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Found 26 results

  1. its been happening to everyone and even top players in pubg were theres a second or two delay when you or the other person your shooting are peaking corners or running behind cover, its not latency and its not FPS its probably the games servers or a coding issue. i dont like being knocked behind cover.
  2. Hi. First of all. Sorry my bad english. Today i was playing pubg and the game crashed to desktop... So I enter to the game and resume (i was playing in Squad fpp and dropped in polyana). Playing normally suddently i see a floating person (like it was in a car) so i shooted and knocked down... it disappeared instantly. another one appears again in the same way and I shoot him again, and the same thing happens. after that, they start to shoot the invisible car and explode next to me without hurting me. The main problem is that the other squad are next to the invisible car in front of me like 500 meters away... somehow i was able to see that car next to me. i have a video. Please see the entire video. https://youtu.be/XnCgA8NmTUA MY PC: Asus Z97 Intel Core i5 4590 16 gb RAM DDR3 2400mhz MSI 1070 8gb SSD 240gb
  3. I have heard many diffrent complaints from friends and players experienceing targeting delay while shooting at enemy players. Many are finding it hard to target and/or shoot an enemy player after engagement. Many are saying the controls are delayed and stiff.
  4. So basically, if you shoot someone, but they fire at you and kill you before your bullets impact with them, they don't take damage. I had two situations like this today, with one being me with a Kar98k and my opponent with an AWP having a shootout at long distance. I lined up my shot and fired at my opponents head, and saw blood splatter, however I died and he survived. I figured this was due to me miscalculating bullet drop and body-shotting him. However, upon looking at the replay, it's clearly visible that I hit him in the head, but he takes 0 damage. I suppose this has to do with the fact that the AWP bullets travel faster, and because he killed me before my bullet hit him, it didn't register as damage. A similar situation occurred a few games later with a shotgun. This obviously has a huge impact on gameplay, as not only does the person survive (in the case of a killing blow), but they get a considerable advantage if your teammates are alive and you call out that they are low. I've attached a rather crappy video of the sniper situation I mentioned above, and I apologize for the quality and all, as it was a Snapchat video I took for my buddies. Bug: Looking forward to hearing from you.
  5. This has happened to me twice in the test servers where every time I aim down my sights and when I take a shot, my character just goes back to hip firing. This happening on single shot or bolt action weapons is fine, but for automatics is just unbearable.
  6. A number of times i have been in a fistfight and i will be above the person, be it on a crate or jumping, and thy are below me and yet i will get knocked out by a head punch. Now when it comes to shooting i have pointblank blasted a unarmored person in the chest with a shotgun yet im the one knocked down by a head shot from them and they will still be standing. So no offense but i think the existing aspects of the game need to be fixed before you start adding others
  7. Lately, i've been having certain problems in a game where some of my bullets will just ignore my enemy and just not do damage or hit them at all. I had a game where it took me 3 shots to the head with a Kar98k to down someone, even though I had an 8 times scope and was standing still (Enemy was crouched and looting). I then proceeded to try and kill his teammate and missed 2 direct shots on his head. I know that people will say the shots weren't on target and that my skill isn't very good, yet strongly feel like there's something off about the shooting mechanic. It could also not be a bug and that the randomness simply has too many variables. It just feels wrong for someone which would have no chance at all to fight back to kill me because my bullet deviation was too high on that specific shot. In case it's not a bug, working on the numbers so that luck isn't the main component in getting a kill would be a pretty good fix! P.s: Great work with the game, love it, but these moments really just buzzkill everything.
  8. Hello, I wanted to report a bug that has appeared with the new update. The situation is the following, when you get off a vehicle quickly to shoot another player, the weapon does not fire automatically when you lower, but it takes a little time, long enough for the other player to shoot you first and die. I have already happened to get off the following cars (being a driver): buggy, UAZ, dacia. I hope they can fix it. In case you need to trace the problem, it happened last time on October 18, 2017, at 23:20 p.m. Argentine time, on server SA. Thank you very much!
  9. I filmed a video, which I will edit and can update with the video - but not sure it shows much. When I first purchased the game ADS would get stuck sometimes and when I would try and shoot someone - I would get nothing. Just mouse clicks = no shot, and maybe one out of the fifteen clicks would register a shot. One of the updates erased this bug and I haven't had any issues since this past update. Now it's worse than before. As you can imagine, this makes PUBG almost unplayable. I had a guy (my video) unsuspecting get out of his vehicle and headed to the house I was looting. I aimed - clicked 23523 times and fired one shot. Then got stuck in ADS for a moment until about the 15th right click. I hope the Devs can isolate this issue and help me out. I was hoping to have some friends over to play the game this evening, but I can't imagine doing that with this major issue. Thanks for your time. AMD RX480 8Gb, i5-6500, 8gb DDR4.
  10. So. I don't exactly know about this system, but: Is there animation of exiting from vehicles ? Because i can't find any reason to be not able to shooting after u'r leave the car. So. There is the issue - after you leave the car u can't shooting within 1 sec or something like that. I don't know about all vehicles, but i found this problem with Dacia.
  11. Found this bug while playing a classic game in squad, fog weather. I was going for a boat in the area between Ridge Complex and the left bridge when suddenly my character started running in the water while being able to shoot and aim with ironsight. This happened sporadically and for brief periods of time, but the time was enough to aim down to an enemy and kill him. I encountered this bug only in the fog weather. Hope this can help.
