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Found 23 results

  1. This has been an on going issue ever since I've been playing, to 1.0. Shotguns have a 1 second delay of killing an enemy and it's not fair when you land the first shot that should kill them. I have taken videos over and over of me shooting the enemy and they still live to shoot a few rounds at me before just toppling over like a ragdoll. It's not lag or anything. I notice that even when I'm in cover, I'm getting hurt for no reason when someone is using a shotgun themselves. When players jump in the air with a shotgun, they're more likely to hit than the person holding the corners which I find that really baffling. If the rubber banding ever comes back (right now, 1.0 is pretty stable for me) -- I'm not using the shotgun any more. It get me killed more than I can kill. Oh and uhh... Shooting an enemy should kill them regardless if I died. It should show both players dying. A shotgun bullet should still register even if I die. Even on the replay it shows blood going every where but no damage. How does that even make sense?
  2. I wanted to ask if any one else has experienced what appears to be a bug whereby shotgun ignores armor / helmet since the pre-1.0 patch around 10/27/2017? I don't know if it's just poor modeling (shotguns, even at short range, should not bypass armor, shot is fairly slow moving and rather light, resulting in more of a blunt force impact) or if there is an actual bug. My experience, as of the 10/27 patch is that a single shot from a shotgun at 15 - 20 feet is a one shot kill when wearing undamaged lvl 2 helmet and armor. This just feels very broken. It's cost me several chicken dinners as late stage players carry shotguns in for close combat. Nothing feels more frustrating than landing 4 M416 shots at close range only to die to a single shotgun blase from a s686. If this is intended game mechanic, I think you should seriously rethink it. Given the fall off of dmg of SMGs against armor, as well as .556, allowing shotgun to dominate short range is just odd. If this is a bug, fixing would be a worthwhile endeavor before the 1.0 release. Thank you for your time.
  3. Shotgun headshot did not kill the enemy?! Is this a bug or did I get unlucky?!
  4. I dont know if anyone has reported this bug but if you Drop the S1897 during mid reload, your character will not stop doing the reload motion (the sound too). even if you pick up a different gun your character will not stop. the only way was for me to leave the game. I dont know if the bug only occurs to that one gun or not.
  5. The double barrel shot gun can currently be glitched to fire 3 rounds. This is about 90% repeatable. I have not attached a video as you can easily try it for yourself on spawn island in the loading screen before a match. First pick up and the S686 and reload it, upon reloading fire one shot. With the gun only having one shot left reload the weapon. Upon completion of the reloading animation there is a small window where the gun still shows that only one shot is still in the gun. If you fire this shot before it updates to 2 it will fire the shot, then update to have 2 shells remaining, which can be fired at any time. The only shot that has a restriction is the first shot. I tried this multiple times with friends (non-client side) who witnessed the glitch also. This does remove the ammo from your inventory. I have yet to try it in game to see if all 3 shells are effective in dealing damage.
  6. Hello. I am a dedicated PUBG player, or maybe was since this very moment. I was looking to quit as I didn't had enough time for it to play anymore and gameplay becoming stall. I was ok and accepted mostly the bugs thanks for my friends and random joy it comes playing it. But lately, I have specialized in shotguns and I discovered how really buggy are they. Unfortunately, I cannot play anymore with this hit and kill detection. I only have the nail in the coffin shot for me, and would have wished to record the other ones as well, but there are many videos on Youtube detailing these issues and exposing them. Short Story - In a match my friend got killed (equiped with level 3 everything) with the S686 from across the room. He was camping one entrance and the dude came from the opposite entrance and 1 time shot him, killing him. Well in my match, I shot an enemy in the head, wearing level 2 helmet, from point blank with S686. The outcome wasn't the one I expected, and it seems that I did not even remove his helmet. While the first shot didn';t connect rightly, you can see that the 2nd one connected, made the character flinch his head, blood spatters on the head, and also my aim was covering 75% of his Head. Can anyone answer me, Is this a hit detection bug or that shot shouldn't kill him? Thank you! Original Video -
  7. Something I've noticed when using the S1897 ( https://pubg.gamepedia.com/S1897 ) is that I always see my character load an extra bullet into the chamber than what is needed. The shotgun holds 5 rounds. I'll shoot 2 shots, then see my character load 3 more bullets into the chamber before finishing. https://i.gyazo.com/01e8646a3bebe755c051ef2ffafcea38.mp4 In this clip you can easily see I was 3 shots down and loaded 4. The first shot just didn't count as reloading anything. This bug has gotten me killed on multiple occasions in the beginning of the game when I need to load my gun quickly before someone else.
  8. Hello Everyone... Please whats the real ping ? whats the real packetloss of this game?? it is happening to me almost everytime that shotgun kills me trought wall or corner of bunker. Please add ping and packet loss meter to game... Game is starting to be unplayable due to above mentioned reason... I have no problem with my pc I have 300Mb Fiber optic intertnet and Procesor GPU: GeForce GTX 1070 Procesor CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4690K CPU @ 3.50GHz 16 GB RAM
  9. Just posting this here with this vid of an interaction I had with another player (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMaYN4co_3Q). I shot him with my shotgun and killed him, however I noticed my retical wasn't on him. I've seen stuff before about how the hit boxes in PUBG might need some tweaking, just putting this here so other people can give their two cents about it.
  10. Bug Description: When firing the shotgun, it doesn't always register the hits. Sometimes, it could just be me sucking, but I have video of 3 perfect shots not registering. Date Seen: June 18, 2017 Server: North America Troubleshooting Attempted: N/A Other Information: N/A Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 15063) Graphics Card: GTX 980 CPU: i7-2600k Ram: 16GB DDR3
  11. So the pump action shotgun (S1897) when reloading will play the sound of inserting the shell into the gun a total of 6 times when the gun only holds 5. This happens pretty much all the time but can easily be replicated by reloading 1 shell then performing an action to cancel and continuing the reload. Counting the audio cues for the shells there will be 1 more extra shell that is inserted but non existent. If this is a placeholder for "pumping" can it just be removed, it only adds to confusion.
  12. If you reload an S1896 completely, the final shotgun shell is not chambered/pumped as part of the reload animation. The only way to pump it to chamber a shell is by actually firing the gun. This means that there are times when you're fighting people and instead of a fully armed and ready shotgun, you have to pump it once. Many times, I am pointing directly at someone and the gun pumps instead of fires. I figured others have written about this before, however, I feel so inclined to report this because this issue recently killed my team. I was in a position to kill the last person on an opposing team and instead my shotgun chambered a round when I pressed mouse one instead of firing. Hence, I died when he turned around and shot my in the face. The pump action is honestly one of my favorite guns, but this bug is really a life-or-death sort of thing and needs to be fixed. Please just add the final pump to the reload animation instead of when you fire the first round after a reload.
  13. In this clip, the second and third shot go completely off my aim, consistently to the right, the first shot wasn't accurate too (should have gone through the stair handle into his face, not to the left of the window), but I think it is more explainable than the second and the third.
  14. 1) Pump shotgun; Pumps once after a shot, and then once again before taking another shot occasionally 2) Floating magazines over back/magazines being loading into pump shotgun during reload animation
  15. RichieGutz

