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Found 31 results

  1. Oyun ciktiktan 1 hafta sonra botlar serverlerden kalkmisti ve gercekten oyun steam pubg zevkini veriyordu , fakat son 2-3 gundur farkettik ki bot sayisi oldukca artmis 100 kisiden 50si bot ve gercekten oyunun zevki gitmis durumda , lutfen botlari oyundan kaldirin . PUBG BOTLARLA OYNANILACAK BI OYUN DEGIL ! Ayrica silah reloadlama hizinin artmasi gerekiyo !
  2. Unfortunately do not have video for this. Spec: 8700k 1080 16gb ram win10 64 bit fall creators update I was playing last night and had an m16 ext mag with 35 bullets. I was downed by another player and my teammate came over to revive me. After getting up and healing, I tried to reload the gun. The animation played but the bullet counter stayed at 35. I tried going to my secondary gun and switching back, reloading and the issue still existed. To fix this, I ended up shooting a bullet into the ground and then the reload worked back to 40 bullets. Anyone else experience this?
  3. <iframe src="https://clips.twitch.tv/embed?clip=StrongPrettiestJuicePicoMause&autoplay=false&tt_medium=clips_embed" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen="true"></iframe> I've seen this streamer reloading while he's knocked. If you have some trouble for see the video: https://clips.twitch.tv/StrongPrettiestJuicePicoMause
  4. I dont know if anyone has reported this bug but if you Drop the S1897 during mid reload, your character will not stop doing the reload motion (the sound too). even if you pick up a different gun your character will not stop. the only way was for me to leave the game. I dont know if the bug only occurs to that one gun or not.
  5. if im reloading and then i change from standing to crouching my reload cancels. It happens no matter from which position im going from and to. When i jump if doesnt cancels the reload Any help?!
  6. if i'm proning and started to reload my gun , i can't stop the reload i can't crouch or stand up until the reload animation is finished which made me die tons of times ,same if i'm crouching or standing up in shorts words the bug is (You can't can't stop the reloading to change your state) , i think changing state should have higher piority just as opening doors
  7. Starting to reload the revolver, then dropping the revolver, will result in the character unstopably reloading whatever other weapon you pull out. The reload animation is the revolver one, with the thumb. It is only stopable if you pick up the revolver again and reload it. Still very clunky and obscure bug, figured I would share.
  8. Bug Description: When prone and reloading (with the pump shotgun in my case) you cannot move at all. No way I can find to cancel the reload action. Date Seen: Sept 6 2017 Server: Normal third person server Troubleshooting Attempted: I didn't try but perhaps switching to another weapon would help or standing up. I didn't have a chance to try anything before I got killed and I had just landed so I didn't have any other weapons. Other Information: None Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 1070 CPU: FX-9590 Ram: 16GB
  9. I have been able to consistently get the S1897 shotgun to stop it's reload animation and audio. After the first round is inserted hit the reload button again the round will be chambered and the gun will continue to load the rest of the rounds automatically with no audio or animation. You are able to shoot at any time after the first round is chambered.
  10. Instead of blocking the player from going prone while reloading, cancel the reloading and go prone. Died several times to this.
  11. so me and my friend were playing and when i found a pistol a went to reload and sprint and it created this bug that i think is reall cool and would make for a great new pistol although i dont know what you would call it. it looks a bit liek the photos i added thats the bug my friend could see the bug from his point of view aswell so i thought hey why dont we see if we could get them to add this so theres your idea and thank you for reading.
  12. Whilst still in the reloading animation loop for a pump action shotgun, if the user picks up an AR, the new weapon will become stuck in the shotgun reload loop. Fixed by picking up AR ammo and swapping weapons. Haven't tried to see if this is specific to this weapon combination or any time a weapon swap is performed during an active reload.
  13. Yesterday, 8-2-17 on the new NA FP test server, the very first gun I picked up was an M4. My hands came up as if holding a gun but there was nothing in them. I saw the gun icon on the bottom of the screen it said 0 because I hadn't reloaded. I tried pressing reload to see if the gun would appear. Nothing happened. I pressed X to put my gun away and my empty hands went down and then presto, I pressed X again and my hands came up with a gun in them. Victory! This could be a very game changing bug early game when everyone's trying to loot fast for kills. Specs: 1060 AMD Ryzen 5 1500x 8gb RAM
  14. i got bullets and micro uzi ,i pressed R to reload frequently but its was reloading.Than i have to restart the game.
  15. Noticed while playing that if you reload your revolver then cancel by, in this case, opening a door, the reload animation will continue on the revolver. The bullet wheel will keep spinning and bullet shells will keep popping out, player models doesnt do anything though. This is also observable from third person. Nothing game breaking but kinda fun to mess around with, hope it gets fixed in the future.
  16. You can shoot a Sniper Rifle(M24, AWP) without the actual need of reloading it. By pressing RealoadKey(r) after you take a shot the capacity of the magazin will be full. I made a video to exactly show it. Steps: Shoot after shoot spam R No need to reaload what so ever Found that glitch myself and did not tell anybody about it. Should be fixed i think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXu3uuboxvc
  17. If you reload a gun and get downed while reloading without finishing the animation, you will be able to finish reloading while you are downed. It can be really effective if you have guns that take forever to reload like the M249.
  18. KASP

