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About Me

Found 3 results

  1. In my past post of 'More customization' I talked how I would like more character customization and lobby theme customization. I'd like to respost them in more 'explanation'. The Lobby The starting point. I missed when the sudden 'DUNNN' of the old PUBG theme would play and you were greeted to the old Erangel Church Lobby. Wouldn't it be cool to see the lobby again as well as the previous lobbies such as the PGI Lobby, The Old Church, The 1.0 Lobby and if it gets replaced: The Vikendi Lobby. It'd be amazing to see the Vikendi Lobby have the old 2017 theme or the 1.0 lobby to have the PGI theme because there's a charm in it. Character Customization As I had stated before, PUBG needs a rework in character customization; it feels limited and stiff to work with. Having a more unique character can give you a sort of 'personality' in the game as if someone recognized you. I'd love to see this in PUBG having more options to customize facial hair, eyes and the bone structure. Community Made Cosmetics It'd bring a WHOLE new level of engaging with the community, creators can make their own skins by submitting them via the Steam Workshop (or any other method) and then review them. It's a concept well worth looking at as it can sort of give you more freedom to customize what you want. Obviously this is only cosmetic and won't affect gameplay. These are just some of the many things I wish to be in PUBG by the end of 2019 (or even a good start to 2020) I really do hope some if not all of these are recognized and made!
  2. Всем привет! Но мой взгляд было бы не плохо добавить возможность воскрешать своих напарников, после окончательной смерти. Например, как в Division. Пусть это займет больше времени, ну или добавит какие-нибудь ограничения. Может это будет отдельный режим с такой возможностью. Реально, много раз приходилось заканчивать игру и выходить в лобби из-за того, что в начале, после неудачного приземления, кого-то из напарников убивали. Особенно обидно в середине сессии, когда уже пройдено не мало, а друг свалился замертво. Наблюдать? Это сбивает ритм игры. Если вы переживаете за баланс, то возможность воскрешать своих напарников, это не так "страшно", как звучит, ведь после сужения радиуса круга, друга - уже не поднять, хотя конечно можно предпринять все попытки для его воскрешения и героически умереть у него на груди, поглощенным зоной...
  3. When enter a game in the game lobby, the background status can not be loaded. When the game is started when surfing the web with the game prepared, it is not possible to participate with the party members because of the phenomenon that the loading does not work.
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