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Found 16 results

  1. Am I right in saying that if you reached the top survivor level in season 1, you only get the parachute skin as a reward, but none of the lower tier rewards?
  2. Вообщем при попытке получить рандомный ящик в магазине, мне выдает ошибку "получение предмета задерживается" и это уже напротяжении целого месяца. Как исправить это? PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS 2018.09.07 -
  3. How to solve this? I installed the game for the first time 4hs before launch.
  4. Date Seen: 12/12/2017 Description: The rewards from the test server are not shown in steam inventory. You can see in the images that I have two "Survivor crates", but no one in the inventory (I didn't sell them or something). Is this a bug ? I don't care about them, I just want to know. Server: Test server Photo:
  5. Hi, Does anyone know what to do when we dont receive our rewards? The solo chicken dinner attached was my 3rd one and its not updated. Also I didnt get the BP for winning the game. The previous 2 solo wins attached and now it says I have only 1 win. Any ideas how to get fix this? Its my bday and its not going well so far
  6. When changing appearance (3000 BP cost) i double clicked the button and it managed to double charge me costing me a total of 6000 BP instead of 3000 BP. This bug will actually put you into the negative for currency which you will then have to climb out of as the game does not correct its error. Screenshots show my account with the -2842 BP as i had 3158 BP before paying for the appearance change and the next screenshot is of a lower debt as i have been playing to climb out of the negative.
  7. Hi, Finished a game yesterday with a squad, first place and the message says I won 405 coins. Upon returning to the homepage, it didn't show up and just vanished. I joined it during the game because I got offline for like 10 seconds, might be a glitch.
  8. Bloggles

    Reward Crates

    Is it just my character, or are other people having issues with the reward packages? I purchase a couple, in hopes of saving enough to get the next level pack of clothing, yet next time i log in, the packages are back at the 700 level one, and i cant just get to the next crate. It seems to reset each time, yet i keep my clothes that i had, just cant get anymore. I have spent the reward points in a couple of cycles of packages, yet it resets each time. How can i fix this so i can actually get to the coats and such?
  9. R0CKET


    Hi All, Hoping someone can help me, I think I have no purchase the pioneer reward (first one available) about 10 times. I can save up some points then buy two in quick succession, however closing the game and restarting brings me back to the first pioneer reward which I have already bought... Is this a known bug or can anyone shed any light on what I am doing wrong. Many thanks ROCKET
  10. Bug Description: After uninstalling, .and reinstalling the game..there's a bug that resets your "first pioneer crate" back to the original pioneer points total, and you get to keep all the other loot you have gotten already. Date Seen: 4/17/17 Troubleshooting Attempted: None Other Information: None Launch Options: Have you changed any launch / command line options for the game? If so, which ones are you using?. None System Specifications:
  11. 1~22 sec -buy the 3box (I definitely bought three boxes.) 23~35sec -open the rewards box (There was only one box for me.) -The box did not open and items did not come out. -The system is said to have failed 35~1m45sec -Reconnect Turn the game off Refresh button in upper right corner It is useless to do it. .1m45~55sec-The system should say no money. But the system says it failed. 1m55~(black video) my miss Please solve it quickly 배틀그라운드 상자버그.mp4
  12. The other day when there was issues with rewards crates and players werent able to get them, I got frustrated and attempted to click a bunch . . . . . like an idiot (sorry). I got my first crate at 700 once you fixed it, however the button tracked my clicks and am now at my 95th crate for 7000. Im not sure if you can check my account to verify I only recieved 1 crate? Or if you could reset me back to my second crate or anything? Sorry for being that guy and attempting to click more to try and make it work. I figured the clicks werent still being tracked and counted. No big deal if not, its not worth a rage quit over! God
  13. I have gotten my first 2 crates. When I go to try to obtain my 3rd one, the game asks me to pay for my 22nd. 22! I do not pocess the 7000 points it requires so cannot see if it will even let me get it. I do not know how to proceed. I tried resetting my game, multiple times, to no avail. I've played multiple rounds and my points continue to build, but nothing changes on the reward sreen.
  14. A few days ago the battlepoints system was bugged. After the fix, I was and still am bugged. I'm suppose to be on my 3rd crate, which should be 2800 points I think, but it says i'm on my 69th crate... Anyone know what I could do? I want to open crates too T_T
  15. I have 4820 coins/points (whatever they are officially named). 1st Pioneer Crate costs 700 to receive. When I click receive, nothing happens. Restarting game/Steam did not fix. If more information would be helpful, I can provide what is asked for!
  16. So I had 1,700 currency and wanted to buy my 3rd Pioneer Box for 1,400. Every time I clicked purchase it wouldn't do anything, eventually I got frustrated and just spam clicked it for about 10 seconds, but nothing happened. I played another round of solo and once I finished I went to the rewards tab to try to buy it again, only this time it said "#46 Pioneer Box" and it was listed for 7,000. I'm pretty sure the client thinks I've purchased 45 Pioneer Boxes.
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