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Found 11 results

  1. Bug Description: After I reconnected, my buggy wasn't accelerating more than 29Km/h. Boost didn't help it too. The car shifted to 2nd Gear and not further. Date Seen: 24th of January 2018 Server: Public Troubleshooting Attempted: Getting Out and In again Refueling the car Stop and Go attempts With boost/without boost nothing helped. Other Information: I had a disconnect right before the bug occured. I had to restart the game 4 times before I was able to press the "Connect"-button. The bug happenend on Erangel. Launch Options: None. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 16299) Graphics Card: SLI 2x GeForce GTX TITAN Black (12090MB VRAM) CPU: i7-4790K CPU @4.00GHz (8CPUs), ~4.0GHz Ram: 32768MB
  2. Date Seen: 15/01/2018 Server: Live server Error Message: Game did not crash Other Information: After the latest update, me and a few friends have been slammed with huge amounts of frame dropping at random intervals in the game. These fps drops can last anywhere between 10 seconds to a few minutes... Even after turning all the graphic settings from ultra to low, it does not seem to fix the issue. Troubleshooting Attempted: I have re installed the game but get the same issue... Launch Options: Tried running as administrator but did not change anything System Specifications: Operating System: Win 10 Graphics Card: GTX1080 TI 11G CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Eight core processor 3.40 Gz Ram: 16GB
  3. Hey guys, I've been having this issue for the past two days, I'm pressing W and my character will start to run and then slow down and come to a stop where her legs are jittering, pressing shift doesn't do anything and sometimes when I'm crouched she won't move sideways at all. My movement is very broken and I don't believe it's my keyboard as I've changed the movement controls to different keys and it's still doing it. Anyone else having this issue?
  4. So, played last night and browsed the forums today and im glad im not the only one who has experienced this bad FPS drop. List of what i found when playing last night, now im sure there are plenty more but this is what i've gathered. Unbearable FPS/jitters drop when looting Bodies (When tabbing next to a dead body and moving side to side) Slow textures load when entering the arena (not a big deal but it did load a lot faster before and seemed more fluent than it was before the patch) In-Plane - FPS drops to about 25-35, then when i land im back to normal to about 80-90 Like i said, there are probably more issues identified since the patch but this is what iv noticed the most which affects the gameplay the most. I can get videos if needed but i dont see the point if everyone is having the same issue. Edit: Forgot to add Server: EU
  5. Just did a clean install of windows 10, steam and pubg on my solid state, my character moves significantly slower than everyone else. My friends can out run me with weapons drawn and I can be unarmed AND boosted. There have been other posts about this but none have gained traction. Any solutions? Have uninstalled/reinstalled both steam and pubg, launch options don't seem to make a difference, nor do graphics settings. Bug Description: The player moving significantly slower than others, team mates or enemies included. Date Seen: 9/13/2017 Server: All servers, release. Troubleshooting Attempted: Changed priority via task manager, attempted reinstalls of both PUBG and steam, adjusted graphics settings, unplugged ps4 controller, changed all launch options Other Information: FPS does not drop at all but team mates report me micro-stuttering in game, brief flickers in my movement. Launch Options: --maxMem=13000 -malloc=system -USEALLAVAILABLECORES System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 home 64bit Graphics Card: Radeon RX 580 series CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 8 core Ram: 16384MB Ram
  6. Before I start what I'm about to say, from what I have played, this game is amazing. I really wish I could play more though. The first problem was the Network Issue where when I would get out of the plane and fly down, my whole computer would freeze even though I have the right requirements for the game. That was easily fixed by some firewall issues. Then after that I played one round and the ping was pretty bad even though I am in AUS and I played on a AUS server but it was playable but soon after that when I logged back in, I would fly down and everything would be fine until it started loading structures. When I first go down, there would be structures on the map but not in game. I could run around but I would see players floating mid air since they have buildings loaded. 5 minutes later, the game would freeze up. Again, 5 minutes later it would unfreeze and the buildings would be very low poly and ugly. It would do this again and again until I would die and have to turn the computer off and on. I managed to take a couple of screenshots while it was happening but that's all. https://imgur.com/a/XlPaL Specs- CPU- Intel i5 6400 Video Card- GTX 950 RAM- 8GB Storage- 1TB Network- Alienware Wireless Network Thanks. If you need any questions, I'll be happy to reply.
  7. Here you can see my friend running WAY faster than me, I have nothing in my hands and all I'm doing is holding W + Shift. I get this bug every once in awhile, the only sure way to make it go away is to reset my PC. SOMETIMES it will reset itself when joining another match. Anyone else having this problem? It's extremely annoying, when a game end in a field it's impossible to win running at a snail's pace.
  8. When ever I click the in-games settings button, my game lags, as well as my computer.(The mouse lags as well.) Whenever I'm in a voice chat it will lag as well. Hopefully someone has a solution to this. Thanks
  9. Sometimes my character runs slower than normal and while running next to other team mates, with no weapon out runs twice as fast as me. Please fix. This happens at random times, cannot fix by relaunching game.
  10. Hello guys, Got a problem/ bug to report not sure if its just me or what but whenever i launch PUBG and running it for more than 5 minutes, my windows tend to get abit laggy. The game is running fine and my browsers and opened programs are fine too, it's just that whenever i try to launch a new program like a browser or something, it lags and is slowed down. Even when i right click the window taskbar, it takes at least 5 seconds for it to show. It couldn't be my PC problem as i'm running on GTX 1060 and 32GB ram (gaming computer) and everything is okay with other high end FPS games but it's just PUBG that has this problem. Can anyone diagnose the root of this problem? Thanks in advance!
  11. I'm running slower than everyone else I play with.. I play with two other friends and my running speed is abysmal. On my screen I'm running fine, doing the animation, but they can start running way after I do and pass me like I'm sitting still (not literally). On their screen it shows me doing the running animation, but I'm just slower they said. I'm not rubber banding either. Played like this the entire night yesterday and it became quite annoying as I'm literally always behind everyone else, I take more shots getting to cover, takes longer to loot areas, etc. Anyone else having this issue? Everyone in our discord has no idea what could be causing it. I've only re-binded "Crouch" to L-CTRL and that was it. SHIFT is still Sprint. We verified my games files through Steam and nothing was wrong. 40 Down/8 Up.. It's not connection based. Not sure what would cause this?? I can't find anyone with a similar problem.
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