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Found 21 results

  1. First of all,when iam trying to scope with all X scopes except x2 scopes, (not with iron sights) game most of the times will suddenly crash and sometimes when this happens,my radeon settings may crash too (i have radeon rx480 8gb graphics card).As i've heard many of the users of rx480 graphics card have this issue (if not all) and i would really appreciate it,if you would take a look at this issue and find a fix since this issue makes game unplayable with scopes and players get a sad and dissapointing experience. In addition, there is another issue i have experienced (not as annoying as the first one i mentioned before) and many players independently the graphics card and the system in general as i have heard,experience this issue too.The issue is that when i reconnect to a game,my teammates will see me as an enemy,without a nametag and they will see me on top left of their map.Moreover if they im dead and they try to revive me they wont be able to do that since im appeared to them as an enemy. (This have happened to all the people i personally know after reconnecting).I look forward to hearing from you that you are trying to solve the problem and please your players by providing them the best game experience. Sincerely, A PUBG player
  2. Собственно играл себе, как ни в чем не бывало. Катка завершилось и пошли ошибки. Перезапустил лобби, сыграл еще одну и... все. "Сервера заняты и бла, бла, бла". А потом выдает вот такое чудо. Help Pls.
  3. Comprei o jogo de xbox e quando iniciei ele fala que nao fui autorizado e pede para reconectar na primeira pagina Alguem com esse problema conseguiu resolver?
  4. Bug Description: After the game crashed on loading and I reconnected, I was unable to eject from the plane with F. No amount of alt-tabbing or hitting escape made it work, so I was forced to be dropped with the AFK's and was doomed miles and miles away from my team. Date Seen: 12/12/2017, at 0.15 AM Server: EU main server Troubleshooting Attempted: Alt tabbing when in plane, hitting escape, checking the key-bind, rolling my face over the keyboard. Other Information: I was in the plane when I reconnected? Launch Options: None System Specifications: Windows 10 1070GTX Intel I5-2500K 8GB DRR3 Ram
  5. So basically, I just crashed when the game started. When I reconnected, my teammates didn't see me sitting in the plane but instead I was standing in the spawn for the rest of the game. This was on Miramar. I could see them however, aswell as their pinpoints. In game, I was just an enemy. You can see this in the screenshots. They could also not revive me after getting downed.
  6. After game crashed with no reason I relaunched it and reconnected. When I got in i had 0 kills on TAB (had 1 kill before the crash) but after the game ended i had 1 kill and points for it. At the same time when i reconnected the UI which shows how many bullets you have in the magazine and how many in backpack showed only bullets in magazine/gun (like it shows when you spectate some1), but it refresh back to normal when i reloaded the gun. Minor bugs which do not affect gameplay, but they r still bugs:)
  7. Bug Description: Game crashed during a game of Squad FPP while I was in the sidecar of a motorbike and my team were on the back. Reconnected to the game and I respawned in the sidecar however I could not exit the sidecar using the F option. I could still shoot as normal. We had to flip the sidecar so I would be forcibly ejected.
  8. Just finished a game where i got dced and had to recconect. Ended up winning and no BP has been awarded (even though the reward was around 1100 BP). Refreshed and restarted the game but still nothing...
  9. My team won and i got the #Team ranking 15/30 (i had a light cut-off and i reconnected 1 minute after that) I wonder if i get the rank #15 and my teammates #1, the team splits into two different ranks ? We created +1 team after the game started ?
  10. Bug Description: There's a bug that happens upon reconnecting to the game which makes some sounds very hard to hear and they appear distant when they are actually really close. The most important ones are gunshots and footsteps. This bug has 100% reproduction rate when you reconnect. Date Seen: Has been happening for at least 3 weeks, possibly ever since reconnect feature was added. Server: Live server Troubleshooting Attempted: Haven't tried anything to fix. Don't know what to do. Other Information: This happens to ALL my friend that reconnect and it has happened EVERY time when they reconnected. Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: Radeon R9 280x CPU: AMD FX-6300 Ram: 8 GB
  11. Well i died in a FPP squad, then my game crashed. My 2 mates were still alive though and i got a button saying "You are dead. Would you like to spectate your squad?" with the options to either spectate or cancel. The spectate button didn't work, it just disappeared for a few seconds then reappeared when i pressed it. When i spam clicked the "spectate" button it went into the loading screen, like i was entering the game, but the button reappeared even on the loading screen and kept loading for ever. The cancel button didn't work either.
  12. Собственно, после краша игры перезашел на сервер и все посторонние выстрелы стали слышни будто противник стреляет много дальше, чем он находится на самом деле. Видео, к сожалению, нет. Сервер НЕ тестовый, с багом столкнулся на момент написания темы.
