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Found 13 results

  1. When spectating a friend, after you die inside of bluezone, the "Blue ticking" keep going even after your friend get outsize of blue zone. In the print screen, you can see my dead body inside the blue zone, and the blue "ticking" in the spectator screen.
  2. Date Seen:Today, Dec. 23rd Server: Live Error Message: N/a Other Information: I was playing a squad game, all my buddies were dead. I (jeff_yeeyee) was hiding behind a rock to heal, and my friend (magister), who was spectating me, called out that there were footsteps to my right. I didn't hear them at all. Fortunately, we were both recording, so you can see that he did indeed hear loud footsteps to my right, whereas I heard nothing. (Clips are roughly synced with respect to time. Ghost footsteps start at ~0:15 for his perspective). Here is my perspective: https://plays.tv/video/5a3df408dcc36c16aa/- Here is his perspective: https://plays.tv/video/5a3df0ba37ad2c136f/- He was hearing footsteps for a solid 10+ seconds that weren't really supposed to be there. And his callout to me that there was a guy to my right made me temporarily ignore the guys to my left, which got me killed. This is kind of an important thing to fix. Troubleshooting Attempted: N/a Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Win10 Graphics Card: R9 270x CPU: i7-4770k Ram: 8GB DDR3 1366MHz
  3. When you alt-tab from the game in spectator view of a teammate, if they take any damage whilst you are alt-tabbed(And spectating them) then all their blood(usually noticeable when they're outside of the zone) shows up at once on your screen, caking the edges of your screen in a ring of blood. It fades after a moment and isnt very important, since only the spectator can see it, but it happens pretty often for me and I just keep noticing it
  4. this bug happend few days ago when I as spectator was watching my colleague. He held Shotgun and M416 at once. - ( i was comunicating with him and he saw it normally) I have 300Mb Fiber optic intertnet and Procesor GPU: GeForce GTX 1070 Procesor CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4690K CPU @ 3.50GHz 16 GB RAM
  5. When the zeroing distance is changed, someone spectating sees 100m no matter what it is actually set to.
  6. http://i.imgur.com/2EORmuR.jpg This is my view from spectator mode. https://i.gyazo.com/e8cbbeaf0b4e0969bb460b831bb65cde.jpg This is my mate's view in-game... I yelled at him why he wouldnt shoot him, turns out he didnt see him. I gave him directions where to aim, so he shot him, and apparently it was a phantom player who did not exist but was there in spectator mode. Video of that:
  7. When ever spectating on someone, when they zoom in with their scope it glitches out and shows a different place on map
  8. Seems as if i was de-synced or something. I don't appear to be dead and maybe the game thinks I have a teammate? Also pressing F1-F10 changes the camera to predefined places. (Not sure if this is similar in the custom game spectator mode.) Doesn't seem game breaking, just interesting. Video below https://www.twitch.tv/videos/158040472
  9. --- Bug Description: I bled out after being downed and my screen turned to the gray shade. At around the same time, my duo partner enters a buggy. I died, and when i went to spectate him, the whole view was in the same gray shade. It was only after he exited the vehicle did the colors come back again. Date Seen: July 3rd Server: LIVE Troubleshooting Attempted: Can't change view. Issue fixed itself once player exited the vehicle. Other Information: NA Launch Options: none System Specifications:
  10. Hello! I just recently figured out - while playing in squad with friends on TS - that the footsteps and general noises are much louder/clearer in spectator mode and the locating of enemy players is far easier in spectator mode then when actually playing. We had a couple of situations where I announced flanking enemies in nearby environment for a friend while being in spectator mode whereas he had no clue of distances and danger at all (and he is a CS veteran and used to pay attention to noises). I would love to enjoy the detailed surround sounds and footsteps while playing and not only while watching my freinds play. I remember the spectating mode being way off in terms of audio after EA relase but now it seems to be the opposite. Best regards JT
  11. Here is a fun clip of a player, switching after-death to the spectate mode of his teammate... and the viewport ends up behind the eyeballs as it initially loaded in 1st person mode. This server was fairly laggy at the time. https://clips.twitch.tv/BeautifulCleanPterodactylDancingBaby
  12. when in spectator if you try to change your options (graphics, etc) while the person you are spectating is healing if will "freeze" and you can not change settings until they finish healing.
  13. We were a squad of 4, 3 players dropping down in Primorsk while one of the players in the military base island. Two of our team members died and when spectating and switching from player in Primorsk and Military base island the walls of buildings dissapeared allowing us to see other players in faraway buildings. I unfortunately did not get pictures and did not have time to do it again. My theory is that because of the distance the walls did not render correctly when switching fast between the areas. I hope someone can take a look into this deeper as i did not find a related report.
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