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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, i'm having a irritating texture problem since i bought the game. It appears only at distant water. Date Seen:Since i bought the game. Server: Live. Troubleshooting Attempted: I've tried reinstall graphic drivers, c++ redistruble packages etc. verified integrity of game files on steam. Checked tempratures of hardware, they're all at safe levels. Launch Options: Non. System Specifications: Operating System: Win 10 Graphics Card: Palit GTX 1080 CPU: i7 6700k Ram: Crucial Ballistix Elite 16gb kit Here is a screenshot of my issue. It appears only at water textures.
  2. The reticles have an issue where they are extremely pixelated. The Red Dot is just a square unless I turn the sight brightness ALL the way down. Holographic is barely visible because of its low resolution. I've tested the graphics settings; nothing works. Maybe its because I'm playing at a 16:10 aspect ratio? I don't see how though...
  3. Hello devs, When moving around, not always but quite often enough, I see this weird discoloration in yellow - usually stemming from the bottom left corner of my screen. See screenshot. My 2nd issue is when aiming down the sights with RED DOT SIGHT or HOLOGRAPH SIGHT, there's a twitchy black square that appears for split seconds at a time - but still noticeable. It appears right over, almost centered around the red dot sight and holograph sight. It's quite distracting when trying to aim a good shot from long distances. I couldn't provide a screenshot of that since it was hard to capture as it's not a constant black square - it flashes. I hope I'm being specific enough. If a screenshot is necessary - I'll do my best to try and capture it for you guys. NOT ON THE TEST SERVER. The only troubleshooting I tried was to lower my settings down from HIGH to MED to LOW and the issue still persists. No launch settings have been changed. ADDED MY SPECS IN SCREENSHOTS. Thank you so much, look forward to hearing back from anyone with good news! Jeremy Bitton
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