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About Me

Found 6 results

  1. There is a video of me demonstrating this bug. I run full speed going diagonally and auto run but cannot go full speed when my analog stick is pointed completely straight. I ran manually, then diagonally, then auto run, then back to manual. You should be able to tell a difference
  2. So... I was playing the other day, I was driving in order to hit some players, I missed one, then I tried to stop the car and get out of it safely, you can see the speed down left on the screen corner, I have no speed when I get out of the car and ... BOOM all my life goes down. Really annoying. CAR STOP BUG VIDEO
  3. Walk speed is not done correctly depending on water depth. If you are in shallow water and are standing up and walking the walk speed is reduced greatly as it should, BUT if you crouch there will be no speed reduction and you actually move faster than when standing up.
  4. https://clips.twitch.tv/SuperAnimatedOxDancingBanana See above clip for illustration. This bug used to happen to me frequently before the last monthly patch, mostly in warmup, after which it hadn't happened again until today. The effect is that for the rest of the game, you move at the speed as if you were crouch-walking, even when in full sprint. I think the cause is something to do with buggy object collisions (player + environment or player+player, or both as you can see in the above clip)
  5. x2 movement Speed Edit links awaiting upload https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=-NYD_D0bUl0 Bug Description: all movement speed x2 Date Seen: August 24 , 2017 Server: OC server Troubleshooting Attempted: colse and restart game. restart pc.verify steam files (OK). reinstall PUBg Other Information: nvidia highlights records the correct speed slowing other plays in the video, but dropping frames recorded. you can tell but listening to the audio, its choppy, half waht i am saying. its like locked frame timing to the recording? Launch Options: -refresh 100-maxMem=8000-malloc=system-USEALLAVAILABLECORES System Specifications: Operating System: Win 10 Pro Graphics Card: Gigabyte G1 GTX 1080 CPU: X5670 Ram: 12GB
  6. The motorbike speedometer twitches rapidly back and forth between 0 kph and 1 kph while the bike is either completely stopped or turned off.
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