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Found 17 results

  1. PRE REQUISITES... 1. XBOX One S, Verizon hotspot on samsung s4... 2. You are in a group and in the game. Steps... 1. Hold start and exit to lobby, or just exit to lobby after dieing. 2. Either ready up before or after your team exits the game to lobby. Either your team exits group, or stays in. 3. Have everybody ready up by start tpp. 4. Note the yellow circle is spinning, but no check mark displays above charafter heae, and the game never starts.... Work around: Always exit the group after ending a game, and then re-invite.
  2. So I just witnessed how all players got thrown out of the plane and were forced to parachute after having flown for like 7 seconds. we came from a bit east of prison and were flying to the north and after we reached the main ground of miramar (after the canal i guess) all players were in the air cant see any reason why this happened but it did lol
  3. When you jump from the plane at the start on the test server you get put in a random direction? No matter where you centre yourself.. makes no sense? not sure if this is consistent.
  4. After I parachuted in I noticed that I couldn't pick up items. It simply just said I didn't have enough space to pick it up, but when I attempted to pick it up the loot disappeared. Weapons and vests were completely unaffected by this but ammo and meds would just disappear. Items I "picked up" would show up in my inventory randomly whenever I moved around, I really don't know what happened here.
  5. I was crawling around on spawn then got teleported to plane, once I dropped on ground I went automatically to crawl mode and my game just froze, I was waiting but ended going on task manager and force close game. I was playing third person duo if that means anything.
  6. Mr_Peanut

    No start menu

    Dear developers Whenever I try to launch the game it gets stuck at the church. Its shows me the inside of the church and in the top left corner "Loading...". Nothing happens after this. Sometimes when I Alt+Tab the game works but also sometimes it doesn't. This is very frustrating. When the game finally loads the menu I start a match but after the match, when I try to get back to the menu I experience the same problem. Please fix this as soon as possible, thanks! Mr_Peanut
  7. So i was playing a game with my friends and as we queued up, i tabbed out of the game. I am unsure of exactly when i tabbed out of the game which may be a reason to why it happened. So as i tabbed back into the game, i spawned onto the island completely still, like when you load into the lobby as one of the first few before the counter begins and your player is frozen still. However this time was different, my friends and the whole lobby were in the plane whereas i was temporarily frozen on the spawn island when i joined. I was soon free to move around on the island as seen on these screenshots where i am in the top left island and my friends are jumping out of the plane, you can see that all 100 people were alive. I did not have to parachute out, i had just spawned in here. I then went on to loot the island before a teammate came and rescued me with a boat and took me to the mainland. From my assumption, i tabbed back and loaded in at the exact moment the game transitioned from the lobby to the plane, and therefore i was stuck in the middle however i have no confirmation. We have tried to reproduce this many times but have been unsuccessful. We have tried tabbing out and in again at different times during the loading screen but have unable to do it again. This may have just been a one-off as i have never seen this happened before or even be mentioned. We did end up winning this game though:
  8. Simple question, why the hell do my settings keep getting reset every single time that I launch the game? It's very frustrating to have to go through and re-apply all my settings and keybindings EVERY TIME I LAUNCH THE DAMN GAME!!
  9. Hi, i found 3 bugs in this game. 1) Freeze game at start, i have i5-ram, 8gb-gtx 970, and when i start the game, when i fall from the helicopter i get always freeze screen for about 1-2 sec 2) When i land with my parachute i got always "Network Lag Detected", i have 50 mbps on download, i don't think is my problem, windows told me to open firewall to this game and i did it. 3) When i land with my parachute i always see the texture of houses or something here very bad, i can't enter, i can't do nothing, is impossible to play with. if u guys fixed those bugs can u tell me how to do it?
  10. skrello

    Game won't start

    Hey, I just bought PUBG a couple of days ago and the last two days it havent been starting. on steam it says that ithe game is running and then it just craches. I have tried with other games and there is no problem there and i have updated my PC, reinstalled PUBG, verified integrity of the game files but nothing works. specs: win 10 8 gigabyte RAM i5-5470S CPU Nvidia GTX 980
  11. I've been getting this nearly every game, thought I'd make a post about it. It really bugs me when other players are also where I dropped and I can't do anything. Bug Description: Intense lag and stuttering at the start of the game. Sometimes it freezes then starts a few seconds later. Date Seen: 26/04/2017 Launch Options: -sm4 -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 8.1 Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 960 4GB OC CPU: i5 4590 Ram: 8 GB
  12. SLK-Hellcat

    Image bug

    Hello, 2 days ago i changed the resolution in the game and now when i start the game shows me the first little video of BLUEHOLE and then all the screen goes black and i cant play, just hear, please help!!!
  13. When i log on in the top left corner it says offline battlegrounds instead of play. ive looked for a fix and the only one anyone is saying is to leave party, but im not in a party and i dont have the option to leave one. I've already verified integrity of game files, it was working just yesterday. i just really want to play the game if anyone could help that would be great thanks.
  14. Beaar

    Bug: Nickname

    Hey Guys, you can't remove letters with backspace or delete at the beginning when you set your nickname. I think this bug isn't already reported.
  15. Bug Description: I cannot get past the start screen, here's two screenshots. The first one happens when I open the game through the .exe as an admin, the second one (failed to initialize STEAM) is when I open the game through steam, I went through all the steps of the stick and these two images did not change. Date Seen: Right now, 07/04/2017 Troubleshooting Attempted: I disabled the firewall, defender, updated nvidia drivers, updated windows, updated c++ redistributable, I have steam opened as admin, I made sure to have BattlEye in services active, I restarted it too, I restarted my modem and computer, I don't have any antivirus, changed the resolution using the .ini, changed the resolution of my screen to 800x600, I used -noborder in steam and as a quick access to the .exe, the entire game is in the same hardrive (I only have one, its not divided), I had my DNS on the google one and swapped it back and forward to check any difference and I used the 'Veryify integrity of game files' from steam. I'm pretty sure i did everything in the sticky, not a single step changed the behaviour of the game. Other Information: Maybe i should start making a satanic ritual to make this work Launch Options: I tried with -noconfig at first and then completed it with '-noborder -autoconfig -windowed' after reading a forum post but it also didnt seem to affect the game at all System Specifications:
  16. Bug Description: I know the game has just come out and i understand that there will be bugs but i have tried to play about over 60 games and I have only been able to actually play like 4 or 5, I seem to teleport all over the place in my game and do not know what to do, it has happened in every single game i have played and it has not allowed me to play a single game because i can't walk, shoot, change weapons, etc... Now most recently it has gotten even worse, when i go in a game the loading screen will never finish loading. Date Seen: Last day of beta and every day until now. Troubleshooting Attempted: Followed all suggestions one the suggestion thread and none worked, Uninstalled the game over 5 times (no results). Other Information: can never get a game to load, can't get in a game that won't lag that . Launch Options: launch options not changed. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 4GB G1 Gaming Video Card CPU: AMD FX-8320 3.5GHz 8-Core Processor Ram:Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB (4 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory (16 Gigs of ram)
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