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Found 8 results

  1. There is a video of me demonstrating this bug. I run full speed going diagonally and auto run but cannot go full speed when my analog stick is pointed completely straight. I ran manually, then diagonally, then auto run, then back to manual. You should be able to tell a difference
  2. Every 5-8 steps on each map with ping of 60-70, i getting stopped by something, this is very annoying, because in open field while somebody shooting you, you dont have covers and cant really escape! Halp meeee
  3. First time posting so sorry if I mess up. I noticed this bug while playing before Miramar was on the test server. While running I noticed that I can't switch weapon. It really came to my attention when I was running in-game and an enemy appeared in front of me. My natural instinct was to switch to my weapon but I noticed that there was a noticeable amount of input lag. I had to come to a complete stop in order for me to switch from being unarmed to a gun. This applies to any gun. I would hope that this would be fixed by now but this bug is present again in the most recent test server update. Hopefully, this gets the attention it deserves in order to get it fixed. Date Seen: 11/22/17 Server: Test Server Error Message: N/A Other Information: I'm using a Logitech 502 mouse with binds set to the mouse for weapon switching as well as other binds. Troubleshooting Attempted: Attempted to bind to keyboard instead of mouse and problem still persists. Launch Options: N/A System Specifications:
  4. Please, please, please fix this issue. The issue is whenever I am running or walking with lots of movement I teleport about a doors length, and in the period of time it happens about 20 times. Why this is an issue is because when I try to enter a house I teleport past the door and I take a while to enter it. Also when I am fighting I will move left and right to avoid bullets, but I cant aim while moving because I lag so much it brings me back and forth. I know this is not my lag because we have paid a lot of money for upgraded WiFi and I still have this problem. I have not seen my friends having this problem, but I do. My username is 'ethanphillip' if you need that for some reason.
  5. Found this bug while playing a classic game in squad, fog weather. I was going for a boat in the area between Ridge Complex and the left bridge when suddenly my character started running in the water while being able to shoot and aim with ironsight. This happened sporadically and for brief periods of time, but the time was enough to aim down to an enemy and kill him. I encountered this bug only in the fog weather. Hope this can help.
  6. Hello, I started running after shooting and holding my breath. But the draining of my stamina continued so I couldnt run and died. I'm sure this must be a bug. I attach a video link of the situation. It starts at 15 seconds.
  7. Heya all, Since we are now able to rebind "Hold Breath" and I'm used to it, i bound "Sprint" and "Hold Breath" to capslock and "crouch" to LShift. If i run now, holding down capslock I can't use freelook anymore. I press alt (which is the right key) and simply nothing happens. If i move my mosue around the character just follows it as if not holding down Alt. Another hint: After I changed "Sprint" to capslock when i try to change "Hold Breath" to capslock as well, the game tells me that this key is already in use. I can, however, just click "OK" very fast after pressing capslock to bind it and then it's bound to "Hold Breath" as well as to "Sprint": This warning message does not appear when rebinding both to LShift (which i find pretty weird, what's the difference between LShift and Capslock?).
  8. sargent383

    Sprinting Bug

    There is occasionally an issue where pressing the "sprint" button does not initiate a sprint while moving. No matter how much you click it, it wont allow your character to sprint. To fix it you have to come to a complete standing stop, which is not always the best option in a gunfight in the open.
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