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Found 15 results

  1. HELP! My mouse sometimes can't shoot at PUBG, even in the middle of shooting it. I tried to change my mouse but it doesn't help. Also, I tried to try my current mouse on another game and it works perfectly !
  2. Bug Description: I am unable to shoot for 2 to 5 seconds after switching seats in the buggy. Often I try to kill people by moving from the driver seat to the passenger seat, but I am unable to return fire. If this is intended, there should be an animation or some other indication to display the delay. Date Seen: 11/4/14 Server: Live Server Troubleshooting Attempted: I switched seats in the buggy and tried shooting. Other Information: Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 x64 Graphics Card: GTX 1080 CPU: Xeon X5690 Ram: 24GB DDR3
  3. If you Reload with a Weapon in my case it was the AKM and wait until the Reload is almost complete i was able to fire a few shots before the Magazin actually got refreshed. So i was able to shoot 3-4 Bullets then the Reload happend my mag was full Again and i could just keep shooting. Also just managed to do it with ump just now, not sure if its due to server laaag though. not always possible.
  4. Question attached in poll: Does your mouse click not make the gun fire more often than not?
  5. Game crashed once, then upon restart I couldn't see any buildings, then further testing showed I could even shoot through buildings meaning their collisions weren't even there! To top it off I could even walk through buildings! I documented as much as I could before deciding it was time to leave. I haven't restarted my game to see if the bug is still there but I'm about too. Here is my twitch stream documenting it. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/169097758 EDIT: Things are normal after one restart, I"ll continue to stream to see if it happens again.
  6. I was able to shoot a guy with my VSS through a wall because he was proning behind it and his knee and foot was visible, and hittable as well. I'm pretty sure this is a known bug, but just putting it out there in case there isn't enough feedback on this.
  7. I was playing duos TPP and we were inside the top 15, we went into a building (next to the radio tower on top of a mountain) and there were two players camping the stairs. I knocked one, ran down the stairs and reloaded (I still had rounds in the magazine). I had fully reloaded, (or so it showed on the screen) and pushed back up the stairs. I tried to fire and my gun would not fire. I was using a SCAR with a comp, vert grip, and extended magazine. I had to switch weapons and switch back to the SCAR before I could fire again. It should be noted that there were no railings directly in front of where I was standing and nothing that could or should have been blocking my shots. The gun simply was not firing.
  8. Yesterday, 8-2-17 on the new NA FP test server, the very first gun I picked up was an M4. My hands came up as if holding a gun but there was nothing in them. I saw the gun icon on the bottom of the screen it said 0 because I hadn't reloaded. I tried pressing reload to see if the gun would appear. Nothing happened. I pressed X to put my gun away and my empty hands went down and then presto, I pressed X again and my hands came up with a gun in them. Victory! This could be a very game changing bug early game when everyone's trying to loot fast for kills. Specs: 1060 AMD Ryzen 5 1500x 8gb RAM
  9. Hey guys. I have had a problem since release where sometimes ill sight someone in and click my mouse to shoot, but nothing will happen. sometimes at its worst ill have to click to shoot three times before the gun actually fires. this has lead to me getting screwed with 5 or so people remaining multiple times. anyone have a clue what's wrong or how to fix it? feedback is greatly appreciated.
  10. I was lying in Knocked-Out State in the building in E5 M4, South-East-corner of the bathroom. I could move so far back into the corner that my legs would have been sticking through the walls. There was no angle from which i could have been normally shot. Plus, the player's walking and gunfire sounds matched the direction to which my legs were sticking out. Only conclusion I can get to is that my legs were sticking through the walls and I got killed by someone standing outside, shooting my legs, while I was lyring inside.
  11. Bug Description: full map automatically and constantly zooming in, I zoom out with the mouse wheel, will automatically zoom back in, coincidentally when this happens, I also cannot control my fire function of shooting my weapons, I'll click, repeatedly click,spam it and nothing, then as i'm moving around my character will randomly start firing as if the previous clicks have some major sporadic lag, this is extremely frustrating. it seems to come up randomly, and when it does it keeps coming up game after game with multiple different troubleshooting steps. Date Seen: Today, several weeks ago before the last major update as well, but it resolved itself when re-installing the game, I can't keep doing that... Server: NA. Troubleshooting Attempted: verified my mouse was not the problem, all inventory drag and drop functions are normal, weapon switching with the mouse wheel is normal, verified game files on steam, didn't work. restarted my PC, didn't work. reinstalling the game once before seemed to work but that is a tedious and time consuming process, I cannot be expected to do that often. Other Information: this has happened before the most recent update as well. Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: Operating System:W10 Pro Graphics Card: GTX 1080 CPU:i7-5930K Ram:32GB DDR4
  12. Heya guys was just letting you know that your invincible when your in the water! i had 3 guys trying to kill me and it did nothing! im currently uploading a video of it for validation i will update the thread when its done!
  13. Hi So whats my Problem? http://plays.tv/video/593c0208e3f35cb801/mauszeiger-bug-neuer-bug-oder-ist-das-der-auto-fire-stop-bug-?from=user http://plays.tv/video/594a549d31eccef786/mauszeiger-bug-1?from=user http://plays.tv/video/594a5534bd8fc28a9c/mauszeiger-bug-2?from=user Need help
  14. Recently, perhaps since last patch, my shoot and/or scope zoom will randomly not work at all. I will aim and press my left click....but nothing will happen, so I click over and over....again nothing will fire. I am certain this is not my mouse. 4k monitor gtx 1080 i7
  15. Firstly, I am loving this game!! Was hard into H1Z1 previously to this.. I have vowed never to go back since playing this! This glitch only started this morning... But whenever I get into a battle and begin firing my weapon.. I will automatically just swap my weapon after firing a 2-5 shots.. This makes the game completely unplayable and I will not be promoting, playing nor following the game until this issue is fixed.. I understand all the issues that need to be fixed.. But the game is still playable.. This issue however.. considering the genre and style of the game.. Makes it pointless to play.. Please fix asap Unfortunately it's back to H1Z1 for a while =[
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