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Found 11 results

  1. 1. Invisible players. 2. No footstep sounds 3. Parachutes not visible Bluehole has been made aware of all these issues over a year ago. Nothing has been done to fix listed issues. Now I would like to hear what other players think about priorities company has taken to not fix these issues.
  2. Since the 27th update in september, i experience a lot of flickering in pubg for start, when i load the game the copyright message merges with the loading screen and flickers after, when i go to the menu of choosing what server i want to play in or if i want duel, solo or squad the menu flickers a lot when i am in the game, many objects flicker so much that it is impossible to play after a lot of researching i found nothing that could help me, i started messing with the graphics on my own and after a lot of frustration i found that the problem was shadows, apparently only if shadows were on ultra there was no flickering,this came with a price,my fps was so laggy that the game was unplayable, again.. my graphics card is 2,rx 480(crossfired) and the drivers are updated so as my windows 10 please, if you have any idea how to fix it help me, and yes i did try reinstalling the game and tried Vsync and stuff..
  3. Ошибка вылазит в тесте. Переустановка винды не помогло.Оперативки стоит 8 гиг.Диск файло подкачки менял, не помогает. В чем может быть причина? И как ее решитьСама иконка называется TSLGAME.exe - Ошибка приложенияОшибка такова "Инструкция по адресу 0x00007ff635fe63c3 обратилась к памяти по адресу 0x0000000000000060. Память не может быть read"
  4. Yesterday I did the new PUBG patch. And since, my monitors are both going to sleep at the same time after 5sec of mouse inactivity. Im 100% sure it's PUBG the problem and not my computer. So please fix it.
  5. So I was in the very center of this house in my last game, and apparently we have armor penetrating bombs now or something because while in the Redzone, despite being in the middle of a decently sized house, a bomb went right through the roof and blew me to bits...... And without even scratching the house!
  6. (Thanks In advance to anyone that can help me solve this issue) Hello, Since the last patch for some reason I've been having issues with key bindings, specifically combat movement. My WASD - is IJKL, but for some reason 'I' and 'L' are currently nonfunctional and do not initiate any movement at all. HELP! Date Seen:Bug occurred since last patch Server: NA Error Message: N/A (no error message prompts) Other Information:Bug happens when binding 'I' and 'w' to combat move forward and combat move right. Troubleshooting Attempted: I've tried some 'level one' support steps to fix this issue (i.e deleting gamesettings file located under tsl folder).Yet, for some reason this does not solve this issue Launch Options: none atm System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: GTI 970 ASUS CPU: i5 2500k Ram: 16 gb
  7. I have just recently bought PUBG and as I have just downloaded I have noticed it wont even let me play. What happens is I start the app it shows the companies goes to the main screen and says cant initialize steam client after that it just kicks me out the game. What should I do? should I refund?
  8. Ultizi

    Game not Starting

    I don't know if I'm posting this in the right area, but I have bought and downloaded the game with good pc specs so I can run it, but the game simply won't start on steam! I press play, It begins to start up, then nothing happens.. what am I supposed to do?
  9. Hey, Ich bin der Gründer einer "PUBG Community" Gruppe (Link unten). Dies soll helfen um Mitspieler, Freunde und/oder Tradingpartner zu finden so dass du nie unter Langeweile leiden musst Mich würde es freuen wenn DU uns bei diesem Vorhaben unterstützt ! Ein Teamspeak ist auch geplant. Viel Spaß. Gruppe: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/PUBG-Community MFG Maurice
  10. I have tried the usual restarting, verifying files, and deleting the battle eye folders...thanks. When I run the game itself with admin it will open and everything but a main menu will never show up.
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