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Found 27 results

  1. I scrolled a few pages and couldn't find this. Seeing how I played for a limited past using the Missions Tab has been nearly impossible to access. With the latest update I am not able to get missions to populate on the screen. The rewards tab shows the coupon shop shows buf the missions tab is completely blank. Steps I tried: 1. Back out of pass and back out to title screen. Retry, same result. This used to work before the update. 2. Close the game down using the xbox menu. Same results 3. Restart xbox. Same results. 4. Shut down the xbox using full shutdown. Unplug for 30 seconds. Same results. 5. Check for updates. No updates. 6. Uninstall reinstall. Same results. Model: Xbox one x Pubg version listed: 401.5.1.27 Anyone else experiencing this and or have any pointers? Thanks, Badmoonrisin68
  2. Last today patch (update 25 has made 21:9 lobby screen support to not work, now its in 16:9 only
  3. This has started today, about 1/2 an hour ago. I'll open pubg and wait about 30 seconds and my monitors will all go black, and it'll take me to the Windows 10 lock screen. I'll unlock it, and it'll happen again another 30 seconds later, on and on even if i'm attempting to join a game. I've tried opening other games to see if maybe it was a problem with steam or whatever else, and everything works fine. only happens with PUBG running. I've verified my game files as well thinking maybe there was a corrupt file.
  4. Hello. My game gets stuck on Main Screen Theme (Attached a photo) always, i can press options (settings) below right and restart lobby but still does not work. Please is there any fix? I tried verifying my integrity and turned off everything on my PC. Please help me out with this? Thank you!
  5. On the title screen where you select the game modes, all the a's are missing in the text on the page. When selecting game types there are the descriptions at the bottom of the perspective and that are missing all the a's.
  6. Здравствуйте, подскажите, что делать, загружаю игру, а там все ярко зеленое, как решить проблему? Кто сталкивался?
  7. Description: If a player uses alt tab right after hitting ready (before the pubg logo appeares), the game will only proceed to initiating connection to game server when the player goes back into the game. If it passes the 1 minute warmup mark, the player will get closed off from the game and has to start connecting again. Time: This bug was present in the test server too, and has been happening since then, without being repaired. Trigger: Screen options must be set to full screen in order to occour. Specs: I'm running windows 10 64 bit. Not sure if anything else could be related to this bug apart from this. In addition: Some might think it's not a big deal but the UI loading time and the logos at the start of the game (which load after EVERY single game), also the 1 min warmup, take away enough time from me as it is. I do not wish to be made keeping looking at the game's logo in front of a black background every time I join the server for several seconds. I have also met about mechanisms agains people going afk are being better for the game. To that, I can only say, the sound of an airplane's engine is a distinguishable enough sound effect to wake you up and alt tab again back into the game. If possible I would like to get confirmation that this is not a feature but a bug. Thanks.
  8. Ever since the 1.0 release the game has been bugged for me, the main screen has normal colors and so does the map menu but everything else is green as seen in the screen shot, please help
  9. Basically as the title says, I was hiding in some yellow grass or barley or whatever it is, and I hear some shooting to my right. I pull out the VSS and scope in, and my screen turned brown and sort of wavy. I figured it was the grass blocking my scope at first, so I scooted left and zoomed back in. Brown wavy block showed up on my screen again, covering nearly the whole thing. I repeated this several times thinking the grass was blocking me over and over, when all of a sudden some shooting happens to my left. My friend who was spectating me said something akin to "holy shit he got rekt" and I was like "who did?" because my screen was brown. He told me the guy in the middle of my scope got shot while I was seeing brown and couldn't see the enemy whatsoever. This lead me to believe that only I was seeing the brown, which makes me think it's some sort of glitch. Is foliage rendering client-side? I play on very low settings for higher fps so I expected if anything I would be seeing equal or LESS foliage than him, but apparently there was a big brown square covering my screen repeatedly that nobody else could see through spectating? Is this an issue on my end, like some sort of hardware issue or something? Or was this a glitch on the game's end?
  10. I was about to play PUBG with my friends and everything looks good until i get into the match. I have some screenshot since i have no idea what is going on! I could walk around and hear shots/people and my friends could see me but my game was just totally bugged out.
  11. Hi im not sure if im in the right place but i keep having this problem some times and im not sure how.... sometimes when im playing midgame i pick up a weapon and then some black letters appear over my entire screen with the message "paint me with hud"? and block my view and they dont go even when the game is finished, i have to restart PUBG. I can only think of a hack but is weird because i would expect a hacker in the match and i dont see anything strange like 15 headshots or 20 straight kills from the same guy or anything. Maybe my game folder has that black letter somewhere? idk Have anyone else heard of this or had this problem?