    Shotgun pump

    the shotgun doesnt always pump after a reload and this has killed me numerous time
  16. Bug Description: Using any shotgun,if I shoot someone point-blank with a shotgun,blood spills and my computer crashes and reboots. This only happens with shotguns,no other weapons. and it only happens if I'm really close to the guy,when the blood spills I feel some lag within the shot but the pc restarts immediately after that,I Don't even see him dead. Date Seen: 27/3/2017 And 30/3/2017 Troubleshooting Attempted: Verified Game Cache,and installed latest Graphics card drivers Launch Options: None System Specifications: OS: Win 7 x64 Ultimate Graphics Card: EVGA GTX 770 SC CPU: Intel Core i5-4690k RAM: 16GB 1600MHz P.S: I don't know the cause,and I tried to be as specific as possible since I can provide no proof of the issue,and please DON'T move my topic as a reply to another topic containing game crashes,not PC crashes.
  17. There have been many instances in close range where I get 1 shot by a shotgun in solo, that is fair but so many times in duos I get one shot but instead of being downed with a full downed health bar I die instantly, 1 shot not 2, or sometimes I'm left with a very very small (less than 2 mm) of downed health bar left and my partner doesn't even have a chance or reviving me. Is this a bug because shotguns as of now completely negate the down mechanic if you are close to them.
  18. Fliqz

    Wat!? Rly?

    just simply .. what!?
  19. Just after the start of one of my games today I've picked up a S1897 Shotgun and wanted to load it up. Then this occured (video file). I hope this isn't the thousanth thread on this topic and actually prooves to be helpful. Besides that keep up the good work (Don't mind the death at the end please) Infinite Shotgun Reload Bug.mp4
  20. NOTE I DIDNT SEE THIS IN THE ALREADY BUGGED PAGE TIL AFTER POSTING I would delete it but i dont know how ) = So I've only seen this once but it did get me killed and seeing as I was gunna take a dinner break after that game I'll right this now while its fresh in my mind. So I parachuted down to containers (dont know which ones dont think it maters) saw a guy in the container above me he saw me I run in the near by container and grab a shotgun he comes out with a pistol easy to tell who wins here right? well for some reason the shotgun wouldn't reload I got stuck in the animation with out it adding actual bullets. Almost dead i run for cover throw it on the ground pick pick it up and the shot already had ammo in it usually when u drop the gun the clip in it hops to you pockets right? So I kill the guy reload and then get stuck in the thing again this time the previous fix didn't work and then I got shot. Now I that shotgun alot and never had that happen to me any nor any of my mates and i never heard of it happening but ima report it any just to be safe. anyone have similar issues? (I didnt notice til i almost submitted but i never mentioned it was the pump action shotgun with the name similar to the double barrel S1something. also sorry bout any grammar mistakes for some reason my brain dosnt work well with grammar when the internet is involved XD)
  21. My game launches normally,and usually with zero issues or problems. but as I noticed,when I get up close to someone and hit him with a shotgun,the moment blood spills my PC crashes and restarts immediately. The bug occurred to me before the 29/3 update the first time,then after the update I thought it could've been fixed,but it happened to me twice. It doesn't happen all the time,since I killed two people with the shotgun at the same distance,but the third guy crashed my computer. I have decided not to play the game at the moment until the issue is fixed or at least addressed. I don't know the cause,and I tried to be as specific as possible since I can provide no proof of the issue. OS: Win 7 x64 Ultimate Graphics Card: EVGA GTX 770 SC CPU: Intel Core i5-4690k RAM: 16GB 1600MHz
  22. Hey, I encountered a bug when i fall down to town and picked up a s1897 shotgun. I saw player near me and i started reloading the weapon. It begun to reload but never stopped. Magazine was 0/5 but it still continued adding bullets to weapon. I fixed it by dropping shotgun and bullets and switching to pistol and picked up shotgun again and then it worked. I have encountered this tho only 1 time on my 25hrs of playtime. And at the time i started reloading weapon i got fps drop to around 15. -Nuuskamuikkunen
  23. Does not seem to be common but writing it here in case someone else gets it in the future. Killed a guy with the S686, the instant the kill was registered the game crashed.
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