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Found 9 results

  1. I played squads on NA server and did not receive the BP for team rank even though we placed second. Is that supposed to happen? https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/919165265899156405/872BC47E42C025BC5D86918002626D3239DB1C3D/
  2. Kurz & Knapp: Titel sagt soweit alles. Was ich bringe: Competitive Erfahrung - kleine Turniere mitgespielt - Comp exp in anderen Spielen. TS3 - Mikro etc = Standart über 700h Spielzeit etc. Bitte keine Massenclans bei denen man erstmal 5 Jahre auf 'ne Antwort warten muss, nur vernünftige Angebote bei ähnlichem Erfahrungswert - Alles andere ist uninteressant und wird direkt abgelehnt! LG - xGifty
  3. TOO LAZY TO type everything just it wont let me and friends do a squad or trio on reg pubg
  4. Bug Description: Whenever i play a game of PUBG By myself in solo, i play perfectly fine. No problems or issues. As soon as one of my friends join me, my UI bugs out. I hit "READY" as per usual but nothing happens (on my screen). My friends can hit ready and they are put inside a game but i'm still in the menu standing there as if nothing happened. Whilst this is going on, i can no longer edit my characters appearance or click LEAVE TEAM. If i click LEAVE TEAM and then proceed to refresh my UI i only then leave the team. If i proceed to refresh my UI (whilst in the team) like most people suggest, i then continue standing there in the church but my READY button has changed to BATTLEGROUNDS OFFLINE. I cant press the refresh button under BATTLEGROUNDS OFFLINE however i can still refresh the UI but nothing changes. I have tried numerous "fixes", re-installing the game (8 times) and verified game cache countless times but nothing seems to work. Date Seen: Aprox from 26th of October till today (9th of November) Server: Normal server (not Test) Troubleshooting Attempted: I have updated all my drivers (clean installs), tried to launch steam as admin, restarted both my pc and steam multiple times, uninstalled the game and installed it again at least 8 times, I disabled firewall and all the security i have on the pc and verified game data via steam. Other Information: After each reinstall I get one normal round where i can ready up like normal in a squad or duo however i still cant leave a team without having to refresh. Launch Options: None System Specifications: Card: GIGABYTE GTX 1050Ti running main graphics, Geforce GTX 750 running PHYSX Ram: 16GB Processor: Intel Core i5-6400 @ 2.70Ghz (4CPus), 2.70Ghz OS:Win 10 64-bit I just hope for some help because I don't know what else to try... Any advice or help is appreciated. Thank you for looking over my report
  5. If you reload a gun and get downed while reloading without finishing the animation, you will be able to finish reloading while you are downed. It can be really effective if you have guns that take forever to reload like the M249.
  6. I have noticed you can't delete your marker after you die and you spectate your team. Maybe should add the ability to continue to mark or remove it after death. I think it would be nice to still be able to help the team. Its not a big advantage but can help the team possibly still win.
  7. Serynnia

    Deadly Stairs

    If you collide with another player in squads on the stairs and try and pass each other, you get stuck and eventually "die from falling" and killing you instantly. You have no chance of revival. Date 4/22 Time 4:15am EST Not Test Server
  8. These past two games, me and a buddy have seen 3-player squads even though we're queued for DUOs. This is extremely unfair.
  9. While playing in Squads yesterday with some friends, at one point it felt and sounded like we were taking damage from another player, but none of us were losing any health. Our first assumption was that it was a suppressed sniper or something like that from a long distance, but if it was we would be taking some sort of damage. This happen on the hill between the School and Pochinki. None of us took damage, but our characters were moving as if we were being hit. After that we just balled and went into Pochinki.
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