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Found 1 result

  1. For anyone interested who is struggling to improve their aim, recoil control, gunfight success rate, etc. with a controller. I have always been a tv gamer until this awesome game came to our Xbox a year ago. I was given a 1080p 21 inch dell monitor and I decided to change up my setup since I was beginning to log more hours gaming because of pubg. So I began using a monitor to play with sitting closer to screen etc. I felt pretty good overall but still struggled like a lot of us and blamed it mostly on low framerate and funny sensitivities and junk. Come to find out that monitor had a 7ms response time. I just recently got fed up with it and talked myself into an Asus eyecare brand monitor. Hoping it would relieve eye strain and headaches I get occasionally from long sessions of pubg. I didnt need the 144hz ones because consoles are limited to 60fps so I picked up a 75hz and was intrigued by the 1ms response time feature. Ive always been well aware of input lag and response time during my gaming life but once I made the switch this week to 1ms I wasn’t prepared for how drastic the improvement was right away. I found myself winning more close encounters and gunfights at medium to long range than I ever did before. I thought well maybe it’s the better frames on test server Vikendi on resolution mode. Then switched back to live server and was amazed the improvement was still there. I’m loving the 1ms response time. It’s incredible. I’m still not a great player but I feel I’m able to compete more in aggressive situations. Track targets better single shot or spray. I’m just amazed all around what a difference response time makes. I also plug my elite controller into the Xbox 1 x hoping to eliminate any wireless input lag. Whether that helps or not I’m unsure. Anyone struggling like I was check out your response time. Because I believe it truly makes a difference. The monitor I purchased is a vp247qg. But I’m sure anything with 1ms response will react this same way. Anyways I hope this information might help someone who has been struggling to improve despite putting in massive amounts of playtime like myself.