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Found 24 results

  1. Date Seen: Since game was launched Server: Live and test server, both. Error Message: Other Information:(Any relevant information that you think would be useful to help us track down the cause of the bug) Troubleshooting Attempted: I tried to change every resolucion, scaled and everything in nvidia setting but isn't client problem Launch Options: nothing System Specifications: First screen it's my view on my monitor Second screen it's my teammate watching me in the game You can watch the extremely zoom i have while playing on 5:4 resolution that thing make this game unplayable :(. Please i hope this issue can be fix as early as you can. THANKS
  2. I found a fix for the issue here, but the game should already handle this for everyone who doesn't apply this fix: This is also probably the cause of a lot of people complaining about anti-aliasing when it's really the operating system's scaling working incorrectly with the game.
  3. Hi, For some reason when I set my resolution to 1920x1080, everything look really really sharp, it feels like its running on 4k or something, but when I switch to 3840x2160 everything became normal. not too sharp but i take huge fps hit.
  4. I have an i7 processor, GTX 1060 and 16 gigs of ram. I am currently pulling max 5 frames and my resolution is stuck at 1280x800. It was running at around 120 fps before the update but now it's unplayable. Not happy.
  5. 4:3 resolutions are dont working since 1.0 update 1600x1200/ 1400x1050 etc...
  6. Have a soapy aim With the update of the game to 1.0, I had a problem. Holographic, red and x2 sights became soapy and ladders. What you need to do to restore the sights. The settings are minimal without blurring. The resolution is 1366x768. On ultra settings, the sights are the same. The video card amd HD 7750 2GB. I seee that this have a more players . If i play with 70% scale 3-4 min i will have with 100% scale good aim on 3-4 min. Can you fix it now with edit models for resolution. Get update with 5 MB , cant paly with others players!!!=( ScreenShots Holographic Red Sorry behind bad English.
  7. Доброго времени суток. Случилась такая ситуация. С релизом игры невозможно стало изменить разрешение екрана в оконном режиме. В файле найстроек(GameUserSetting.ini) раньше выставлял 940 x 529. Сейчас это невозможно сделать... бросает на стандартное... а на стандартном у меня малое количество фпс, и игра превращается в неиграбельную, так как у меня не самый сильный пк. Как вернуть возможность устанавливать не стандартные разрешения, для слабеньких пк? спасибо.
  8. stats are basically irrelevant, but I have an i5, ddr5 ram(8g), the problem seems to be the game not liking my Radeon rx 480 I played test server pre-Miramar and it was fine... better than fine, like... I went from live server very low all settings to test server on all high. Then miramar update. All the sudden my resolution is locked in at 1280x720. It's the only thing in the drop down menu for fullscreen or window. Before the canned responses I have tried the following: deleting/replacing/editing the .ini files. Doesn't work, the game still boots into this res even if I manually enter 1920x1080(native monitor) into the .ini and set it as read-only clean install of drivers/AMD software(including replacing C++ redist, beta drivers and old reliable drivers) Uninstall/Reinstall PUBG Different monitors This is ridiculous, no one official forum, steam forum, or reddit has an answer.
  9. So i'm using an Asus r9 270x with a 32" wide screen tv. Previously I was playing in 1280 x 800 (bigger enemies). Suddenly any resolution I use besides my native (1920 x 1080) results in the image over scaling off the edges of my screen. I am able to play in fullscreen (windowed) but i'm not using a 2nd display and there is a bit of FPS drop. I'm concerned because I went from 144 fps in the lobby (70's and 80's in game) to 102 fps in the lobby and (40's and 50's in game). That is a huge FPS drop. I'm hoping there is a fix for this. Currently all my drivers are up to date.
  10. I recently purchased a laptop with a 4K display. Naturally, Windows scales up the UI to 250% which I changed to 200%. When I start up PUBG and change my fullscreen resolution to 4K, the settings menu is drastically oversized and I cannot see the top or bottom of the UI for the settings. Meaning, the apply and ok buttons are not visible and outside of the monitor's view. When I alt-tab back to windows, set the display scaling to 100%, the settings menu in PUBG now looks normal after a program close and restart. Thank you, -G
  11. Whenever I try and change resolution in fullscreen the box is blank and whenever I click it, nothing happens. This makes the game unplayable for me as my pc can't handle it at it's default 1080p as I can't change it, urgent help needed please. Also, whenever I click "Apply" after selecting fullscreen, the game goes to fit just over a quarter of my screen without borderlines like windowed mode. Also, urgent help needed for that too. I've been searching all over Steam discussions and YouTube but I've found nothing.
  12. Date Seen:11/04/2017 Server: Live Server or Test Server Other Information: There is a problem on Main Screen when using super wide resolution Troubleshooting Attempted: All steps completed Launch Options: No launch options System Specifications:
  13. ok so i loaded up the game for the first time but the set resoluation or what ever is messed up. I cant even properly click on anything to reset it. My mouse has to be like, a foot away from the actual button before i can click on that place in question. Is there a way to hard-reset this? I cant go to setting because i literally cant click on it. I should note with some wierd mouse placements in an actual game i can acess the resolution/system area but I can not click on anything to apply/reset. Im kind of upset I bought the game if i cant even play it.
