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Found 8 results

  1. Hello PUBG, I would like to give feedback on the Shift, Hold Breath dynamic. As it plays out it have only created frustration and interruption in my play and for many others I have heard it creates confusion and people get really annoyed by how easy you can loose it in rounds of play. The only safe way to get a hold breath action is to combine it with your aim down sight or directly after. 1. You can not move and aim down sight, the hold breath won't register. 2. You can not be running and try to aim down sight fast and get the hold breath smoothly, because you have to hit that butting while you stand perfectly still. 3. The Hold breath indicator have been lost and now only shows when you lost your breath. It should always be up for the player to spot their Lung capacity while holding the key! 1. Please make it so that we players can just hold in the button so that when we do aim down sight, the hold breath will FOLLOW that action. Right now the game feels staggered and stiff in so many ways... like we have to run, stop right click , shift click to hold breath. It is so many useless steps to achieve something that should be Second Nature to a FPS experience in general. Too many steps into your desired action can really hinder the player from performing. 2. With over 800 hours of play, I can honestly say that so many other shooters does this better. 3. For the upcoming patch please make it so the hold breath action really feels like a seamless action. Best regards, Holdbreath Snipe, Headshot!
  2. Bug Description: After I reconnected, my buggy wasn't accelerating more than 29Km/h. Boost didn't help it too. The car shifted to 2nd Gear and not further. Date Seen: 24th of January 2018 Server: Public Troubleshooting Attempted: Getting Out and In again Refueling the car Stop and Go attempts With boost/without boost nothing helped. Other Information: I had a disconnect right before the bug occured. I had to restart the game 4 times before I was able to press the "Connect"-button. The bug happenend on Erangel. Launch Options: None. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 16299) Graphics Card: SLI 2x GeForce GTX TITAN Black (12090MB VRAM) CPU: i7-4790K CPU @4.00GHz (8CPUs), ~4.0GHz Ram: 32768MB
  3. Date Seen:(When did the bug most recently happen and when did it start) yesterday and since one of the latest patches Server: (Live server or test server) Live Error Message: (Did an error message appear when your game crashed? Please write it here, or post a cropped screenshot of the error) No crash Other Information: (Any relevant information that you think would be useful to help us track down the cause of the bug) My keybinds for healing are Shift+1 to Shift+4. But recently when using them, for example Shift+4 while having no weapon or any other but melee weapon in my hands (but having a melee weapon equipped), it should only use a booster. But it also switches to my melee weapon as it is binded on 4. Same with other weapon slots, shift+2 = First Aid. Using it, I'm also switching to my secondary weapon. Is this intended? Troubleshooting Attempted: (Any troubleshooting attempted. Did you complete all the steps above and if not, which steps didn't you complete?) No Launch Options: (Have you changed any launch / command line options for the game and if so, which ones? Please remove them and see if this issue persists) No System Specifications: Operating System: Graphics Card: CPU: Ram: The easiest way to get this information is to hold the windows button and R to open the run dialog, then type in "dxdiag" and take a screenshot of the "System" and "Display 1" tabs as shown below: Doesn't matter in this case
  4. Hi there I'm not really sure if my post is in the right forum here, so please move it if it would be better e.g in 'General Help' or so. I figured that people with lag issues might be searching this forum, so I'm just gonna post here. So I'm a fairly new player in PUBG and was extremely excited to play this game with my friends. So naturally I was bummed out, when I discovered that I had YUUUGE lagspikes, which made this game pretty much unplayable for me and made me very SAD. Having a fairly decent PC, I didn't think it could be related to hardware and it being serverside was also off the books as this occured on every server in EU, NA and AS. So what kind of Lag did I notice? First I noticed, that when pressing W while jumping out of the plane my screen would freeze and would only unfreeze when I let this key go and then show me the "Network Lag detected" screen. This also happened while trying to sprint. And then when trying to quickly switch directions while running, which led to some pretty embarassing deaths . After a while however I discovered by accident, that this could be worked around (at least for running in straight lines or things where you did not have to switch keys) by pressing Space or 'X' while experiencing this lagspike. This rid me of any doubt of it being