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Found 6 results

  1. So I already did that suggestion on Reddit, and will make the same here. Reddit post: Click here. ------------------------------------- We from South America are forced to play Duo and Solo on NA servers because we don’t have enough players queuing up these modes at the same time. So the solution that I’m proposing is to add a separeted Solo and Duo queue on SA, with that all South America players can try to get on the same queue for a SA server. (This same thing can be done with OCE servers). That's the current situation on SA queue, we don't have Solo FPP / TPP for around 4 months, yesterday we had Duo FPP working for around 6 hours because a brazilian streamer said to his viewers start to queue together, but that's only works temporarily and the streamer that decides to do that will get alot of stream snipers on his matches. We don't want to play a Solo match with 160ms of latency, with this current queue system we'll never have enough players queuing together to start a match on SA. Before we had this "region lock" system, we could find some Solo matches on SA, but now It's impossible. We prefer to wait like 5 minutes to enter in to a SA server than simply get instantly pushed in to a NA server.
  2. I don't know if this is a bug as such but if you set ADS to HOLD and hold down right click when any Animation is active it will not ADS you when the animation ends, you have to release right click and repress. This is kind of frustrating when changing weapons or even reloading. Can you set up some kind of input-queue for HOLD keys?
  3. Hi All/PUBG Team, I am writing this after months of suffering, the issue is that, any lobby I am in either squad duos or solos, It will always take 1 minute or longer to find a game (can take up to 3/4 minutes). Now, while this may not sound too bad, I am a very agro player, and only drop in places such as pecado, military and school. This means, i do die in early game quite often, and sometimes the ratio of game time to matchmaking time is skewed in favor of matchmaking time. It is now beyond a joke, and is frustrating me and my teammates, since everyone else has an instant queue time. It is my working theory that this is caused by high kill games, as this first happened to me after a streak of high kill games (16,17 and 20 kill games respectively). After i did not get any high kill games over a few weeks, my queue went back to normal, and then i got an 18 kill game, and suddenly my queue time went back up to taking huge amounts of time. Please could a dev or official team member explain this, or other people who experience it let me know. Thanks At0micaL
  4. It has been about 2 months sense I spoke with some one who spoke English. I made sure my region of choice was NA and I even tried EU but that did not fix the issue. For some time now I have only been Queued with players from China and some times Vietnam. I've tried changing when I play because most of the time I play late at night from about 10PM-2AM MST. Even when I play at 2PM MST I still have the same issue. At this point I think that it would be best to clarify. I don't have an issue with where their coming from but the fact that I'm unable to communicate with them. In these 2 months I have established a few things that both sides seems to understand. "Hello", "Help", Come Here", and "China #1". I feel like with an issue like this some one else must be having the same issue. To provide an upside to this post, I have won 2 duos and 2 squad matches. No Communications + Win=Getting Better.
  5. I don't know if it's all queues but when I queue up for solo I can't cancel the queue
  6. When playing duo first person only games but queueing solo, it happened to me in two out of two matches that the match randomly ended for me. I also noticed that the text message of someone being killed in the killfeed was red. I remembered that the same kind of message appeared, when playing duo and your mate gets killed. I concluded that there must be a big misdetermination on the server if you queue in solo for a duo game. It seems that the server saw the specific player, whose kill message was red, as my teammate and with his death my game ended as well.
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