultaneously. Other Information: PUBG's failure to quickly transition from low-LOD models to high-LOD models can most easily be seen when quickly parachuting into a town at the start of the game. The game makes no attempt to prioritize the loading of LOD models closer than a distance of roughly 300m, meaning that PUBG makes no distinction between a house the player is standing on/in and a house that's several hundreds of meters away from the player, despite the former obviously requiring more urgency. This can result in awkward moments where players clip through geometry (as the collision meshes for low/high LODs appear to be different) until loading completes. I've attached a picture of this issue manifesting itself at the start of a game. Troubleshooting Attempted: Setting all options to low: Didn't work Setting page file size to a higher value: Didn't work Reinstalling graphic drivers: Didn't work Restarting computer: Didn't work Launch Options: Default, no launch options. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 CPU: Intel i7 2600k Ram: 8GB
  15. (Sorry for the bad quality) I have this problem, when I press alt+tab when in game, for example, to accept a skype call o respond a message, I press alt+tab to do it and when I get back to continue my game or when I am in lobby, this blue texture bug happens and it doesnt fix by itself and its unplayable when it happens so I need to re-open de game when it happens. pls fix
  16. Date Seen: Always - Purchased game in March 2017, problem persists. Information: So I created a post a while back on this in PUBG community hub about this but didn't get useful replies; to disclose, this isn't an issue exclusive to this game. I get the same distortion when I started playing Conan Exiles (i'll include an image from that as well) but also got little help. The only connection I could (publicly) find was that both run on Unreal Engine 4 which is likely my problem but not sure on a solution and sort of hoping someone might have insight on what else I can try. The bug has been consistent except recently there was 1 game where I didn't have any distortion (I was shocked) - but this was the "once in a blue moon" moment. The distortion is not on all "textures" or "objects" but on specific things- it used to happen to hair on players but this doesn't happen any more- it has ALWAYS distorted any water (including rain which is very annoying). - in Conan Exiles it was bushes and sand. Generally it happens to objects that have a lot of detail/motion. !! The screenshots were taken back in march/April and it isn't a prominent now so I will try to add updated screenshots later today. Bug Description: Checkered distortion of either color and black squares or color and offset-color squares. This happens to textures even in the main menu. Troubleshooting/Testing Steps Attempted: I have: Reinstalled games (both games effected) Restarted PC Reinstalled graphics card drivers Installed game on other HDD (persists on primary and secondary HDD) Updated latest graphics card drivers Tried enabling/disabling Integrated graphics (normally enabled for 3rd display but even when disabled it persists) Tried re-seating graphics card (I was getting desperate)
  17. Game starts. I jump out of plane. I see no buildings at all when I land but there is clearly one in front of me on the map. I go to building and looks like I can glitch through walls. I am able to go through and collect weapons and such. I am playing with 2 other friends and I go to one and I can see him and other players in buildings and pretty much can tell them where they are and help him. I died just as I got to him. So now he can spectate us. Me he can see building but with my other friend he cant, he can see what I see. So with me he can tell me where the walls and doors are and with my other friend he can see through building. Now if we were good we could use that to our vantage, right? He didn't make it to the play area and he died and I almost didn't make it. I got to get to the military base because that's where the next play area will be. Get to the bridge and it looks not rendered and is very bumpy and the "cars" on the bridge are just giant lumps. Halfway I give up because I'm glitching and cant use my scope so I jump off and swim. When I get to the island I can see houses but wait they are morphed. I end up dying because I suck. Ill post the screenshots. Also didn't really think of taking screenshots for bugs reasons until I got past the bridge. The computer is new and I didn't put the any recording software on it or else I probably would have used it.
  18. While wearing the trench-coat there is no texture between the collar and the actual neck of the trench-coat, this allows the players skin to be seen between the collar and neck of the trench-coat especially while running.
  19. Played a duo with my friend, he got this bug after landing. He saw through buildings, saw the loot and other players in the area. Walking and running was bugged also, after colliding to building he glitched through the walls. Don't know what kinda bug this is but i'd say textures and loading issues.. Fix this issue so people won't get banned for accused for cheating!
  20. Date Seen:8-7-17 Server: Live Server Other Information: So, my friend and I were in a dacia, other two in a UAZ. We crossed a bridge at E3, K6. Some of the buildings in the surrounding area were not loaded, I could only see door frames, rugs, and furniture. The two story red and orange building were fine though. Those buildings were surrounding Rozhok, to the east. My texture for the aforementioned bridge did not load, and I was like "Ha look ill get a screenshot of a floating car." So I have attached the screenshot I have taken. We drove over the bridge and my friend was like "what???". He saw the textures, I did not. I was driving, and we fell through the bridge. Took no damage. But my friend said he literally fell through the bridge. Our car was in the water and we had to evade. Not quite sure why the position of our car seemed like it was client side, and not server side. System Specifications: win 10 home 64 bit i7 4720hq 16 gigs of ram 960m 2gb 500gb samasung MSATA SSD (where game is installed) (laptop is ge70 2qe apache pro)
  21. I was walking along the road like an idiot and noticed that there were these texture glitches. Sorry if this is client side and i'm an idiot.
  22. Every single game I play on Player Unknown's Battle Grounds, I get hit with this undodgable texture glitch. I join a game and hop out the plane, I land to realize all my buildings are malformed. You cannot enter, get into, or interact with anything from the buildings. This texture render glitch makes the game literally unplayable! I've heard that you need 16GB of usable ram to fix this issue! That is absolutely insane and not good for the health of the game. There's multiple YouTube videos showing what I'm experiencing (In the examples below). (space to show where to read after watching the video) The only way that I have found to load the buildings is it open up my inventory tab when the parachute opens or a tiny bit before my parachute opens and my game freezes for like 1-2 minutes. Usually after I am already shot dead by another player. Please fix this issue soon or in another patch update! Examples :
  23. Hi, Always and in each of my games I approach and see this rock. If for me it would make a graffiti with my nick (BeRzEsKeR) or put something nice and cute as a heart or something, will you fix it? Thank you, Kiss. PD: I love Paint, RIP.
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