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Found 16 results

  1. This has been like this since forever red dot 🔴 as it sits and the other colored scopes are hard to see on the maps maybe the colorblind system needs to be improved? Secondly the 2x and maybe one or 2 other scopes looking at the quality of the scope in the sights can we get the jagged edges cleaned up on it? And the dot on several of the guns? And the clarity of it it’s almost impossible to see anyone far less see close with it unless you dim the light to nothing please clean the sights up
  2. During pretty much all of my games some time in, red dot, 2x or my holographic sight bugs out and becomes very blurry. Once it happens it lasts for the entire game.. For the red dot even a red cross appears in the scope.. See pictures for examples. Does anyone have a temporary fix for this problem? I've tried changing pretty much all settings in the game which don't affect the issue.
  3. I've got some weird texture bug that makes water ingame look terrible and my sights(red dot, holo, x2) look like they have 2 pixels and are set on very low. Its honestly game breaking, when it happens you can't aim properly with sights above they are just 2 big for target that is over 100m from you and the water just hurt your eyes so much! It happens only on Erangel and is probably related with water! Please zoom in on photos, make it fit your screen and you will see what im talking about, also everything is set on ultra!
  4. First of all, i want to say im fully aware of changing reticle brightness or whatever on xbox, but 9/10 games if i put a holo, red dot, or 2x on a gun, the reticles will be very blurry almost as if they are very blurry. rarely they will be clear and be easy to aim with but other times the reticles are to big and blurred to see anything. Am i doin something wrong or is this a bug. Also while complaining i want to emphasize that the game is an utter fucking potato because of the aim acceleration so please give us the option to turn off because noone can build muscle memory or shoot anyone within 20ft because of this. Thankssss
  5. Hello Bluehole, It's been a long time since 1.0 release now, and I can still quite honestly say that you ruined the game for me with your 1.0 release. I won't start about the desert map, since atleast THAT is fun to play once in a while. No, why I'm making this post today has a very different reason. Ever since 1.0 got introduced to live servers, I have been the victim of: extremely pixelated sights; ranging from the Red Dot Sight to the 2x Scope, as well as including the Crossbow default ADS. These sights are SO pixelated that they aren't playable anymore. It looks like the sights are "loading". Also, the blue zone has the usual lightning/electricity, but it becomes SO pixelated I can't even look through the zone anymore. Lastly, 200M+ distances and the water from out of the plane look SO blurry I have no idea what's going on. I have tried all fixes I could find, I've been trying fixes since 1.0 RELEASE. I'm really getting sick of it, I have been playing PUBG since last year, I never had trouble like this before Bluehole released the "1.0 official release" patch. Sometimes during a game, the scopes will fix themselves for a couple of minutes, as will the blue zone lightning. Every time this happens I feel so happy, because suddenly, I get my pre-1.0 accuracy scopes back and make it to top 10 almost always. But alas, as soon as I switch to another gun and ADS with that (usually a 4x/8x scope), the fixed scope is back to the fuzzy, pixelated format and the blue zone has such pixelated lightning that I can't see anything through it. I will once again say that I had ZERO problems until the 1.0 release. In fact, PUBG became my favorite game. Now? Every game where I feel like I have a chance, this stupid bug will come and instead of a small Red Dot Sight, I get a huge Red Square made of pixels. Same all the way to 2x Scope (including Holographic, Crossbow default, etc...) This is unplayable AND an EXTREME disadvantage to players suffering from this bug. I know I'm not the only one, just check this forum to know what's up (including screenshots): Now, so far I've tried EVERY POSSIBLE FIX IMAGINABLE, all the way to Windows reformat, I tried Windows 7 to 10, disabling/enabling DPI/screen scaling, ... This is a problem on YOUR end Bluehole, because I NEVER had this issue before patch 1.0 Yet not even a whisper of a response from Bluehole? They fucked up a game I paid 30€ for and could run perfectly, now it's a pixelated piece of garbage where other players have an advantage over me because they are lucky not to have this bug? Sorry but it's been over a month and NO WORD from Bluehole. I would understand if they had said "ok yeah, we understand and are looking to fix it", since I never, NEVER, had this problem when the game was Early Access. I'm sorry if I'm wrong for what I'm saying Bluehole, and I truly hope I am; but it feels like you have given up on PUBG and cashed in your prizes (combined with a couple "new" lootboxes to maximize the profits) while taking PUBG out of Early Access because you KNEW you wouldn't be able to fix the problems and wanted to cash in. Just like Day-Z. Sorry if this seems like I'm a little upset, but the game worked PERFECTLY up to 