  12. Weapon gets disarmed in a firefight when i'm shooting and someone shoots me. (unarm button is not binded) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VG3-Few_We8&feature=youtu.be Has happened twice so far. It's either a hack feature or an extremely very super rare bug that has only happened to me according to google
  13. Hello, I started running after shooting and holding my breath. But the draining of my stamina continued so I couldnt run and died. I'm sure this must be a bug. I attach a video link of the situation. It starts at 15 seconds.
  14. As seen in this clip above, that i was able to capture, the 2nd Kar98 shot on me killed me from 2/3 hp. His first shot went into my lvl 3 chest piece, which was 100% intact, and doesn't break from 1 Kar98 shot. Still the 2nd shot connects and kills me without being a headshot. That's 70 dmg to a lvl 3 kevlar or my limbs, shouldn't happen. I have noticed this trend more and more often now, where i take insane damage from weapons that should not deal that much, considering where it hits, and the protection i'm wearing. It's hard to notice on rifles and smg's because they do rapid damage most often, but i've noticed it quite a bit with Kar98 and SKS. I do assume it's a general bug though. Is it ignoring kevlar? Is it ignoring the % damage reduction to limbs? I don't know the answers, and I don't know how to reproduce, but it is a very very serious bug, I don't think i have to explain why.
  15. Всем привет ! Давайте поговорим о дистанции пристрелки в прицелах ? Кто этим вообще пользуется ? На какой прицел какую лучше ставить ? Лично я сам пока не разобрался особо , на х8 иногда выставляю 300-400м когда знаю что будет перестрелка на дальних...Просто вроде хорошая механика, но как мне кажется немного лишняя - большая часть перестрелок происходят внезапно, примерить расстояние на глазок нереально , а пристреливаться , меняя этот параметр тупо некогда)))
  16. Many times I have run into situations where the shooting is bugged. I've aimed a gun right at a person and fired numerously and not one shot hit them. I could understand if it was at a distance. but this was close range. I've shot a person with a shotgun 2-3 times and they did not die but they shot me once and I'm dead. I even had level 3 equipment on. I've been shot through walls and doors. I know you can shoot doors but there was no damage to the door. Instead of 1-3 shots and your dead maybe there should be hit points instead. People spend time getting strong gear and then one shot and they are dead. How do you get a head shot in a moving vehicle at a distance? This is very frustrating. It takes the fun out of the game. There is a lot of bugs in this game. A lot of fixing needs to be done before it leaves early release.
  17. TLDR; every time i jump or fire a gun my game is freezing for about a second and then catching up with actions im doing in that time. this has started since the last update, which my general FPS way better, lag at game start, way better. but the game is unplayable for me at the moment, if i see somone the moment i fire the game freezes for about a second then catches up, this means i cant adjust my aim but i can empty an m16a4 mag in burst mode in a second, im not sure if anyone else has experienced this but if anyone has, does anyone have a fix? my computer is more than capable of running the settings i have it on, iv checked my network and its not network lag.
  18. Bug Description: While in a firefight shooting the AKM strafing and moving towards the front of the buggy i got stuck. Date Seen: 5/17/2017 Server: Normal server Troubleshooting Attempted: Tried moving in all directions, did not work. Did not try to jump however. Other Information: Since it happened in a firefight that resulted in death filming it was pretty much out of the question. Launch Options: Have not changed. System Specifications:
  19. So, I have been noticing that at times, my shots go way over my target/sights (about 1-2 meters). My zeroing is always at minimum, so it shouldn't be a problem. Video.
  20. Hi, I get this strange bug there if you hold right mouse button and shoot at a close range in full auto it sometimes jerks off to the ground and this is not a recoil or anything. It just aims directly at the ground and there it would be a defined kill ends up being you shot by other person. Whats up with this? The first bullet hit hits the target but then your character decides to look down like he had some stroke. It happens often with auto-shotgun and SCAR.Any ideas? I will try and make a video of it, but it is hard to catch this happening.
  21. Firstly, I am loving this game!! Was hard into H1Z1 previously to this.. I have vowed never to go back since playing this! This glitch only started this morning... But whenever I get into a battle and begin firing my weapon.. I will automatically just swap my weapon after firing a 2-5 shots.. This makes the game completely unplayable and I will not be promoting, playing nor following the game until this issue is fixed.. I understand all the issues that need to be fixed.. But the game is still playable.. This issue however.. considering the genre and style of the game.. Makes it pointless to play.. Please fix asap Unfortunately it's back to H1Z1 for a while =[
  22. sk8ter


    the gun seems to shoot aa little to the left when i use it. it doesnt short at the reticle when shoot seems to shot left when to close to another player
  23. Hello. My friends and I were just playing a squad game. Two of my team mates went down, and I tried reviving one of them however; He died while I was reviving him and my character was stuck in the reviving teammate animation where you sit down and such. The issue with this was I was unable to get out of it. I tried laying down, jumping and all kinds of things. I wasn't able to aim in and every time I shot the bullets went into the ground if I wasn't aiming insanely high. Was unfortunately not able to get a video nor picture since I was in top two and died.
  24. Hi there. This is my first bug report and I'm not really sure whether it was indeed a bug or a mistake on my end, however I was in a gun fight with another player and I hid behind a vehicle I'd previously just driven. I was standing behind the rear wheels of a 4x4 Jeep with the intention of hiding from the player, however not only did they see me, they shot me through the vehicle without even looking in my direction for very long. I'm absolutely certain I was in the correct position to block all line of sight to my character, though perhaps not. When I died, my Jeep also disappeared immediately as well. It feels like there might have been a delay in response time for where I'd placed my vehicle and for where the vehicle appeared on the other player's screen but they never even bat an eye when they looked in my direction, just fired away.
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