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Found 5 results

  1. While in fullscreen I have no mouse cursor, I can highlight and click on buttons but the cursor is invisible. I can see the cursor while in windowed-borderless mode but I cannot play the game in windowed mode because it forces the game to a 4k resolution that gives very low fps. I have tried compatibility mode, changing windows text scaling, changing DirectX versions, and all other methods I could find online but still nothing has solved this issue. please help!
  2. I found a fix for the issue here, but the game should already handle this for everyone who doesn't apply this fix: This is also probably the cause of a lot of people complaining about anti-aliasing when it's really the operating system's scaling working incorrectly with the game.
  3. First post, only tested on test servers so i do not know if it also applies to the live ones, but i was testing out some nvidia settings and only the top half of the screen is clickable making it impossible to loot a body if they have to little loot so that you cant scroll it to the top, as well as dropping stuff and equiping in the second weapong slot is difficult. (while im here, whats widescreen, see people saying they got it working with no cropping but no screenshots, a purposeful implementation like OW or have they just not gotten to it yet. Thanks)
  4. So i'm using an Asus r9 270x with a 32" wide screen tv. Previously I was playing in 1280 x 800 (bigger enemies). Suddenly any resolution I use besides my native (1920 x 1080) results in the image over scaling off the edges of my screen. I am able to play in fullscreen (windowed) but i'm not using a 2nd display and there is a bit of FPS drop. I'm concerned because I went from 144 fps in the lobby (70's and 80's in game) to 102 fps in the lobby and (40's and 50's in game). That is a huge FPS drop. I'm hoping there is a fix for this. Currently all my drivers are up to date.
  5. I recently purchased a laptop with a 4K display. Naturally, Windows scales up the UI to 250% which I changed to 200%. When I start up PUBG and change my fullscreen resolution to 4K, the settings menu is drastically oversized and I cannot see the top or bottom of the UI for the settings. Meaning, the apply and ok buttons are not visible and outside of the monitor's view. When I alt-tab back to windows, set the display scaling to 100%, the settings menu in PUBG now looks normal after a program close and restart. Thank you, -G
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