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Found 13 results

  1. So two things, I was trying to go up a flight of stairs and my squad mate was coming down. Somehow we got stuck so he tried to jump. He freed himself up, dropped down two steps and died without a chance to revive. Second issue, I was just in solo, brought my car to a full stop, got out, and as I walk to the front of the car I died from falling.
  2. Missing stairs. Eu server FPP.
  3. There is no way up to the 2nd floor and there is a 2nd floor in this building.
  4. In a little house in Ladirella there is one stair missing.
  5. Dear Bluehole This is a test server, 11/22/17 I Found a bug which is in prison near the big house you can see the cliffs at the windows to locate it and the bug lets you climb the stairs when you run up at the stairs and press space mostly at the end of the stairs and i think it can happen at all stairs (haven't tried at other houses). Also there is another problem that i found with rendering houses but it happened in only 1 game out of a lot of games i played) maby it's my computer but i am reporting it just incase there is a problem with rendering. Thank you.
  6. Hi, I encountered a bug during my last game. I landed near a shelter entrance, and when I tried to go inside, I somehow went through the floor, became stuck for a few seconds but I was still able to move and pick up some items. Then I tried to crouch and id made me fall under the map, where I swam. It's the first bug I encountered. Thank you for your work.
  7. went to this house cause i heard someone. went up the stairs and then this happend. i wasnt stucked or anything else i just could see the whole room while standing on the stairs.
  8. In these hangar-like houses you can see through stairs if you're beneath them In houses with 1 room and tv on stand, you can climb on TV and see through roof... also, there's HUGE WINDOWS in BATHROOM in these houses. Pervertly normal
  9. Bug Description: Whenever any other player is moving at normal speed or lower on stairs the steps are not hearable. But the same movementspeed triggeres hearable steps on any other surface. Date Seen: 29th april 2017 Server: stable server. NOT on test server. Troubleshooting Attempted: I was not able to think of anything to troubleshoot this sound issues. Launch Options: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES System Specifications: What my dxdiag exported as a textfile: (attached to the post too so it can be read locally) DxDiag.txt
  10. Clip As you can see in the clip, the fence works like a wall, even though it has holes. Is this intended? It does not make to get 0 hits. And that guy got all hits on me. Is bullet penetration planned for the future?
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