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About Me

Found 5 results

  1. Here's a clip of me repeatedly being able to see a guy in a breakable shed as I toggle my 4x. It doesn't happen every time but you can see on about a third of the zooms. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jcOx9q2wg4&feature=youtu.be And here's a screenshot. It's only for a few frames so it was hard to get a good one, but the person is quite distinct. https://gyazo.com/97cd0884e2bdaad720b3ecd24d7c43fa
  2. On the 2nd floor of school, near the basketball court. If you jump on the stairs there you can see through into the roof.
  3. A small hole in the mountain, where my character is on the map in the first picture. It was possible to crawl into this hole, where texture was missing. Once in you could walk through the rock and see through it entirely. It was also possible to shoot through the rock walls, tested this by shooting at a tree. If you got too close to the edges you would "clip" out of the rock.
  4. I swear I don't cheat but me and my other friend decided to do first person duo and when I was parachuting towards Novorepnoye and I didn't see no crates so I thought "it probably needs to load" but it never did. I landed and nothing loaded, no crates, no houses, and no warehouses. The only thing I could see is loot and actual players through the crates. I asked my friend let me shoot you through the wall to see if I can damage someone and I COULD. I told my friend I couldn't kill anyone because I didn't want to accidentally kill someone through the walls and get banned. Then he took me over to the bridge to see if it was only in that area but some areas outside the island including the bridge was not appearing. I want to report this because this bug is literally game breaking and people can abuse it. Sadly I only have one picture but it literally shows what I saw in the match. Please fix this, I don't know if its only on first person but this needs to be fix ASAP.
  5. I find one wall in one specific building (only one room + bathroom). In one corner is a couch. If you jump on very top of it you can see and SHOOT through wall you are close by. It has some more requirement: you have to crouch and have to be "fully aimed". It works in every house of this type. I tested it with multiple guns and multiple scopes (not all in the video) - works everytime. During testing i find it wokrs in some angles on the same wall near the door (video in 3:25). Tried throw some granades - it doesn't seems to work. And this is how it's look from outside: Test date: 9.7.2017 Tested on EU servers Spec:
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