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Found 60 results

  1. Hi, the other day I was crawling in the high grass spying on enemies from an elevated spot. I could hardly see them through my scope with all the grass in the way when suddenly I got shot from behind. There were only 4 people left in the game and I was curious how I was spotted, so I checked the killcam. Turned out that the guy killed me from afar looking through his 4x scope which didnt display any vegetation at all, like I was crawling on a naked rock... this was quite annoying to say the least...after playing what? 30 minutes?... 30 minutes wasted! I came to ask if anyone else made a similar experience and of course I hope that this behavior will be fixed in the future Cheers
  2. Hallo Leute, ich brauch eure Hilfe ich komm nicht mehr weiter. Kann mir jemand sagen wie ich das ruckeln des scopes weg bringe? Hab schon etliche Sachen ausprobiert. Neueste Grafikkartentreiber, neue Maus, Beschleunigung von Maus ausgeschalten, niedrigste Grafiksettings, V-Sync an und aus, Pc neu augesetzt. Das Problem tritt meistens erst später in Game auf. Wenn ich das Scope runter nehme und erneut rauf gebe ist es manchmal wieder weg kommt jedoch nach kurzer Zeit wieder. Mein Setup: i7 8700k gtx 1080 Phoenix benq zowie xl2411 16GB Ram Bin für jeden Tip dankbar. 🙏 Video im Anhan CCE16BAD-EC0F-4D70-94C7-324855D29D95.MOV
  3. Date Seen:8/4/17 Server: Live Error Message: None Other Information: This bug started after they changed the appearance of the 2x scope. Troubleshooting Attempted: I equipped a 2x scope and shot at a target 75M away. The shots hit above the center dot. Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 x64 Graphics Card: GTX 970 CPU: Xeon X5690 Ram: 24GB DDR3
  4. Greetings, First of all, English is not my first language, so i will commit grammar mistakes. If i say something that doesn`t make sense, just tell me what part is not understandable and I will try to correct it right away. Secondly, I made this same post in general help because i don`t know where this issue fits better. My name is Yuri and I`m having some issues with in game gameplay. Anytime that i`m playing 1vs1 and i need to use a red dot or to use the right click zoom i lose the fight because the game freezes for around 1,5 seconds. This is making the game almost unplayable and i would like to see it solved on my game. I have already checked the game files. Any help is welcome. Best regards. PS: If someone knows a easy way to record it (without the necessity to be recording the game in full time) like Nvidia Shadow Play I can try to reproduce it.
  5. During pretty much all of my games some time in, red dot, 2x or my holographic sight bugs out and becomes very blurry. Once it happens it lasts for the entire game.. For the red dot even a red cross appears in the scope.. See pictures for examples. Does anyone have a temporary fix for this problem? I've tried changing pretty much all settings in the game which don't affect the issue.
  6. My problem is in the picture. Holo and 2x scope pixels. Red dot is like this. I verified the files. But it did not improve. This is how it came in 1.0 patch.
  7. So, all of the scopes when ADS'ing look very blurry, especially on the Red Dot, Holo,2x and Crossbow scope, on the 4x and the 8x it's not that noticeable, is there a fix for this? please, it's getting really annoying, any settings or resolution changes does not seem to help.The overall image seems to be kinda blurry compared to the previous build, and it worked just fine, while on the test servers, this happened
  8. Mini-14 Does not have the usual Sniper UI When scoping in with a 4x. it instead has the Old 4x Used for Assault Rifles While On the other hand the UMP With a 4X does Not Have the usual Assault/SMG Scope it instead has a Sniper 4X Zoom While i love the fact that the ump has a sniper 4x zoom i'd prefer that the Mini-14 gets the proper 4x Sniper zoom
  9. I have an issue since I have started to game. Scopes are not working. I tried rigth click, hold the right click any other things but scopes cannot be opened. It just take sight. When I clicked the button I hear sound of scope but only crosshair is smalling. I change to default values and tried it again but still is not working. Anyone who have a problem like this ?
  10. Cannot increase or decrease zeroing using any sight or scope, have not tried with Iron sights. I do plan to uninstall and reinstall the game soon but I do not believe this will fix the problem, I've asked all the friends I' play with and they are also experiencing this bug. I've been experiencing this on the Live Server since the 1.0 game update (I believe).
