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  1. As everyone well knows, PUB sound dynamics are very poorly optimized right now which hopefully will be rectified by the developers sometime in the near future? However, for those using the Sound Blaster Z sound cards and with decent, high quality headphones (i use Sennheiser GAME ONES) and after much in-game trial & error testing, i have finally come up with what i believe to be the BEST sound setting tweeks for PUBG as follows: Sound Playback Configure = Stereo (NOT 5.1 or 7.1 surround) Sound Properties Advanced = 24 bit, 48000 Hz (Studio Quality) SBX Pro Studio = Off Equalizer Settings: 31: -4dB 62: -3dB 125: 2dB 250: 4dB 500: 6dB 1k: 5dB 2k: 10dB 4k: 10dB 8k: 9dB 16k: 9dB dB Level: 10 Re-configuring your sound settings as shown above will greatly improve your overall experience in game as you will now be able to pinpoint the direction gun shots are being fired at you as well as allow you to hear enemy footsteps nearby with much better clarity. If anyone else has some EQ settings they would like to share please feel free to post them in this thread as i'd like to try what others are using. Enjoy!!!
  2. Since there is a high amount of reports of Sound Issues, please follow the bug format and be as descriptive as possible. Some of the issues may be with drivers on your headsets, others will be addressed in the patch on 2017-04-06. If you still have issues after 2017-04-06 please contribute to this thread. Thanks. Okay! since the other posts have been deleted due to not following bugreportformat.. lets have another shot at this.. Bug Description: When encountering multiple sounds.. as in bombings nearby or when 3-4 players or more is having a shootout (lobby 100% of the times).. or when two cars are driving nearby I get crazy audio stutter/distortions. The volume of this stutter only gets louder and louder as if it is a feedback of sorts. While this was happening for me during the BETA last weekend 18th-19th of march i got really bad framedrops during the "feedback" however during EA 23:rd-24:th the frames seem to have gotten better atleast. When teleporting into the plane for airdrop the soundissues dissapear untill you're on the ground close to bombings or bigger shootouts. Youtube link for this phenomena recorded today: Date Seen: I encounter this everytime i play but the specific dates are: 18th-19th of march (beta) 23:rd-24:th of march (ea) and yes.. I do realize this is not the kind of bug you necessarily need the dates for but w/e Troubleshooting Attempted: During Beta I first verified the gamefiles VIA steam. No issues encountered. I then re-installed the game (SSD) - no difference. I then installed it to a normal raptor SATA and had the same issues and longer loadingtimes ofc so I re-installed it again to the SSD and the same audio issues were still there. I did the same thing as above with the Early Access install and it was no difference. I have reinstalled GPU drivers and my audiodrivers. Nothing helped so far. I have swapped the graphical settings between minimum - average - maximum, it made no difference on sound. I adjusted the soundlevels and it made no difference. I tried other headphones and a different output, made no difference for me or the stuttering. In the end I even Optimized the game with the crappy "G-force Experience" and disabled V-sync but it made no difference. Other Information: When this stutter occur mid-game on the island.. say i am in a small town and someone is throwing a grenade, two people are shooting rapidly and a car drives by.. this stutter occur but it fades away pretty quick after some of the "different sounds" dissapear.. and then the sound is back to normal if there are no extra sounds for a couple of seconds. So its not unplayable for me unless im in the middle of a warzone heh. /C
  3. Wonder why you can’t quite figure out where that shot is coming from? It’s most likely not your fault, it’s still the game’s. I first noticed this when I was walking around waiting for a match to start, trying to figure out which character is attached to what voice isn’t that easy, while it should be fairly easy... right? What’s in front of you is centered, what’s to your right should be panned hard-right, however when you’re running, walking, turning or whatever, the position where the sound comes from is delayed. Meaning that it takes a - idk, a few hundred milliseconds ? - for PUBG to play the sound from the right “direction”. For instance, when there is a shot coming from exactly NW, but you’re spinning in circles for whatever reason, the gunshot sound will **NOT** come from exactly NW because the panning is behind - idk, a few hundred milliseconds ? -. Idk if this is a bug, or whether or not Bluehole intended it to be like this, it shouldn’t be there in a game like this.
  4. after trying to use my xbox microphone with my controller the sound will not work even without it plugged in. note that I using a separate pair of earphones and that may have did it. please get back to me asap.