    Reload bug

    Hello, Since the new update I have problems with reloading weapons. Mostly it works as it should, but sometimes I get the reload animation but the weapon is still empty after it. Europe server. (non test)
  19. Deadlee6

    Kar reload bug

    Bug Description: Reloading a Kar while not having enough bullets for a full clip will result me being in a reloading animation for ever unless I change weapon but then you see the bullet animation get put in to the chamber every time. Date Seen: 09/07/2017 Server: EU (Not test server) Troubleshooting Attempted: The gun goes back to normal after you shoot a bullet. But keeps the bullet animation putting into chamber. Other Information: N/A Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: Motherboard: Gigabyte Intel Z170X Gaming 7 CPU: Intel Core i7 6700K GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 G1 GAMING RAM: Corsair DDR4 16GB Vengeance OS: Windows Video:
  20. So the pump action shotgun (S1897) when reloading will play the sound of inserting the shell into the gun a total of 6 times when the gun only holds 5. This happens pretty much all the time but can easily be replicated by reloading 1 shell then performing an action to cancel and continuing the reload. Counting the audio cues for the shells there will be 1 more extra shell that is inserted but non existent. If this is a placeholder for "pumping" can it just be removed, it only adds to confusion.
  21. Hello, I was reloading an m249 while prone: Couldn't stop the reload, couldn't move, frozen in place helpless. I have the bug recorded, here is the link. https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=3eg016Ef9cw&feature=share
  22. KrUmeNⓇ

    Reload bug

    had problems whit reload, did a reload whit a new gun and when it was finished it had no bullets in it
  23. So currently, there is a reload bug in PUBG where you reload more bullets than you started reloading with initially when you pick more ammo up in the process of reloading. Since my english isn´t top notch and it might be hard to understand I´m gonna give an example: You have a tommy gun but only 50 .45 ACP ammo in your inventory. You press r to reload now and it starts reloading. If you go ahead now and pick up 50 more .45 ACP ammo you will reload the Tommy Gun with 100 rounds. Video example: https://gfycat.com/DependentIncredibleBlackmamba
  24. My reload is on the default "R" key. In the following 2 clips, I do NOT press the reload key at any point. https://streamable.com/sc3n3 https://streamable.com/97gz7 This one, I only pressed R for the final reload. The 3rd reload I let go of my keyboard and carefully pressed Shoot (LMB), but still reloaded. https://streamable.com/wly01
  25. I had an odd experience happen that might be a bug that restricts the reloading of guns and the switching of guns with the number keys. It happened in a Squad match today but luckily I was streaming - Warning, Strong language! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/130702672?t=50m8s Actions Performed 1) AKM in primary slot 2) Pick up 9mm ammo 3) Pick up more 9mm ammo 4) Double click on UMP (on the ground) replacing the AKM 5) (Unsure of method) Equiped AKM from ground again replacing UMP AKM now has 0 bullets In the video you will also note that I wanted to get the QuickDraw Mag (SMG) off of my Micro UZI so I did a gun swap there too. None of the number keys worked afterward too. I could only switch guns with mouse-wheel. In the video you can see some of the things we tried. 1) Dropping the guns and picking them back up. 2) Having a teammate pick up a dropped gun and reload it, then drop it back, and me pick it back up. It did somehow correct itself, but I have no idea how. Can someone see if they can replicate this? Thanks, Cmndo
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