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Found 8 results

  1. I was going for the airdrop and it dropped it on the roof! Important to know, this happened NorthWest to Los Leones in Miramar. I even tried to jump with the motorcicle on the hill that was too rocky, but I didn't manage to get to the roof. This is nonsense, please make sure this never happens again to me!!! It happend on Wednesday January the Third, 2018. My friend was watching and laughed at me for this
  2. Bug Description: While as a passenger, and possibly driving a Dacia, the afro, and possibly other hairstyles, clip through the roof. Unknown if this is just a cosmetic issue or if your hitbox extends through the roof as well. Seen on: 11/8/17 at 1:00 AM EST Non Test Server No troubleshooting attempted No launch options or INI files changed
  3. Date Seen: 28-08-2017 Server: EU Error Message: N/A Other Information: On Request Troubleshooting Attempted: 3. Once in the plaine go or deploy to the Water Town area 4. Proceed to the buiding by landing on the roof or climb the tree to reach on the roof of the building, location of the building may be found on the screenshot attached(see minimap). Notice all items are floating regardless of the position of the player. Repro rate: 3 times out of 3. Launch Options: 1. Run the game via Steam on build 2. Once in game set all graphic settings from Quality to medium and proceed to the game play System Specifications: Below
  4. I have discovered a bug. Snap into the roof!
  5. So i'm here to share my 2 cents to this game. I'm not sure if this has been reported, I checked the reported section and I think it is a very unique bug, cause you don't really get on the location I have been without applying some tricks. --- Bug Description: Stuck on top of a UAZ after jumping on top of it (from a window). Good notice might also be, covered UAZ act like uncovered UAZ (double bug?) See added picture please. I've been able to test this several times by crouch-jumping on top of the UAZ vehicle and it happend again. First of you will fall through the roof of a covered UAZ. On the front side (Driver) you'll float. On the back I was able to jump out just fine. Seems like the bug itself is a UAZ you can fall through, but the floating will persist in an uncovered UAZ, this is why I mention both. Oh and yes the obvious "Press F" option, didn't work at this time. Date Seen: August 1st 2017 Server: Main or Live server. - I only tried getting out which was very frustrating (crouch + jump + prone + jump + etc.). It eventually worked though. Other Information: Created this forum account for this bug . I believe one will not experience this so much. Low priority. Launch Options: None System Specifications: Attached in pictures (the onboard Intel set was on Display 1, but I use the external card so I added another picture from dxdiag)
  6. We were looking for a airplanedrop and it landed on the roof of the house, there was also no access to it
  7. In these hangar-like houses you can see through stairs if you're beneath them In houses with 1 room and tv on stand, you can climb on TV and see through roof... also, there's HUGE WINDOWS in BATHROOM in these houses. Pervertly normal
  8. Hello I found 2 bugs. I will add the photos, so you see where it is. The first one is in those houses. When you go to the top of the shelf, you can see through the roof. The second one is in those little ponds. You can lay down there, without losing your breath and you can't be seen. You can aim and shoot when you're in there. Cheers, minimufti
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