  5. Beschreibung des Bugs: An den Docks in Sanhok habe ich Fragmente einer Waffe und sonstiger Ausrüstung gesehen. Plötzlich gab es um mich herum Schritte und Geräusche, als würde jemand seine Ausrüstung sortieren, die Waffe nachladen usw. Der Sound war so laut, dass die Person eigentlich direkt neben mir stehen müsste, aber da war niemand. Mein Mate war schon ein Stück weiter, hat aber auch niemand bei mir gesichtet. Die Schritte um mich herum waren bestimmt ne Minute lang zu hören. Datum des Bugs: 02.06.2018 Server: Experimental Server Versuchte Behebung des Bugs: - Andere relevante Details: Eine runde zuvor hatte ich gedacht, mein Mate ist noch in meiner Nähe, aber er war schon 100 Meter weiter. Evtl waren die gehörten Schritte von ihm, aber wurden mit einem mega Delay abgespielt. Starteinstellungen des Spiels: Keine vorhanden Systemspezifikationen: Windows 10 1803 AMD Ryzen 5 1600x Asus B350-Plus Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 16 GB RAM Hyper-X Cloud 2 Wiederholbarkeit: In 2 von 3 Matches aufgetreten. Somit aktuell bei 66%. Direkt nachstellbar aber nicht. Tritt irgendwann während des Matches auf. Beispiel: Leider nicht festgehalten. Wenn es noch Mal auftreten sollte, werde ich per Nvidia Shadow die Szene aufnehmen und hochladen.
  6. Since I think about 2 updates ago, I started noticing my sound is EXTREMELY soft. I am using a Razor Kraken USB headset and all volume settings are maxed out aswell as ingame sound settings yet I can barely hear anything. This is especially troublesome when playing with friends because when they talk I can't here anything ingame. Please note that this is also restricted to PUBG and I don't have problems with sound in any of the other games I play.
  7. Now the gun sounds just sound really bad. I played last night and the sounds made no sense. The Kar 98 sounds like a 99 cent cap gun now. Its like the gun sounds are super low bit rate from certain directions. We also ran into issues where people were shooting but no sound was heard as well as someone right next to me that sounded 100 meters above me. I really wish they didn't mess with the audio.
  8. Issue 1: Panning for some sounds, including gunshots and vehicle engines, is significantly and adversely affected by the player's altitude relative to the sound. Other sounds, particularly ones which go through an HRTF filter like footsteps and vehicle fires (i.e. exploded vehicles), are panned correctly regardless of player's orientation relative to sound. Let vectors: s: position of sound emitter relative to player's position u_forward: unit vector extending forward from player's viewangle u_up: unit vector extending upward from player's viewangle u_left: unit vector extending leftward from player's viewangle Let s_flat = s - proj(s onto u_up) The angle relevant to panning appears to be the angle between s_flat and u_forward. In other words, panning of sounds is decided by the position of the sound relative to the player in a top down projection of space relative to the player's head. This is an unusual way for a game to handle stereo panning in 3D space, and it creates problems locating sounds when a player is looking up or down. The angle relevant to stereo panning is usually the angle between s and u_left. Looking up and down while gun fires. Notice how panning gets more extreme the farther up or down player is looking. Looking left and right while looking down while gun fires. Notice how abruptly panning jumps from hard-left to hard-right, and vice versa. A player running around the camera while the camera is pointing straight down. Notice how panning is not abruptly jumping from left to right, and vice versa. Issue 2: For the same sounds affected in issue 1, panning of these sounds is limited the the 90-degree arcs directly in front of and behind the player. If the sound occurs outside of these arcs, it's either panned hard-left or hard-right. This is a problem because it's impossible to pinpoint from exactly where a sound originated if it's coming from off to the side of the player. Other sounds, particularly ones which go through an HRTF filter like footsteps and vehicle fires (i.e. exploded vehicles), are panned (and HRTF filtered) smoothly and continuously for all 360 degrees around the player. Full rotation while gun fires. Notice the time the gunshot sound is "stuck" in the hard-left and hard-right pannings. Waveform of video. A player running around the camera while the camera is pointing at horizon. Notice how sound expresses player's position accurately at all times. Regarding issues 1 and 2: It would be ideal if all sounds in the game, especially those which are gameplay critical, were to behave the same with respect to panning. Ideally, this would mean all of these sounds would behave like the footsteps example, going through an HRTF filter to retain full and correct 3D positioning information through stereo headphones.
  9. Hello there, I am experiencing issues with footstep sounds for quite some time now. The problem is that I don't hear enemy footsteps at all. Players in my team seem to be far louder. When spectating my teammates however, enemy footsteps all of the sudden seem to be there. This is why I am asuming it is a bug rather than my sound setup or anything else. If I am wrong though and there is in fact a solution to this then please let me know, since it is a big disadvantage for me. Thank you!
  10. The water sound stops after I open the tab screen and pick up some ammo. (16:45 in the video) I think this happens on the main server too.
  11. Bug description: 1) Press "START". 2) Your game must be loaded (loading screen is dissapeared) only when plane is alredy on fly. 3) No sound is present untill you press "F" (jump out a plane). Date seen: since release till today. Server: EU. Troubleshooting Attempted: reinstalling the game, reinstalling OS, buying new PC, etc. Launch Options: no options. System Specification: Operating System: Windows 10, 1709 build Graphics Card: GTX 950 CPU: Ryzen R7 1700 RAM: 16 Gb Additional information may be requested, but this is an old bug, caused not by gamer's crooked hands. P. S. I'm ready to help with debugging code.
