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Found 27 results

  1. Good morning to all my fellow pubg players. Although I have been playing this since day one I have yet to come across the best set up for a controller, I've tried different settings but still not getting the best results, ( yep it may just be me being crap at the game lol ) but it's not for the wanting of trying to get a good kill to death ratio. If you have a set up that you are willing to share then please let me know . Cheers. " There's always time for one more "
  2. As everyone well knows, PUB sound dynamics are very poorly optimized right now which hopefully will be rectified by the developers sometime in the near future? However, for those using the Sound Blaster Z sound cards and with decent, high quality headphones (i use Sennheiser GAME ONES) and after much in-game trial & error testing, i have finally come up with what i believe to be the BEST sound setting tweeks for PUBG as follows: Sound Playback Configure = Stereo (NOT 5.1 or 7.1 surround) Sound Properties Advanced = 24 bit, 48000 Hz (Studio Quality) SBX Pro Studio = Off Equalizer Settings: 31: -4dB 62: -3dB 125: 2dB 250: 4dB 500: 6dB 1k: 5dB 2k: 10dB 4k: 10dB 8k: 9dB 16k: 9dB dB Level: 10 Re-configuring your sound settings as shown above will greatly improve your overall experience in game as you will now be able to pinpoint the direction gun shots are being fired at you as well as allow you to hear enemy footsteps nearby with much better clarity. If anyone else has some EQ settings they would like to share please feel free to post them in this thread as i'd like to try what others are using. Enjoy!!!
  3. Is this only me, or any1 else got the same problem. When clicking on the red part of the settings button it shows "hand mouse arrow" and it is not clickable. If i click there, it wont open the menu. But if i click on the grey area of the button it will show me normal "mouse arrow" and it is clickable. It is very annoying because sometimes i think my mouse doesnt register clicks, and have to repeat it twice or even more if not clicked on the left part of the wheel icon.
  4. For the past 6-8 weeks I have not had the chat function working at all. I can speak with my teammates via Discord but I cannot hear nor (I assume) communicate with others on the servers. Date Seen Constant for the past 6-8 weeks Server: both live and test servers Error Message: no error message Other Information: there was no warning, just one time I logged in it was disabled - did not mess with settings or change hardware Troubleshooting Attempted: I checked my PUBG settings of course, and have toggled it back and forth. My chat is set to "all" and I've tried both voice activated and push to talk. Regardless of settings, I cannot hear any other players' voices. It is not a hardware issue, as Discord works fine. Launch Options: no System Specifications:
  5. invalid parameter, tеhese parameters are not in order, first 10 then 1 "Follow Saved Player 10" and "Save Position 10" and "Move to Saved Position 10" and "Save Player 10" and "Spectate Saved Player 10"
  6. Всем привет, везде искал,на любых языках, и нигде все таки не нашел клавиш, которые в WindowNoEditor в cfg отвечают за раздел "Ход игры" по русски, и Gameplay на инглише. В общем, интересует следующее,если можно графику и другие пункты поставить в блокноте и закрепить(только чтение), можно ли(или же какие то значения) как то поставить и раздел "ход игры", то же отключение персонажа в инвентаре, и слоты худа, оружие и броню. Просто хочу включить их навсегда,чтобы как с графикой, поставил, и не мучаешься, и ничего не сбивается у тебя, или придется мучиться и при каждом перезаходе в игру, все включать заново(Отображение персонажа отключать)? И да, мне не нужны советы по типу, " отключи только чтение и тогда у тебя все будет сохраняться" и т.д. Вы либо знаете эти команды для биндов, либо не знаете. Если их нету в природе, то придется мучиться наверно.
  7. Today I changed my vehicle seat change binds to shift+1 and shift+2, and I noticed I couldn't switch weapons (using 1 and 2) while sprinting (using shift). However, I was outside a vehicle, so the shift+1/shift+2 binds should not have had any effect, but it seems they are taking precedence and preventing me from switching weapons like I normally could before In the past, I could never use 1/2 to change weapons while walking (using ctrl), and this explains why. The default bind for vehicle seat changing is ctrl+1 and ctrl+2, and these were again blocking my attempts to switch weapons while walking, despite me not being in a vehicle
  8. everytime I click the settings in pubg the game freeze and I cant move the mouse for 5 sec and then I come in the settings. help?
  9. Changing settings from 80 for FpsCameraFOV influences mouse sensitivity in game only. This bug need to be fixed as soon as possible, please.
  10. Since this morning, the new update allows the game to recognize controller buttons and be keybinded. For example: After selecting a bind window, if you press the B button on an Xbox One controller, it will register as Controller Face Button Right. The problem is, after setting all my bindings the way I'd like, when I hit Apply nothing happens. The apply button will still work if no controller buttons were binded. Restarted the game a few times, but I can't get the Apply button to save my bindings. For now, back to the Steam Controller Configurator, I guess.
  11. Every time I start the game up it resets the graphics, audio and basically everything back to default. if anyone has any help on a fix it would be much appreciated.
