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Found 13 results

  1. I use to play with max sens with no dead zone for both sticks. I notice the game feels clanky with all the slides up. After investigation a lil bit, i noticed that 6x Scoped sens was bugged causing slow ADS with any weapon and with any sight. That's why some players are complaning in the forum about this clankiness in the mouvement system and some input lag when ADSing Solution : Set 6x Scoped sens on 19. By security, set 8x and 16x sens on 19 sens. Now I can follow and shoot correctly my target and character movements are smoother and faster. This bug reappears sometimes with some updates...
  2. Hallo, wie vielleicht einige schon festgestellt haben, ist die Sensitivity auf der X- und Y-Achse nicht identisch. Das heißt das Zielen in Horizontaler-Ebene entspricht dem eingestellten Wert unter Optionen ,aber der Vertikale-Wert entspricht nur 70% dem eingestellten Wert. Laut @PUBG_Tamat wurden die Infos auch weiter gegeben. Aber da PUBG ja immer eine "gewisse" Zeit braucht um ein Problem zu lösen (oder nicht xD) hier mal der Reddit Thread für alle die es Interessiert:
  3. Hi, So the new update is great, but I have noticed that you guys didn't update controller sensitivity settings sliders. Or maybe you just forgot to update them. There are 2 new scopes, and also a vertical recoil sensitivity setting (which is great, its something that was needed) They are on the mouse and keyboard slider settings, but you didn't include sliders for controller layout. In the past I was a heavy console player and played a lot of fps, I was good, 25+ kill streaks good, but now I spend more time on the pc, and so play pubg on pc, so I'm in the bad habit of using a controller, yeah its gay and lame and I'm a pussy and what ever else people have to say about people who play with controllers, who cares, I'm happy with it. Id even say that I'm better than the average mouse and keyboard player too, so I don't care what other people think, but it would be really nice if we could get those extra sliders on the controller settings menu please. I know I'm not the only person who plays controller, even if we are a minority. Its really needed. The main problem is the Aim acceleration is broken, the slider doesn't work properly, when on 0 its on max, when on 1-10 it doesn't work at all, It affects all scopes ads and horizontal movement so its crippling the game. Cant turn fast enough. I just got a 3x scope, both standard sensitivity and vertical sensitivity are way too strong, its impossible to control at all, Its like using 10x speed on a 4x or something. Both new scopes and the vertical recoil sensitivity are the same, their sensitivity sliders are needed as they are too strong. This is more important than fixing spelling mistakes. I posted already but must of been to a wrong part of the forum, because I think you would of put out a quick fix already.
  4. For me, there is a difference in rotation for my general mouse sensitivity (when comparing FPP and TPP). If I completely move my mouse over my mousepad from left to right at the 50% setting, I get the following results: - FPP: around 380° rotation - TPP: around 315° rotation Should the rotation not be the same for FPP and TPP?
  5. Заметил, что в игре чувствительность по оси X и Y различна (по горизонтали немного выше, чем по вертикали). Многим игрокам это доставляет огромный дискомфорт при прицеливании, так как в большинстве современных шутеров чувствительность по X и Y одинакова. Предлагаю добавить опцию настройки чувствительности по вертикали и горизонтали отдельно, либо сделать ее равной.
  6. Pretty self explanatory. For instance: If you moved your actual mouse 1 inch on the x axis, on your desk, the crosshair in-game would move a certain amount(lets call that distance "α") If you moved your actual mouse 1 inch on the y axis, on your desk, the crosshair in-game would move a certain amount(lets call that distance "β") Now, in this game the values for α and β are NOT equal. In almost every other PC game I have played, the axis sensitivities are set at a 1:1 ratio. And when they aren't, there is usually a way to set it so they are equal(for example, in Fallout 4, you can set each axis separately in an .ini file. They were not set to a 1:1 ratio by default). However, especially with all the confusion over editing the .ini files for this game(PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS), I cannot figure out how to resolve this issue, and I can only assume it in unintended and, therefore, a bug. I am not certain what in-game setting affect this behaviour, if any. I have read some users claiming that the in-game FOV setting, or the in-game resolution settings affect the input sensitivity ratio, but I cannot confirm or deny that. Some users also claim they do not experience this issue, so it might not be apparent on all setups. I am 100% sure I, and other users, are not simply imagining this issue, as I and others have experienced this issue in other games previously, and have been able to resolve them.
