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Found 9 results

  1. There is a video of me demonstrating this bug. I run full speed going diagonally and auto run but cannot go full speed when my analog stick is pointed completely straight. I ran manually, then diagonally, then auto run, then back to manual. You should be able to tell a difference
  2. Hey guys, I've been having this issue for the past two days, I'm pressing W and my character will start to run and then slow down and come to a stop where her legs are jittering, pressing shift doesn't do anything and sometimes when I'm crouched she won't move sideways at all. My movement is very broken and I don't believe it's my keyboard as I've changed the movement controls to different keys and it's still doing it. Anyone else having this issue?
  3. x2 movement Speed Edit links awaiting upload https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=-NYD_D0bUl0 Bug Description: all movement speed x2 Date Seen: August 24 , 2017 Server: OC server Troubleshooting Attempted: colse and restart game. restart pc.verify steam files (OK). reinstall PUBg Other Information: nvidia highlights records the correct speed slowing other plays in the video, but dropping frames recorded. you can tell but listening to the audio, its choppy, half waht i am saying. its like locked frame timing to the recording? Launch Options: -refresh 100-maxMem=8000-malloc=system-USEALLAVAILABLECORES System Specifications: Operating System: Win 10 Pro Graphics Card: Gigabyte G1 GTX 1080 CPU: X5670 Ram: 12GB
  4. PUBG PUBLIC VERSION Priority: Medium Freq# 10/10 Sprint animation should cancel Peek animation. It is pretty annoying having Peek [toggle] and when you get surprised by enemy, you have to Q first and after that you are allowed to run. Bug imo, not feature. Other games does this, fex. Rainbows Six Siege. # Setting, Gameplay, Peek, Toggle # Get in Game # Press Q/E # Run # Unable to run Martin "YukiOG" Kabele
  5. Sprint, Hold breath and Boost are on the same Key "L-Schift". The thing is, i don't play with this key, i use "V" instead. Now U can't rebind another key to this 3 actions. U can't use the same key for all of this actions except for "L-Schift" I'm currently using a key swapper, but i'm not sure if this will get detected as a cheat so i would be happy if u could fix this. TY
  6. This was posted in the test server bug report forums but never got noticed. Still relevant to the live version now.
  7. sargent383

    Sprinting Bug

    There is occasionally an issue where pressing the "sprint" button does not initiate a sprint while moving. No matter how much you click it, it wont allow your character to sprint. To fix it you have to come to a complete standing stop, which is not always the best option in a gunfight in the open.
  8. After mapping sprint to another key (in this case pushing in on a thumbstick or a bumper button) the game is no longer allowing me to sprint. I tried resetting the keys to default, trying another keyboard, using a different controller, and uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Anyone have a similar issue or know how to fix?
  9. I am a lefty gamer so I have to rebind all of my controls, I noticed that when you try to rebind sprint to another key like "right shift" the sprint function transfers over fine, but the breath holding function will stay bound to "left shift" and not transfer over. I haven't tried to see if this occurs with other keys like "o", "t", "f", etc but I did notice that binding "mute voice" to "right control + shift" does not work either, so it may be a general issue with command keys. Just something that is probably an easy fix that most people won't care about, but if you feel like fixing it then I'd be happy.
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