  12. После последнего обновления совершенно не могу понять где находится противник (стрельба, езда авто, шаги и т.д.). Проблема только у меня? Или отключили поддержку китайских ушей? (:rofl:)
  13. This seems to still be happening fairly often from the bombing or grenade explosion. It sounds like every window in the game is breaking at once and the audio crashes and freezes for 5 seconds. Is there a fix in site?
  14. I thought this was an invisible hacker but I would have hit him. I think player footsteps are being reported to the wrong part of the map! I have been killed by people I never heard recently. This could explain why. I'm hearing footsteps from someone somewhere else on the server. So the people he is near never hear him.
  15. I have observing a new bug after the latest game update. Sometimes the game sounds like a robotic sound for about 30 seconds. Sometimes the L and R are switched. This is happening only in the latest game version. The sound driver is the latest official.
  16. Bug Description: I was playing third person solo on Erangel, and I could hear the footsteps of another player (as if they were right next to me) when there was no player in sight. At first I thought there was an invisible player who was cheating, so I quit immediately to watch the replay in hopes of reporting this cheater. But, after watching the replay, it appears that there was no player in my vicinity. The only justification I can come up with is that audio (footsteps) from one house was audible inside and around another house. There was another player around 300 meters away from me who was acting erratically in the replay, almost as if he could hear my audio around him as well. Check it out. Date Seen: 1/14/2018 @ 3:30am Server: NA (Not Test Server) Troubleshooting Attempted: Watched replay to find that another player was acting erratically as if they could hear my audio as well. Other Information: took a screenshot of the map. The houses next to me (shhlopes) and benbor are the two in question
  17. Merhabalar: Ben leasoft sound booster programını kullanıyorum bundan önce Razer virtual 7.1 i kullanıyordum 70 saat bir sorun çıkartmadı. Şimdi Leasoft Sound Booster'a geçiş yaptım acaba ben oyundan banlanır mıyım?
  18. sometimes there is no sound at all when the enemies shooting, i thought bcause they're too far , but int the latest game i got a shoot and the enemy was behind me about 20m
  19. Since the 1.0 release my audio will completely cut out while in game every ~20 seconds and lasts about 2 seconds. I have tried running as admin, uninstall, reinstall, file integrity, changing between my laptop speakers, my Turtle beach headset which is a jack headset and my HyperX cloud 2 USB headset. I have also tried a clean install of realtek and nahimic 2.0. It only happens on PUBG. I don't have any other programs running in the background and it has only been since the 1.0 release on both maps, have never had sound issues before. My graphics card is up to date and my specs are below. I have an MSI GS63VR 7RF Stealth Pro with Windows 10 Home Edition. I have also tried different servers and consistently run above 100 FPS. Date Seen:Since the 1.0 release Server: Live server
  20. the sound of my pubg is very low even at maximum volume, already checked the mixer and ctrl m, and did not solve.
  21. so this bug has been from the start of this game, the bug is when u play duo or squad alone and u try to talk to the other players you cant hear them and they cant hear you and i cant see the mic icon when i speak
  22. For the past 6-8 weeks I have not had the chat function working at all. I can speak with my teammates via Discord but I cannot hear nor (I assume) communicate with others on the servers. Date Seen Constant for the past 6-8 weeks Server: both live and test servers Error Message: no error message Other Information: there was no warning, just one time I logged in it was disabled - did not mess with settings or change hardware Troubleshooting Attempted: I checked my PUBG settings of course, and have toggled it back and forth. My chat is set to "all" and I've tried both voice activated and push to talk. Regardless of settings, I cannot hear any other players' voices. It is not a hardware issue, as Discord works fine. Launch Options: no System Specifications:
  23. Good moorning. After the latest update I am no more able to hear where the shots come from. I could hear cars and shots perfectly before, but now i can only hear cars very well, i know where they are, but firing sound is the same wherever I'm turned, it's completely impossible to hear where the shots come from. It used to work but now it's broken. I'm not complaining just because i lose, it's that the sound is the same all the time whatever side i'm facing. One more time I'm gonna say, cars sound works as it used to work before. Thanks.
  24. Bug Description: HRTF, aka virtual surround sound, is not working as intended or is disabled. One of the mods claimed that HRTF is in the game, however, I have yet to have proof that it is working. I've watched many streamers with a large variety of hardware configurations and none of their streams have HRTF working. HRTF simulates directional sound the way we hear it IRL. Due to the limitations of headphones and other 2 speaker configurations, it is impossible to get this type of realism without some sort of sound processing. Front, back, up and down all sound exactly the same in PUBG, indicating that HRTF is not working. A while back a dev/mod stated that PUBG has HRTF. I have yet to have experienced it, just like many other players. Look on the Steam forums to see how widespread this issue really is. Date Seen: 9/25/2017 Server: Live Troubleshooting Attempted: Updated sound drivers. Reset all config files. Reinstalled PUBG. Turned virtual surround on/off in my audio driver. Other Information: In other games such as Overwatch and CS:GO, HRTF works as intended. Example of working HRTF in CS:GO. Launch Options: None. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 x64 Graphics Card: GTX 1080 CPU: Xeon X5690 Ram: 24 GB DDR3
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