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Found 17 results

  1. I know there is a thread already for clips but its "Best PUBG clips" so i felt like i wanted to create a thread where we just post random/funny/best/fail clips for shits'n'giggles! Give us your best clips and entertain us! Heres my wonderful xboxOG(without an SSD) experience last night lol. I left the game and apparently i survived for atleast 15 minutes being trapped in this cage, i wonder if someone found me trapped in there like a zoo animal haha 😂 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/amazedgorilla25/video/66944241 And heres another one, old but gold oh man oh man.. watch this one if you're having a bad PUBG day! 🤯 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/amazedgorilla25/video/64918338
  2. sometimes while playing PUBG I randomly stop moving for some dumb reason which usually makes me lose a fight and then I would die, this has been happening to me ever since version 1.0. Is this happening to anyone else developers look into this, please
  3. Has anyone else been getting stuck in game? Like you'll be doing your thing and all of a sudden you can't move or pick anything up. I can still use functions like opening the mini-map, opening the inventory but I can't move, pick up items or open doors. I' have already gotten killed for being stuck and not being able to do anything about it. My specs in case it helps Intel Core i5 6600k MSI Gaming M3 Z170A mother board 16gb of ddr4 RAM GTX 1060 3gb Game is running on an 480gb SSD but the system also has a 1tb HDD as well I'm running the game on ultra low (Because at first I thought it was like a rendering problem so I cut everything back besides render distance) I just got back into the game after leaving before it left early access and I don't remember anything like this happening at all.
  4. There seems to be some sort of bug that will randomly kill me from falling damage. Its happened only 3 times and they were all while inside a house that was already fully rendered. At least they looked fully rendered, meaning the tables, chairs, rugs, and so forth were all visible. One time it happened as I was running through a house and came close to a wall, another was while I walked through a doorway, maybe right after I passed through the doorway. I can't remember what gear I was wearing or carrying or how much health I had.
  5. This glitch happened to me when looking directly upwards when skydiving. Notice the compass and mini-map. Pls fix Video of the glitch here
  6. I have been encountering this for a while now, I run on a GTX 1070, i7 4460 (which handles the game fine, even after the engine overhauls) and 8gb of ram. I keep getting random crashes while trying to join games, sitting in the lobby, in general playing the game. Never had a problem other than common ones before 1.0, yet when the game released I couldn't play. I found under-clocking my GPU worked, but now that has stopped working, I now have a game I cant physically play due to to software, my ram usage is nowhere near full. Also when I launch the game if I don't click on the screen the game ramps up the usage of all my components to 100% (which btw is ludicrous with the cooler I have on my cpu!), but when in game my temps are normal, in fact better than they probably should be with my stock cooler.
  7. Randomly Started Doing this During my Match And don't Try Saying it's My GPU as I tried playing games Like The witcher 3 Csg;Go Dota etc after this and they work Perfectly Fine because They have decent Dev's behind them.
  8. http://prntscr.com/hqc5sy https://plays.tv/s/LYgU1uAI0AOa -changing in-game settings did not resolve the issue, had to restart game. -several bad_module info crashes before-hand.
  9. I am going to try to explain everything as cleanly as possible. There are a lot of parts to my problems. Basically, upon game start, the major bulk of text before coming into the lobby shows up, and usually all of the logos load in below it, but they do not in mine. Then, it switches to screen "connecting" and never connects. Then it says "Connection failed" and "reconnect" but that never works either. THE ONLY WAY I CAN EVER CONNECT IN IS BY ALT TAB-ING OUT, WAITING A COUPLE SECONDS, AND COMING BACK IN. That is the only way I can get in to PUBG, load into games, and load the lobby out of games. It will not load normally anymore. Also, when I do connect in and I hit refresh for the UI, I get a message that says "Your client is . Please exit the game and update to 2.6.48 to join game". There are no updates popping up, and I have already verified my files and nothing is coming up to update. When attempting to load into the game, it also times me out of things like Teamspeak. This game does not want to load at all for me unless I tab out. I do not have network problems on any other game or internet service. So, here are my 2 problems in short. 1. Nothing will load unless I tab out, and I keep getting "reconnect'. 2. My client needs an update I can't find lmao. Can someone help me at all? Thanks
  10. Hello, So after the recent patches(2-3 past weeks) my game sometimes crashes to desktop.Some times it gives me an error report and others not. Is this a known issue? It doesnt happen that often,meaning I can play most of the games without an issue but It's annoying when it happens.
  11. At random times, during gameplay I have random mouse clicks happening without my initiating it. Imagine how difficult it is to hide or sneak with your gun firing at random times.
  12. So, i was playing normally, driving my motorbike till this happened, i got through a cliff and got under the world and all of a sudden i was under the water, unable to get out of my vehicle and i drowned and no one of my team could help me. Now what the fuck is this? x) my steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/AnimalGuttern/ T
  13. Hey, so I just played a game of First person battlegrounds and my camera was bugged out the entire game, the only cause I can think of is that I got a connection error as I was landing. Attached to this post I have uploaded some screenshots of how the camera looked during different actions, this bug was too funny not to document in pictures. ^the normal camera ^Camera While proned ^Looking down ^zoomed with a 4x ^leaning ^Zoomed with a 8x ^crouch jumping
  14. In one of my games, I was getting a lot of random damage sound effects, voice, and screen effects. It seems the game would give me full health, then put me back to my original health. It was all very spooky. T^T
  15. AcidBuddy

    FPS Leakage

    Good day PUBG Group I just want to report major FPS Leakage on all servers that I have play on so far, its random and it happens at any time of the game, start mid or end. I run at 60 to 70 FPS throughout the hole game and then randomly my game starts dropping FPS as low as 15 which makes the game then unplayable and is mostly the root cause of me dying as I can't move correctly. When i move out of that area its back to normal and when i go back to the area where i have to FPS drop I would not notice it again and it will then happen at a different place, It can be at random places even in a open field with not much of graphics to load. Regards Acidbuddy
  16. I since the new patch i have a problem on the map. I get phantom hits. In a house behind a wall or another place on the map i get every 2 -5 minutes (its random) a hit. (Sound from hit) I lost no health, but i am very frightened in this situation.
  17. Hi guys, So this is the 3rd time including the beta where my game has just frozen. It's not like other games where you just ctrl+shift+del your way out of it. I can't even do that. The game is just frozen, the only thing I can do is force restart my PC from the case itself. Has this happened to you folks? It's really annoying, and needs to be fixed. I'm not sure what the cause of it is as well. It's just random. Thanks
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