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Found 4 results

  1. So, was killed by teasers on a solo game on vikendi. Didn’t record a clip, but did watch one of them briefly to confirm. Went to PUBG detective to get the name of the other teamer. Submit to support with both gamer rages, time of match etc but told they can’t do anything without a video clip and that they don’t save the game files. Which is interesting given all the third party apps that can access the game files. So it seems third party devs are better placed to monitor cheating than the official support channels. No really, well done Bluehole, well done. I’m sure this gives us all SUPREME confidence e that you’re doing your utmost to eradicate the cheating.
  2. Have seen people teaming in solo play on Vikendi almost every single day since release, way more than I have seen on other maps. The latest occurence being today when I was killed by a team of 5 (!) people. The screenshot shows three of these honorable gentlemen at the same time, the upper right screenshot is from pubg-replay earlier in the match. These 5 guys kept together (until they were picked off one by one) from the very beginning. The 'report' button needs to be available while you are watching the guy that killed you and not just on your 'death screen'. Teaming isn't always appearent when you get killed but is very easy to observe when you spectate.
  3. Just got teamed by 3 players in solo. I died in the top ten by the zone after engaging them but not wanting to give them the kill. Spectated them afterwards and then looked it up on pubg detective. Noticed several matches with wins by teaming. They also seem to know exactly where all crates dropped. I have reported it. Wonder if anything gonna happen though? Kinda sad, regardless of bugs, lag and other problems cheating is what really messes up an online game in my opinion.
  4. Объединение в команду. Часто вижу это на серверах ВСЕХ регионов. И это игроки только с китайскими никами. Как-то избавлены от этой проблемы ТОЛЬКО российские сервера. То ли в силу того, что азиаты их просто не видят, то ли они просто не заходят. В любом случае за это отдельное спасибо. Понятно, что это не чит, за который в том же Китае уголовка, но они не меньше ломают геймплей. Часто и убивает пара и вижу бегающую пару (издалека), на соло режимах. С этим как то борются ? Им за это что то бывает ? Или меню "Пожаловаться" - это просто сделана для того что бы убитый просто ругнувшись выпустил пар ?