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Found 11 results

  1. Oyun ciktiktan 1 hafta sonra botlar serverlerden kalkmisti ve gercekten oyun steam pubg zevkini veriyordu , fakat son 2-3 gundur farkettik ki bot sayisi oldukca artmis 100 kisiden 50si bot ve gercekten oyunun zevki gitmis durumda , lutfen botlari oyundan kaldirin . PUBG BOTLARLA OYNANILACAK BI OYUN DEGIL ! Ayrica silah reloadlama hizinin artmasi gerekiyo !
  2. Why are we still waiting? Locked out of the game for nearly 5 hours now!! What the hell? Keeps say “Failed to get token from xbox” whatever the hell that means
  3. Собственно, просто из интереса хотел спросить, когда в пубг зафигачат русские сервера? 1.0 вроде вышел, есть там какие новости по этому поводу?
  4. Доброго дня! Уважаемые разработчики, верните пожалуйста сервера Японии и Кореи в выборе в игре русскому клиенту Живу на дальнем востоке, не один я наверное там живу, и пинг до Токио и Сеула намного лучше чем в Европу и Азию (Россия ведь широкая страна, очень широкая)
  5. This has been an issue for the past few months perhaps ever since the 1.0 update. It comes and goes. When it happens, it's like this: every time you try to engage someone in short-range gunfights, the game freezes for like 1 whole second. obviously this causes you to die most of the time since you lose a whole freaking second. Many people have posted clips of this if someone can do that here as well it would help.
  6. Собственно играл себе, как ни в чем не бывало. Катка завершилось и пошли ошибки. Перезапустил лобби, сыграл еще одну и... все. "Сервера заняты и бла, бла, бла". А потом выдает вот такое чудо. Help Pls.
  7. I've noticed since 1.0 I have had an issue again where the server resets to Asia after every match. I know this was a bug a couple of months ago, and it was patched but it seems to have returned again. Quite annoying, was wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue?
  8. I keep watching death cams and I'm not sure if its a bug or a cheat. It only seems to happen with Chinese players. And most of the time it shows a clean death cam.
  9. Hey Forum Users does anybody else have the problem that the automatic server selection is pretty fucked up ? When I wanna press "Play" everytime I get out of a game or start the game the Asian server gets selected for me, and when I go into statistics the NA Server is selected first. (I play EU normally) I think this should probably be fixed right? And to my second problem as stated above the Asian Server is auto-selected for me, because of that I played 2 Games on the Asian Server by accident. While that's not really an issue in itself I did luckily win both games there (both with 13 Kills) but the weird thing is that the calculated K/D Ratio is displayed as "0.00" and I get a very low rank. Don't get me wrong I don't care about the stats or my rank or what not but that doesnt seem right does it ?
  10. Хотелось бы задать пару вопросов по поводу нового худа но как я понял темы нету. Это скриншоты уже предстоящего патча или же концепты ? Если же это скрины то частично изменена цветокоррекция ? Так же есть вопрос относительно русских серверов. Проблема заключается в отсутствии вендора хостинга или же в малок коммунити ? Наиграл достаточно много часов чтобы чувствовать пинг игры из за которого частенько прилетает за деревья и тому подобное, хотелось бы получить больший хороший экспириенс от игры но пинг часто играет свою отрицательную роль в этом (оптимизейшон не считаем так как гейм дэвы работают в этом направлении)
  11. Car

    **GAME IS DOWN**

    Yo! My friend and I have just been playing some Duo's as per, and upon healing my game froze which forced me to exit to desktop. After reloading the game, none of my Main menu buttons worked, at all and neither did my friends as he left the match we were just in. So i restarted again but I couldn't search for a match or invite anyone, it came up with "an error occurred" if I tried. And the moment I left the game to desktop, my friend received all my invites. Anyone else having a similar issue? Just literally now. Possible servers crash? **Included picture for cools, not relevant**
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