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Found 14 results

  1. I love the game, as you can see from the amount I've played. I wrote down some of the issues I think would be most beneficial to fix quickly. PRIORITY #1 Looting with the "Interact" button is fundamentally broken If you aim at an item and hit the Interact-key, you will attempt to pick it up. If you only do it once and then wait, you will pick the item up no matter how much you lag. But if you keep hitting the key, the pickup "event" is restarted and the previous one is aborted. The more you lag the more likely this is to happen. It means that if you keep hitting the key fast enough, you will never pick the item up. I have seen beginner players get extremely frustrated because of this and obviously it has caused me issues as well. Hold to ADS isn't truly "hold" If you are holding the ADS button and the ADS is disabled for some reason, for example you fall for a very short distance, it won't be re-enabled unless you let go of the key and press it down again. Or if you're reloading and you want to ADS as soon as the reload is done, you can't press down the key WHILE you're reloading, because it won't work. You have to wait until the reload is done and ADS is "possible". Then you can press the key and it works. Right now it's more like "press down to enable and let go to disable". For reference, "walk" is like I would prefer HOLD TO ADS to behave. As long as you're holding the key, you will always walk unless you let go, it won't be disabled by anything. Sure, it can be turned off if you fall or whatever, as it should. But when possible, the character should re-enable ADS if the key is still held. This same issue exists for hold to lean as well. You can't lean while reloading either, and you can only press lean after reload is finished, otherwise the key press is ignored.
  2. Got knocked out by a M416 while reloading a Win94 on the new map, I had 6 in the chamber at the time. When i knocked, all i could hear is the reloading sound. over and over again while bleeding out.
  3. I found a small bug in-game. While reloading, at the very end of the reload just before the ammo gets in the clip, if you put an extended mag on it you will get the full 40 ammo. I have tried it out multiple times on the assault rifles. It is pretty simple to so and very unrealistic, the reload should cancel but it doesn't. ~TSUYAA
  4. Hey, i found a bug regarding the reloading mechanism. This especially regards the S686 Shotgun. Using the bug it is possible to shoot 3 shots within a short duration of time. Short Video All you have to do are the following steps: 1) Shoot 1 shot with the shotgun so 1 round is left 2) start reloading 3) wait for the animmation to finish 4) shoot after animation finish (here the left shot will be used should be set to zero or only reload amount of fired rounds requires change of animation) 5) shortly after the shot the reloading method is completed 6) you now have 2 shots left which you can shoot right away
  5. hello,dev's. about two months I encounter an annoying problem with the reloading of weapons. when changing the position of the body, recharging is canceled at long repetition it is possible to strew a truck with arms clips that the member of a command can not repeat, for example. do you have a similar bug? what additional information do you need? ps sorry for bad engurish. pss where version for linux systems?
  6. If you Reload with a Weapon in my case it was the AKM and wait until the Reload is almost complete i was able to fire a few shots before the Magazin actually got refreshed. So i was able to shoot 3-4 Bullets then the Reload happend my mag was full Again and i could just keep shooting. Also just managed to do it with ump just now, not sure if its due to server laaag though. not always possible.
  7. Everytime I am reloading a gun whether I stand, crouch, or lay prone my reload is cancelled. I thought they changed this in the previous patch but I guess not? any suggestions?
  8. I have encountered a bug that if you are reloading while ammo remains in your clip and press the LMB at the right time you can begin to shoot that surplus ammo (I've found with the P18C in the lobby I can leave around 6 bullets in the clip before reloading and still use this ammo during reloading). While you're emptying the ammo you left in your clip after the reload ticks then your ammo will be replenished and you can continue shooting. I.e: With a P18C you might empty your full clip to around 5 bullets and then start reloading, begin holding the LMB at the right time, empty the 5 bullets, then your clip refills to 17 automatically and you can continue shooting (Kinda like you had 22 bullets in your clip). I mean I never got to use this in-game myself and I don't want anyone exploiting this on me so I decided to report it...
  9. if i'm proning and started to reload my gun , i can't stop the reload i can't crouch or stand up until the reload animation is finished which made me die tons of times ,same if i'm crouching or standing up in shorts words the bug is (You can't can't stop the reloading to change your state) , i think changing state should have higher piority just as opening doors
  10. Did a quick resaerch and didn´t find anything similar. If you reload a gun it is possibel to shoot 2 magazins without break, As Exampel SHOTGUN S686 If you Shoot the first bullet then start the reloading and spam mouse 1 , if the animation finished he shoot the last bullet before the couter resets to 2 and u can shoot another 2 bullets without pause. need some tries to get the timing right. if you need i will provide video proof later at the day. my experience with coding is not big but i think the problem is like that (simplified) n=1 Start reloading finisch reloading n=2 and it schould be something like n=1 Start reloading n=0 Finish reloading n=2 keep up with your work and make the game better i appreciate your work greetz STALLIN
  11. Date seen last time jul\19\2017 but it happens now and there by about 2 weeks I think. Server: SA official server in both Solo, Duo and Squad Ocasionally when reloaded the 1º shot instead of shotting something just iniciates the pump action (preparing for the next shot) but nothing actually comes out from the 1º shot, not evend sound, aside from the pump action; after that it shots normally. I've found it to occur sometimes just after finishing the reloading, reloading when you have not enough ammo (4 shots in inventory and the weapon was empty) and switching weapons/opening doors mid reloading. It's kind huge problem because with a shotgun is the first shot that counts most of the time, and annoucing your presence just to make sure itsn't glitched out is no better. First post, sorry for my english.
  12. Hey I just found a Bug in PUBG where you can Reload Infinite. When you Reload and throw out the Weapon of your inventory and switch to the primary weapon the reload animation will stay until you shoot. Hope you fix it soon.
  13. Hi, I would like to report couple of issues I have after the latest patch. 1. reloading bug youtube link here happened this morning - 2. Mine and couple of my friends game started crashing on the plane island while the countdown is counting down, all of us have experience this issue yesterday (not everyone at the same time but at the same evening) 3. I had 3 disconnections from the server in the past 24 hours, and they happen when there is about 15-20 ppl left in the match and all of us a heading for the circle. I have my last match recorded if proof needed, just need to upload it as its a big fie
  14. Several times when I pick up a pump action shotgun and go to load it for the first time the animation will start for reloading and no shells will actually be added. You also cannot attempt to reload again until you switch weapons or animation cancel.
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