server- (or ISP-) related, it had to be client-side. What did I do? I googled After not finding anything even remotely close in the PUBG forums or on the PUBG subreddit I stumbled across this forum entry in the SC2 forums, which seemed to tackle this very problem (which I however did not only experience for Shift, Alt and Ctrl but for every other key too). This post explains in detail how to rid yourself of this bug, but for everyones reading pleasure I'm going to replicate it here (all Credit to Brian from the SC2 forums, you're the MVP, dude ). How can you solve it? This bug can (afaik) only be solved by completely turning off repeated keystrokes in all of Windows. This can be a bit irritating at first when trying to move the cursor, but can be easily replaced by using CTRL+right or CTRL+left for skipping over words (which is faster anyways). Alternatively you can also just use the mouse or press the arrow keys repeatedly. If someone knows another way, please post it in this thread, I will link your comment in my post. Brian wrote this guide for Win 7, I replicated it on Win 10 so I think this will work on Win 8 too. Setup you keyboard properties Start -> Control Panel -> Search for 'Keyboard' Select the 'Keyboard" result, a window named 'Keyboard Properties' should open Set Repeat delay to short and Repeat rate to fast These two setting control how long it will take for a pressed key to repeat and how fast it will repeat afterwards Click Apply, then click OK Change your accessibility options to disable repeated keystrokes Start -> Control Panel -> Ease of Access -> Ease of Access Center -> Make the keyboard easier to use Uncheck Turn on Sticky Keys Click on Set up Sticky Keys Uncheck Turn on Sticky Keys when SHIFT is pressed five times and Lock modifier keys when pressed twice in a row Click Apply, then click OK Click on Set up Filter Keys Uncheck Beep when keys are pressed or accepted and Turn on Filter Keys when right SHIFT is pressed for 8 seconds Set the radio button to Turn on Repeat Keys and Slow Keys Click on Set up Repeat Keys and Slow Keys Set How long do you want to hold down a key before your computer accepts the keystroke? to '0.0 seconds' Set the radio button to Ignore all repeated keystrokes <- THIS IS THE CRITICAL STEP Click Apply, then click OK You now should not be able to repeat keys by holding them down. This can be tested in any textfield (editor, browser etc.) Why is this happening? Brian tries to guess here why this happens and I find his reasoning rather striking. Basically it boils down to where the programmer gets the keyboard input from. It seems to be more work to access the raw input and thus the programmer takes the one from the standard Windows APIs, which are prefiltered and whatnot. The API can basically generate three types of event for each key, namely 'keyDown', 'keyUp', and 'keyPress'. The first two should be self explanatory and the last one is a combination of 'keyDown' and 'keyUp' within a certain amount of time. When a key is held down, the 'keyPress' event gets generated multiple times (as defined in the repeat settings), which seems to cause the issue here. To me it seems like the game only properly monitors 'keyDown' and 'keyUp' events and somehow the 'keyPress' event monitoring is not implemented correctly, which is why this issue is fixed when disabling the repeat of held down keys. However I have to admit, that my Computer Science background is not very strong, so I'd love a statement from the Devs or someone more qualified then me on this issue. I hope I could help some of you with my post and happy Chicken Dinner cooking The Kaltur
  5. Hey, I have my taskbar on the top of my screen and if i start the game (even in fullscreen) my 'virtual pointer' (where i actually click) and my cursor are not on the same position. It shifts my virtual pointer up by approximately 1,5cm (the height of the taskbar) if i change the position of the taskbar to the bottom it works like expected no shifting of the cursor. Yours sincerely, StanleyJ
  6. I am a lefty gamer so I have to rebind all of my controls, I noticed that when you try to rebind sprint to another key like "right shift" the sprint function transfers over fine, but the breath holding function will stay bound to "left shift" and not transfer over. I haven't tried to see if this occurs with other keys like "o", "t", "f", etc but I did notice that binding "mute voice" to "right control + shift" does not work either, so it may be a general issue with command keys. Just something that is probably an easy fix that most people won't care about, but if you feel like fixing it then I'd be happy.
  7. There is no key that can replace LEFT SHIFT in your game. No other key works to replace LEFT SHIFT. This needs to get patched sooner than later x.x
  8. So I can't use my left shift, keyboard got some water damage, I can bind other keys for left shift but no other key works to have steady zoom/breath with the lungs up etc.
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