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Found 7 results

  1. soooo i have on several shot people point blank with shotguns and HIT THEM and not downed or killed someone i double shot a person point blank twice today with the double barrel and on both occasions the person lived with no boosters and level 1 armour FIX YOUR FUCKING GAME CUNTS!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Im was just shooting at him, when a guy with a fucking shotgun kill me with one bullet from 12 meters, SO PLEASE NERF THIS CHEAT OF GUN, ITS FREAKING BAD PLAY WITH THIS SHOTGUN IN THIS GAME
  3. I have been shot through a temporal vortex from the future that killed me in the past undoing a sequence of events that would have left me victorious. So there it was, myself, staring down the sites of my pump shotgun at a topless lady, her face clearly shown through a cloud of vaporized red mist. The impact of buckshot, a clear and poignant physical representation of the terror brought on by the world beyond the kitchen, brutalized her soft face. I no more had time to smile when a forceful bast from her very own shotgun toppled the eloquent tower of my life rendering me no more than the cis gendered shit lord that i am. Surely this was some mistake! Why should I, the clear victor of the encounter, be left slain in a nameless field with only a haggard wood box to remind people of my existence whilst she remain intact? Perhaps I had merely wounded her; yes, her makeup had clearly deflected more damage in her life than that of the face she was born with. I waited for the splash screen to appear to sum up the events of my life in quantifiable subsections. The display read as zero points for damage; clearly a lie. I sat and thought of what may have caused this premature closure demise. Pouring through the forums left me just as far from my answer as when i started with there being no reports of temporal flux like the one i had just come through. I used my phone to talk with my friend Kurt who assured me that shotguns would deliver a permanent loss in life if used on the face and head region. So, yeah, wtf man?
  4. Found a glitch with the S12K If you spam mouse1 fast enough, the gun will shoot off 6 shots before needing to reload, despite the clip only accepting 5 rounds, and no 6th round will be consumed. Alongside this, when spam clicking, the "currently loaded" ammo count suddenly jumps up. I have seen it go from 1 to 3, 1 to 2, 2 to 4, and 3 to 4. I'm pretty sure there's a precise timing needed to make them all fire, as just simply clicking as fast as you can will only work maybe 25-30% of the time. I have not tested it with extended mags, quickdraw mags, or any other attachment. I have managed to make it work in the actual battleground, not just the spawn zone, but I have made a video to showcase this glitch in which I used the spawnzone for best convenience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmRwPTOv-WE
  5. We recently ran into a bug where a player takes one shotgun shot, and instead of taking the appropriate damage, or being knocked down with full knockdown health (red bar), they become knocked down with around 2% health and die almost instantly. So far we've only seen this issue with shotguns, maybe just the S1897 as seen in the video below, but I can't be sure it does not apply to all shotguns. Youtube Link
  6. Car

    Weapon problems only

    Yo! I couldn't seem to see a thread dedicated solely to the issues found with firearms in game so, I decided to make one! Please only post here your issues that you've experienced in game while handling a weapon be it pistol, rifle, sniper or shotgun. ( This includes ammunition ) It could be anything from chamber problems, reload issues, glitches in peripheral vision, or 1st / 3rd person vision detriments due to optics. ( Don't post any vision related issues if you have your FOV changed in your config files, as the DEVs recommend we don't change it & it doesn't count as a legitimate glitch as it's been tampered ) Issues that I have experienced that are causing problems in game Shotgun loading infinite amount of shells including audio with no shells actually being loaded - FIX: Press R again Shotgun being fully loaded with 5 Shells ( pump action ) But when coming to fire the character chambers another shell instead of shooting. **I have included a video for this as it's a big issue for me, WATCH IT HERE - ** When aiming down sight with any shotgun while moving forward while crouched, the rear stock / plated receiver section will clip through the players vision slightly. Having to press F 3 to 4 times to pick up a weapon or ammo. Usually ammunition. Once having reloaded a rifle, AK / M16 / M416 or SCAR - When coming to fire it changes to a red ammo capacity, example - 0 / 90 - Weapon sounds not playing until after I've been killed Weapon sounds are reversed / Inverted / in the opposite direction while in spectator mode Also, what happened to the crossbow? I can never find it anymore. *Daryl Dixon grunt* Other issues include pistols being very under powered, takes at least 8 - 10 rounds with an M9 to down a player with no armour. However I'm not sure if calibre types apply yet. Post your issues here!
  7. There have been many instances in close range where I get 1 shot by a shotgun in solo, that is fair but so many times in duos I get one shot but instead of being downed with a full downed health bar I die instantly, 1 shot not 2, or sometimes I'm left with a very very small (less than 2 mm) of downed health bar left and my partner doesn't even have a chance or reviving me. Is this a bug because shotguns as of now completely negate the down mechanic if you are close to them.
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