  12. Whenever you tab out of the game and reconnect while in 4:3 aspect ratio you wont be able to access the entire UI starting from Character, which also makes refreshing the UI impossible
  13. My screen is stretched and it has really fucked up my game play. If i want to hit play i dont hover over play i have to hover next to it. The problem with this is i need to change my settings but since it is at the end of the screen i cant click it. if anyone knows the fix to this that would be great thanks.
  14. Date Seen:11/04/2017 Server: Live Server or Test Server Other Information: There is a problem on Main Screen when using super wide resolution Troubleshooting Attempted: All steps completed Launch Options: No launch options System Specifications:
  15. I opened up steam and clicked play on PUBG as i always do, nothing special. when it loads in it does the normal bluehole logo and other assorted loading stuff. but when i reaches the home screen it shows a browser of sorts. this has fundamentally stopped me from playing the game. there is no hud, and when i click to refresh ui in the top right. it loads the same 'browser'. Date Seen: This happened at about 18:00 cst on 7/12/17 Server: Regular old server. Troubleshooting attempted: i attempted to validate the files and steam said 'all files have been validated' loaded it up and it worked fine, when i came back later in the day the bug persisted. i tried validating again, but to no avail. I have no idea why this happened, but i did nothing out of the normal from the loading. I've also tried restarting my machine and just steam in general but nothing seems to work.
  16. Anyone seen this issue? I've tried deleting TEMP files in AppData and checked the cookies file. Noticed random websites getting added to the file. Deleted, but they re-populate. Any solutions?
  17. When I attempt to join a server the load screen will not go away. I can hear footsteps, guns, voices of the other players, I can move around and punch, but I can't see . I can even be put on the plane and be kicked out without seeing anything. Even if I get past the load screen some textures don't show up for another couple of minuets. I tried starting the game on the lowest graphics settings, but it actually seemed to make it worse. Whatever is causing this makes my computer lag so much that I have to force close the program, and even that takes a while.
  18. Brought the game yesterday, After first installation, booted up game and just stayed on menu screen but didn't allow me to create a character or play any games, just the three options in the top right. Did a little research and uninstalled, re-installed verified files and run as admin, game booted up, allowed me to create my player, played one game and now the menu screen is the same as before or it will load for a little then go to a black screen with all the copyright info on it and nothing I do will make it load, starting to think about just requesting a refund as its driving me insane, spent 4 hours trying to fix this last night, please if anyone has had the same id love to know if there is a solution. Also I have a housemate who brought the game yesterday and his works fine. Were both on PC and wired connection.
  19. When aiming and shooting at people or even being shot at whilst aiming my aim is then stuck going in one direction mainly upwards or to the right seems to noly happen when shooting or being shot at. The only way to temp fix is ctrl alt delete tab out then go back in but once u start shooting again it starts to move and stay moving in that one direction. PLEASE FIX!
  20. When I click the full screen option, it drops my game screen to half of the screen and does not give me an option to change the resolution. I want to use full screen for better performance, but I cannot seem to get it to actually fill my whole screen. Anyone have this problem or know a fix?
  21. The main menu works fine, but when I try to get into a game i get stuck in the black loading screen. I can still control things and hear the goings on, but i can't see anything. And sometimes when I do enter a game, all I see is what's in the image below. Specs: I5 2500( hope to upgrade to 6600K really soon); GTX 1050ti; 8 Gb of RAM; 40 Gb after installation on an HDD.
  22. I use my windows taskbar on the left side of my screen. If PUBG is in fullscreen mode, you tab out and tab back in, and the game is shifted to the side. to fix this you have change the resolution and then change it back to the original resolution. This same issues persists on borderless windowed mode. I am forced to play on windowed mode.
  23. Bonjour l'équipe ! J'ai acheté le jeu sur steam hier et depuis impossible d'y jouer, tout ce déroule normalement mais au moment ou je clique sur le serveur le nombre de joueur et que le systeme me trouve un matchmaking ben pouf plus rien je reste bloqué sur cet ecran de chargement sans pouvoir quitter ni rien faire. En revanche j'entend le bruit du lobby j'entend l'avion et quand je me fais parachuter bref... J'ai tenté plusieurs fois de réinstaller le jeu de mettre mes options graphiques en très faible mais rien de tout ca n'a fonctionné aidez moi s'il vous plait !
  24. Hi there, I just purchased the game via steam. I downloaded the game and created my character. However, when I join a game I am stuck on the screen I posted below. It doesn't change. I can hear the other players talking, running around, etc. Please help. Thank you. Below is the image of my loading screen that I am stuck on.
  25. chan0886

    Half screen

    Every time I start a match, this screen shows up. What should I do? I already have followed "Connection/Steam/Launch Issues: A Comprehensive Guide" What causes this problem? I want to know.
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