1.0 patch, and I'm really down that I can't enjoy my favorite game anymore. TL;DR: All I feel is frustrations because of this bug, because Bluehole REFUSES to answer to ALL THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE THIS BUG, it seems like they are denying/ignoring it exists. THIS is the reason I am so let down. Yeah, you put new lootboxes and keys in the game, but you let others play with ADS Sights so pixelated and blurry that I have to play without Red Dot, Holo, 2x, Crossbows, AND can no longer use a strategy around the Blue Zone? Where is the fix for this Bluehole? Do you want to make a proper game, or die like h1z1 in about 6 months? If you don't fix your bugs, and this is a MAJOR ONE, you will end like h1z1. You nor I want that to happen, I love PUBG to the core. Please make it so I can play PROPERLY again, without pixelated sights or bluezones, EQUAL chances? I beg of you... Rarely has a bug in a game affected me this much, it really makes me wish for the Early Access version again. Thanks for reading and I hope you fix it soon. PS: I have tried EVERY POSSIBLE FIX IMAGINABLE, from reformat to new drivers to reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ versios, to DPI Scaling, etc... I've been trying stuff over a month, this is a PUBG problem. There are A LOT MORE posts about this issue, just google "pixelated sights pubg". I even read that a lot of people have this issue on XBox, the same issue!!! BLUEHOLE PLEASE FIX!!! I really hate Fortnite, but I gotta admit, their game is a lot more stable than this. I would never have said this when PUBG was still in Early Access. Sorry but you guys just rushed PUBG to 1.0 so you aren't obliged to fix the tons of bugs still remaining. I hope I'm wrong, please let me be wrong about that and make PUBG as awesome and bug-free as it used to be before patch 1.0, PROVE me wrong, but if not... It's pretty isn't it? TL;DR: Unplayable Sights/Blue Zone/200m+ distance, NO public fix works.
  6. Mini-14 Does not have the usual Sniper UI When scoping in with a 4x. it instead has the Old 4x Used for Assault Rifles While On the other hand the UMP With a 4X does Not Have the usual Assault/SMG Scope it instead has a Sniper 4X Zoom While i love the fact that the ump has a sniper 4x zoom i'd prefer that the Mini-14 gets the proper 4x Sniper zoom
  7. Cannot increase or decrease zeroing using any sight or scope, have not tried with Iron sights. I do plan to uninstall and reinstall the game soon but I do not believe this will fix the problem, I've asked all the friends I' play with and they are also experiencing this bug. I've been experiencing this on the Live Server since the 1.0 game update (I believe).
  8. my sights look like this, and i can`t fix this. x2 fat, and sight of the collimator looks like jedi swords
  9. Two examples below. I tried changing the anti-alliasing setting to every setting there is as apparantly this fixed the problem for another user, but no success here.
  10. (potato pc) i have a problem with the red dot and the holo in the new update, the holo is very pixelated and the red dot is just messed up, i can't put my screen scale up because that will cause lag (because i have a potato) this is what the red dot looks like.
  11. I am unable to change the zeroing for at least 2x and 4x scopes. Works for 8x and VSS. Haven't tried Win94, Holo, or Red Dot.
  12. Is any one getting this black Square in there aim of sight when aiming down the sight of any kind? of sight that is on there gun encountering a black blinking Square just rapidly blinking. I'll get a video latter
  14. If you have a controller and disconnect it, you are unable to ADS or mark map with right click. Pressing right click is interpreted as slightly depressing LT, not pulling it down all the way. So aiming with the mouse only slightly zooms in, not using the sights. There seems to be no way to fix this, even if you unplug the controller and restart the game using mouse/keyboard. I think adding controller support made the game thing that right click is analog, so clicking it is interpreted as a half-pull of ADS even after going back to keyboard/mouse. I have a 360 controller and G600. This completely breaks the game, so hopefully you guys can fix it.
  15. Bug Description: Occasionally, when switching to sights, I can't exit them with another click for several seconds, as well as my firing is blocked. I can look around still, and move, it's only my weapon that "locks up". This is pretty game changing if I'm in a heated combat situation. Date Seen: 28 - 30.03.17 (including after update) Troubleshooting Attempted: Spamming my right and left mouse button until it unlocks, and then it's fine again, until locking up again. I haven't noticed specific cases to replicate the issue, it seems random. Launch Options: Have you changed any launch / command line options for the game? - Nope System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: GTX 860m CPU: i7 Ram: 16gb
  16. Bug Description: Severe Frame drop occurs when aiming down sight, not every time but often enough for it to matter. Date Seen: 3/23/2017 Troubleshooting Attempted: N/A Other Information: N/A Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: GTX 980TI CPU: Intel i5 6600K Ram: Corsair LPX 8GB
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