  14. for some reason when I launch battlegrounds my game is in 4:3 when I have a 16:9 monitor. All the resolutions are 4:3 in video settings. My desired resolution is 1280 - 720, and I've tried changing it in the .ini files and it was no good. The game just loading fullscreen windowed in some 4:3 resolution. If I change my mode to fullscreen, and change the resolutions at all my screen will only cover 2/3 of the monitor and will become zoomed in and enlarged in the menu. I NEED A FIX, MY GAME DOESNT WORK IN 4:3 PLEASE HELP!!!
  15. Guys really i need 1280x1024 in this game... When i set it UI is very badly composed i cant see weapon slots and anything... I have new monitor with native resolution 1680x1050 but all games that i play they are running on 1280x1024... why? Because i cant hit a shit on others i try 1600x900 1440xidk ... but they dont work for me. So now you litteraly want to make me choose kills or guns modification... please fix UI this game is good and i like to play it but without UI and my resolution its just not going to work like this.
  16. Suddenly, after 120+ hours of near perfect play, I performed today's update, put down PUBG for just a few hours, changed literally NOTHING on my PC, and when I started it back up, my taskbar and start menu were there, on top of the game. No matter what resolution I try, now matter what window mode I try, they will not disappear. This is a completely new issue for me, and I have not yet been able to figure out a way to make the taskbar be overridden by the game since the issue began earlier. I see that other people have had this issue as well. Has anyone found a solution for it yet?
  17. --- Bug Description: Mouse can not be moved outside of the top left area after alt-tabbing in any res higher than native. I tested all resolutions above native and all have same problem. Screen below: Date Seen: 11.05.17 Server: Public common early access server Troubleshooting Attempted: Tried changing resolutions above native - all have same problem. Tried run game in directx 11 and 10 - same thing, -sm4 launch options doesn't affect this bug either. Bug still persists will completely blank/clean steam launch options Other Information: With every resolution restricted cursor area is different in size - proportionally to how big of percantage your native res is to the set one. In other words when you set 4k - restricted cursor area is exactly 1/2 because 4k is exactly doubled of your native. And if set to something like 2500x1500 restricted area will get bigger because native res would be bigger in realation to new res. Launch Options: -malloc=system -sm4 -d3d10 -maxMem=12000 Bug still happens without them System Specifications: Operating System: win 7 64 bit SP1 Graphics Card: gtx 1070 CPU: i5 4690k Ram: 16 gb ddr3 *On a side note - what's up with mouse sensivity when you open an inventory? In 4k ingame aiming sens is so drastically different compred to inventory sens, i hope you don't expect players to switch dpi between 800 and 1600 just for invenory navigation, because as it is right now, it's the only workable way to solve slow sens in inventory at 4k
  18. I am unsure if this is from my end or if the game just looks bad in this resolution. I have compared Ultra settings on my resolution (1360x768) and compared my graphics to online videos which are using 1080p The image with the timebar is showing 1080p on all ultra settings, and the image in the waiting lobby is 1360x768 on all ultra. I obviously do not expect the exact same visuals as I am on lower res but I feel like on my side it looks alot worse then it should judging by the video. I am only concerned about this because Rust and other games look fine in this resolution. Video used - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBU0hTxcbNs It could just be because it is in very early access and I may sound like I only care about graphics but I genuinly just want the game to look good and be able to play to win as this is for sure making me play worse.
  19. Fullscreen: Uses SLI, runs without lag. The existing problem is that the menu's are almost not usable. All menus, being inventory, startup menu, everything. The mouse is way off the icons, ex: to exit the game, I need to click 2 full buttons upwards, and 2 full buttons left on the screen. Borderless: Fails to use SLI, providing lag on one GPU. Ironically, all the menu's work in borderless mode. Specs: Intel I7-4710MQ GTX970M in SLI Any solutions or fixes appreciated, Thanks
  20. I have a 16:10 display but I want to play in 16:9. So I changed the resolution to 1080p. The next time I started the game I had to change it again. It goes back to 1200p every time I restart the game. Also the menus in 16:10 mode are stretched out, I imagine the game is as well but I never tried it. As it is, this is a minor inconvenience but a nagging one nonetheless.
  21. So I've been playing recently, but suddenly my game has been playing at 30FPS max and on average it plays at 7 or 8 FPS. I cant do anything to optimize it. I have a GTX 1070 with an OC'd i7 6700k @ 4.4GHz. 90% of the time i cant play. 10% is when i restart the game. Please help
  22. When I click the full screen option, it drops my game screen to half of the screen and does not give me an option to change the resolution. I want to use full screen for better performance, but I cannot seem to get it to actually fill my whole screen. Anyone have this problem or know a fix?
  23. when playing the game on fullscreen the mouse move click is in wrong position always, but only with full screen. Example when i try to click the attachment on the gun or place mark point on the map it's always move to the left of my mouse about 50~100 pixels or so
  24. after i up my resolution in game none of the settings menu buttons work.
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