  7. With 800 dpi and 20% 8x scope sensitivity, the game doesn't detect very small mouse movements which leads to missing shots that require precision. Changing to 400 dpi and 40% 8x scope sensitivity seems to be a temporary fix but definitely isn't enjoyable switching dpi's just for this game.
  8. For people who don't know, what i mean is that when you move your mouse up and down it moves slower as opposed to when you move your mouse left and right, this causes severe issues especially when tracking targets diagonally, like for ex. somebody is going away from you and to the left. You would have to drag your mouse up and left, but since the sensitivities are different it feels really jerky and kind of like there is some sort of built in acceleration. This is a serious problem especially for people who have been playing fps games their entire lives.And since this game is trying to be competetive-friendly this should definitely be fixed asap, seeing as you cannot really develop muscle memory cause of this problem.
  9. It's off by around 11%, if your sensitivity is 0.1 in the config file and you move your mouse across the mouse pad in first person you will do a 360 after 4.0504 inches. But if you're in third person with the same sensitivity it will take only 3.6004 inches. It's not too much but at lower sensitivities it is very noticeable, for me at least. Thanks
  10. I've noticed in (some) Unreal Engine based games that small mouse movements with zoomed in scopes aren't detected with some dpi's. For example, 800 dpi with 20% 8x scope sensitivity causes the game to ignore very small upward/downward mouse movements when scoped in. Playing with 400 dpi at 40% 8x scope sensitivity seems to fix this though.
  11. So i couldnt find anything about this anywhere so im posting this here. all my ingame sensitivity settings are set to 50 by default, but i find that a bit too high when im trying to ADS close range. Anyway, when i try to change it, the "apply" button grays out and i cant press it. Sorry for my poor english anyone else experienced this or know a fix or why this happends? i have a Logitech g502 gamingmouse if that matters.
  12. Hi guys, I just bought a new SSD and a GTX 1080ti 11GB so I thought I would reformat the computer totally, install Windows 10 again and just start on a clean slate. I did this and now I encounter a very irritating error/bug or what ever; I always set my sensitivity inside the config file and do all the bindings of keys ingame. I don't know if this has anything to do with any of this, but I always set my key bindings first ingame, quit the game to open up the GameUserSettings file and set my sensitivity with this format: MouseSensitiveName="Normal",MouseSensitivity=50.000000,LastConvertedMouseSensitivity=0.031700 When I save the file and open up the game again, most of the bindings are set to default and the sensitivity is back to default sensitivity 0.020000/50? The file is NOT readonly. Has anyone encountered this before and maybe solved this irritating problem? I hate to have to set my sensitivity INGAME and rebind my keys each time I want to play. Thanks.
  13. I've run into a rather annoying problem, which has been plagueing me since I got this game a couple of months ago. I figured I'd see if something changed over the next few patches, but it hasn't so I gather the bug hasn't been reported. Hence this post. When I set up my control scheme only a select number of keys are saved after leaving the game. The following do not: Disarm Character movement Vehicle movement The rest are fine and can be changed and are saved after I quit the game. I run with RFDG on my movement keys and | for my disarm key. Mouse sensitivity is another thing which isn't saved between sessions. I've tried setting all settings in one go and it has no effect what so ever. Movement keys, disarm and mouse sensitivity is changed back to default no matter how I do it. I've tried the following: Deleted the appdata folder TSLGame completely Deleted the appdata folder WindowsNoEditor Verified Steam files. Uninstalled the game completely, deleted all residual files and redownloaded it. Deleted the contents of the GameUserSettings.ini file Set the GameUserSettings.ini file to not Read only When I do item 6 something strange happens with the ingame settings. Remapped keys are randomly returned to default even when I don't change anything. And if I change something the keys I do change are returned to whatever they were prior to the Read Only flag being removed.
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