  12. When ever I click the in-games settings button, my game lags, as well as my computer.(The mouse lags as well.) Whenever I'm in a voice chat it will lag as well. Hopefully someone has a solution to this. Thanks
  13. well, when i play PUBG , i tried to use my ps4 controller to play PUBG. it worked for a minutes . then suddenly i can't control it anymore. then i switched to my keyboards then this happened i tried to open settings > Default > Apply > OK . Then , i open my settings again then i looked the controller setting then it changes to red blank again . then i opened my PUBG files then Open "Engine" Then "Config" Then delete the controller.pdv . then the controller stills red blank, and then my controller.pdv is gone too just bought the game yesterday :'v and can't play . and im scared if i reinstall the PUBG then the controller is saved by the profile not the games files. and can't play forever
  14. So i couldnt find anything about this anywhere so im posting this here. all my ingame sensitivity settings are set to 50 by default, but i find that a bit too high when im trying to ADS close range. Anyway, when i try to change it, the "apply" button grays out and i cant press it. Sorry for my poor english anyone else experienced this or know a fix or why this happends? i have a Logitech g502 gamingmouse if that matters.
  15. I started up the game with the pointer reading a great deal to the right inside the game. The further right it is, the less accurate it is. I can't even access the settings options from the home screen. When I tried doing it in game, I was able to restore all the settings to default, but now it is running higher settings than I wanted. When trying to adjust them, clicking on the graphics qualities and screen options does absolutely nothing. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and restarting multiple times. Even when opening it on the test server, I am still encountering the same issues. This also effects gameplay as accurately changing weapon accessories is nearly impossible and picking up loot is a challenge of its own. It operated perfectly fine until today and I have no idea what to do
  16. I'm currently experiencing an issue with trying to change my settings in game. It isn't actually allowing me to select the setting I want. For instance when I click on the drop down box for My Voice it will begin to automatically start selecting the most bottom option until it stops at Mute. I'm unable to click on anything else because it'll go immediately back to mute.
  17. I've tried asking around, but it feels like no one else has this issue. Every time I enter the game I have to redo all of my settings because after I close out of the game, they reset. It would be great if this were fixed because it's feels like I'm constantly redoing my settings.
  18. Simple question, why the hell do my settings keep getting reset every single time that I launch the game? It's very frustrating to have to go through and re-apply all my settings and keybindings EVERY TIME I LAUNCH THE DAMN GAME!!
  19. Hello Team, I wanted to report a glitch I had today when changing my my old monitor to my new 21:9 monitor. Seems like it is caused by the shadow as it ran perfectly once I set the shadows on LOW resolution. I know that your team is already aware of this issue with AMD, however I have never seen that yellow glitch before I thought it could be helpful for the future 21:9 Resolution optimizations. PC SPECS: OS: WINDOWS 10 64BITS CPU: i7 4790k GPU: AMD Radeon 200 series RAM: 16GB Regards,
  20. Доброго времени суток, я обладатель как и многие далеко не слабого компа, помогите с i7 7700k - gtx 1070 И у меня постоянные траблы с FPS в игре, может кто знает какие-то настройки игры через корень игры, или ещё что-то? Буду очень благодарен кто поможет!
  21. When spectating and looking through the control settings, when the person im spectating uses a health item i cannot operate the menu
  22. when in spectator if you try to change your options (graphics, etc) while the person you are spectating is healing if will "freeze" and you can not change settings until they finish healing.
  23. So, after the latest update, PUBG seems to ignore the GameSettings.ini file in my APPDATA folder for my desktop. The weird thing is, on a completely fresh install on my laptop, it saves the settings just fine. I have tried to remove the .ini file itself, but the game doesn't re-create it, even after applying the new settings, or even completing a game, and then exiting using the exit button on the top right of the main menu. Any help would be appreciated! EDIT: I guess OS info would help, duh... Running Windows 10 Pro, with the latest Creator's Update. Thanks!
  24. I had an idea to just try to change the controls to my Xbox one controller which i was able to map out perfectly having a key for everything. But the game is now completely F*cked because every time i go into settings it clears everything that i mapped and now wont even let me set it back to the default or even change the controls from what I first map. On top of messing them up so now there are hardly any functions that I am able to perform in the game. Please fix to where settings are not glitched to always unmaping and also not allowing a new mapping to be set.
  25. I have been running the game perfectly lately, the last two days everything was going great. Starting today, I launched the game and the language was automatically changed for some reason and I decided to change the language in the in-game settings menu, when suddenly the game stopped working and I got 'A PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUND process has crashed!'. I've tried reinstalling the game, I uninstalled it via Steam and redownloaded it. The problem still persists. I've tried validating all the game files via Steam as well, nothing has worked so far. I'm hoping at least some people are experiencing the same problem and MAYBE someone has run into the same issue and has found a resolution? My specs: i7 2700K @3.40 GHz Win10 64bit Pro 16Gb of ram NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 Samsung SSD 840 PRO 256gb & Samsung SSD 859 EVO 500gb
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