  11. was playing a match and the glass for only myself not my teammate was impossible to see through when scoping in with any rifle/optic. it was only this window and others were fine.
  12. I made this video that shows the issue About 10% of the time, I can change the zero distance with a scope attached. But 90% of the time, I get the behavior that you see in the video (unable to zero with a scope on)
  13. Servus ! Mein Problem ist ich kann meine Nullung bei holo,reddot,2*scope,4*scope nicht verstellen. Alle anderen funktioniert(VSS und co. Auch). Ich habe schon probiert: Alle Einstellungen reseten, Spiel neu installieren , Tasten neu belegen Vielen dank für eine Antwort LG toalbalp
  14. after 1.0 update my scopes are badly blurred and there is a big a** cross instead of dot when i use red dot (uploaded images) i try to change my nvdia setting and reset my launch config ( i used to use advance launcher) but it doesnt work. anyone know how to fix it? appriciated!!
  15. Unable to cycle weapons using mouse wheel when ads even though i have changed the 8x/15x zoom function and holo/red dot brightness to another key that is not scroll wheel. Scrolling the scrollwheel when ads produce no effect. Wondering is there a fix for this problem?
  16. My game crashed and when I reconnected all of my scopes were broken and they didn't work as they should. Bug that I was talking about.
  17. After 1.0 launch there is an issue with M16A4 not being able to work with 8x scope. Issue is persistent on both maps. All other weapons normally compatible with the 8x Scope will work (tested M416 and AKM). M16A4 still works with Red Dot, Holographic, 2x Aimpoint, and 4x ACOG. Have not gotten the 15x scope to see if the problem is affecting anything other than the 8x scope.
  18. I had a kar98 and even at 100 meters it would not connect with a 4x scope. I googled it to confirm and found a handful of YouTube videos of people with the same problem. Even with correct zeroing, the 4x scope seemed to only hit a few times with perfect aim. I was aiming directly at upper body and missing every shot in the magazine at 100-200 meters away
  19. DATE SEEN: 13th Dec 2017, 10:45 uk time When spectating a buddy 'firing using a scope', there is a lot of brutal horizontal movement making it unpleasant to watch. The instance where this happened was the buddy was using x8 scope.
  20. Have had this problem before but then suddenly it went away, now it is back again. While ingame switching to aim trough sight or scope ( right mouse button ) it doesnt do anything, i have to click 3 to 4 times to make it work, but moslty i'm already shot then ;(
  21. So I noticed that in the test server the shots don't land always land where you aim. This happened with M16 and 4x scope. Every other shot missed the standing target completely, the sight jumped way before the bullet left the barrel. My friend said something similar happened to him with M24 and 8x scope. The problem cannot be zeroing as you'll see from the video. Link to a video.
  22. Here's a clip of me repeatedly being able to see a guy in a breakable shed as I toggle my 4x. It doesn't happen every time but you can see on about a third of the zooms. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jcOx9q2wg4&feature=youtu.be And here's a screenshot. It's only for a few frames so it was hard to get a good one, but the person is quite distinct. https://gyazo.com/97cd0884e2bdaad720b3ecd24d7c43fa
  23. Bug Description: I noticed today with the SKS + 8X scope the gun was not swaying at all. It held perfectly still right down the middle without pressing "Hold Breath" or anything. Date Seen: 11/22/2017 11am central Server: This was on the test server. NA Solo FPP Troubleshooting Attempted: I tried the other scopes I had which were red dot and holo and they had sway to them. Other Information: N/A Launch Options: No System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: 1080GTX CPU: i7 6700K Ram: 16gigs ddr4
  24. Bug Description: I played with my mate on public server and after I died I used the map. I noticed, that after I zoomend in on the map, I can't move the map as fast as usual. The reason for this is I think, that he was using a 8x scope and this forced me to move the map slow. We played DUO FPP Date Seen: 22.11.2017 Server: PUBLIC Troubleshooting Attempted: No troubleshooting possible, after my mate left the scope, I opened up the map and it worked as usual
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