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Found 10 results

  1. Well i died in a FPP squad, then my game crashed. My 2 mates were still alive though and i got a button saying "You are dead. Would you like to spectate your squad?" with the options to either spectate or cancel. The spectate button didn't work, it just disappeared for a few seconds then reappeared when i pressed it. When i spam clicked the "spectate" button it went into the loading screen, like i was entering the game, but the button reappeared even on the loading screen and kept loading for ever. The cancel button didn't work either.
  2. If you die in squad/duo with a controller connected the spectate option is not there, I play with a mouse and keyboard and realistically would like to just disable the controller in game as it is annoying to do so outside of the game.
  3. So today I noticed while playing squad that you can look through walls when you switch between 2 Teammates. We dropped at Rozhok and 1 Teammates game crashed and he reconnected at military base. I died and I switched between players to spectate and i have noticed that the textures are not loading fast enogh and that i can see 2 enemys through the walls and i can see all of the loot. //FIX This could be fixed with a black screen while changing between players. The Blackscreen needs to be there for 10 sec and the buildings should be loaded on every pc I guess. P.S If someone already Posted a topic like this sorry that i didnt saw it
  4. My friend can never spectate after dying and after doing some research it seems that because he has a controller plugged in (sometimes he uses it for movement and stuff but always with a mouse for aim/buttons). It seems the UI does not display a 'spectate' button when dying and even when the UI switches to KB&M mode the spectate button is still missing. Please fix - my friend misses a lot of cool moments and it can get boring staring at his own dead body for an entire game. Gg tho.
  5. I watched my mate when i was dead, i looked trough holo and 4x scope the same time.... http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1107454837 Also while he was healing himself with an First Aid Kit he had his weapon in hand#
  6. Hello! During my last solo game, I entered a house, killed a player who was waiting to ambush me on the top floor, which put me in the top 10 players left. Being light on supplies I pressed F to loot the player, and as is usual there was some lag opening the inventory/loot screen. However, after a couple of seconds of the menu trying to load, the menu closes, the screen turns the sepia colour, I've lost control of my character and there is text saying that I am now in spectator mode, with no way back into the game, the only other option being to quit to menu. If you need any more details I'll try my best to provide them although all this happened quite quickly and I was mostly disappointed about not being able to continue that particular round! If it helps I was in one of the two houses on the hill, slightly to the south west of the large ruins. 110+ hours on record and this is the first time I've encountered any such bug. Many thanks
  7. I expect this bug has already been logged, though I did not find a specific thread for it. Forgive me if it has been dealt with....included is me in spectate mode, watching my partner - her guns were floating above her. Further to this, when she aimed, it went directly to the grass (for me), yet she was shooting at enemies in the distance.
  8. --- Bug Description: I bled out after being downed and my screen turned to the gray shade. At around the same time, my duo partner enters a buggy. I died, and when i went to spectate him, the whole view was in the same gray shade. It was only after he exited the vehicle did the colors come back again. Date Seen: July 3rd Server: LIVE Troubleshooting Attempted: Can't change view. Issue fixed itself once player exited the vehicle. Other Information: NA Launch Options: none System Specifications:
  9. I have noticed you can't delete your marker after you die and you spectate your team. Maybe should add the ability to continue to mark or remove it after death. I think it would be nice to still be able to help the team. Its not a big advantage but can help the team possibly still win.
  10. under map view when spectating friend who ads's view does not change. also encountered a constant gun reloading sound for the fancy pistol until i jumped out of the plane.
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