  13. I was disconnected before get on the airplane because of game crush and then i reconnected but my teammates said i am still on the island but i did go with them and they cannot see my id and location and marker on map because of the Reconnect Bug i cap 2 screencap in this game, because one of my teammate go back to island (OMG) and killed me but when he killed me, i am still in game, but the game did noticed that i am killed by teammate so i asked my teammate to cap a screencap to make sure that that bug only happened to those reconnected ones' teammates. please check the picture below. this is form my view: my teammate' view:
  14. Bug Description: I died during a solo game and left the game. After leaving the game by clicking on the "Exit to lobby"-button next to the "Report"-button, I had the message popup saying that the match is still in progress and asking if I'd like to continue. I'm able to reconnect at that point, to look at my dead body again. Date Seen: 20 August 2017 Server: Live (v2.5.39) Troubleshooting Attempted: - Other Information: After finishing a duo or squad game you can get this message as well, but giving you the option to spectate your team members if I remember correctly. Next time that happens, I'll make a screenshot of the exact message and will add it. Launch Options: None (default) System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Home (64-bit) Graphics Card: MSI GeForce GTX 970 (drivers fully up-to-date) CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K @ 4.00 GHz Ram: 16GB dual-channel @ 1066MHz Screen resolution: 1920*1080
  15. Hey! My client crashed while I was in a car. When I reconnected I was still in the car but there was no way for me to get out of the car. The usual "F" sign was gone. My friend had to knock me for me to get out of the car. Video: https://plays.tv/s/LONZZ0qSO-Jv BR, fRAGGE
  16. While playing today on the AS servers in Squad FPP match I was disconnected while in the pre match island and I was able to reconnect before getting into the plane. Once we were in the plane my teammates said my name tag was still on the pre match island. We brushed it off and continued. We landed in Georgepol docks and had a firefight but as my name tag was still appearing at the island and even though we had desent communication I was shot by a team mate accidentally. My other 2 team mates attempted to reivive me but the action wasn't coming up for them. The game did reconise that it was friendly fire and their name tage were showing up for me correctly. I am running Windows 10 Home 64bit, Asus Strix Rog 1080ti, Intel core i7-7700k and 32GB Ram. I also have 3 displays but they are only extended desktop.
  17. Bug Description: My game crashed, which happens, but when I re-logged back into the game I got into the match when we were still in the plane. I kept trying to jump but it wouldn't let me until about a minute passed, which I assumed was load time, which is fine. But once I got on the ground I was in third person (All good) but my camera was unlocked on the vertical axis. Meaning I could turn and such with mouse, but looking up and down my camera wouldn't follow my "cursor". My character was looking up and down, but the camera wasn't moving with them. I basically ended up having to play in first person because of it. Please fix. Date Seen: August 3rd, 2017 Server: NA, non-test Troubleshooting Attempted: I had already reconnected once, didn't really want to leave game again... Other Information: I assume it's just a bug with reconnecting, but obviously I'm not sure Launch Options: No changes System Specifications: Screenshots Sorry this isn't very specific, but it's the first I'm hearing of this bug, so I figured I'd look for it or post something on it. Reach out. Thanks!
  18. I've tried every single step in this guide posted here with no solutions as to what is causing the problem. I can get into the game just fine. i created a character, dressed them up, and sent them off to battle royal... kinda. when i press the button to start the game a join a server it works fine and loads up as expected until i see my character on the island for about one second. This is the point where it freezes up and shoot me to the screen provided in the screenshot where it obviously reads that BattEye did not work correctly. Again, I tried every single step in the guide above multiple times and I know my way around a computer. I can't seem to find out what is going wrong here. Please help me!
  19. I can start up the game and it will load up to the main menu but whenever I try to click play in the left corner it takes me to the Player unknown's Battlegrounds loading screen and it this is an infinite loading screen. The game has been unplayable for the past week. Last night I deleted my Battle Eye folder and verified the integrity of my files it downloaded the missing files and I could get into a game. I tried playing today and no luck. I've already reinstalled the game 3 times. I've turned off my windows firewall and windows defender with no luck. \ Specs- RX 480, 8gbs ddr3, FX8320, windows 8.1
  20. Date: Apr 14, 2017 - Apr 16, 2017 System Information: Motherboard Gigabyte Mini ITX H97 Wifi Card Intel Ultimate-N 6300 2.4GHz CPU Intel Core i7-4790K Cooler Noctua NH-L9i Graphics Card Gigabyte GTX 970 itx Memory Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB SSD Corsair Neutron Series 256GB (System) HDD Western Digital Black 3TB (Storage) Case Fractal Design Node 202 Power Supply SilverStone SFX 450W 80+ Bronze Operating System Windows 10 Home Microphone Blue Yeti USB Mic Monitors (L + R) ASUS VS247H-P 2ms 60hz 23.6” (x2) Monitor (C) ASUS VG248QE 1ms 144hz 24” Keyboard Coolermaster CM Storm Rapid-i (CHERRY MX Brown) Mouse Logitech G502 Headphones Sennheiser HD 598 Special Edition - Black Description: When pressing the ALT + Scroll Lock keys down during game play, the server will consistently disconnect from my client. The error code associated with the disconnect appears to be different every time. Sometimes, the server will not disconnect with this key combination, but if I look around while holding the two, it will eventually cause the disconnect. I found this issue because my push-to-talk key is the Scroll Lock key. When talking to my team mates, holding alt to look around, and looking around with my mouse, the disconnect would occur. Reproduction: During game play, press and hold the alt key + the scroll lock key, and move the mouse around for a few moments. This causes the client to disconnect from the server. EDIT: The bug can be associated with the AutoHotKey script that I run to modify the functionality of the scroll lock key. Disabling my script prevents the disconnect from happening. Perhaps there is AHK detection built in to discourage the use of macros in game. Regardless, the bug should not affect very many people.
  21. In closed beta I had an access key from a friend but was unable to connect at all due to the infamous 'reconnect' screen problem. Is this now fixed? If I were to buy this game, will I actually be able to play? Not sure if I put this in the write section.
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