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Found 578 results

  1. Proxy404

    Voice Chat does not work

    Ever since the beginning of owning this game, which has been since early July 2017, I have never heard a single voice in a lobby, or been able to speak in the game either. Here is a list of my specs for my PC before I talk about the problem in depth. Intel Core i7-6900K CPU 3.20GHz 128 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 SOUND Blaster Z Audio Card Windows 10 64-bit I also want to list the steps I've already taken to attempt to resolve this issue. Made sure my Voice Input device in Windows was set correctly. Made sure my Speakers were set to default. Turned Chat to "ALL" or "TEAM" Pressed ctrl-T Changed "push to talk" key binding (and then back to default) Uninstalled the game and reinstalled Uninstalled Steam and reinstalled Verified game files in Steam more than 10 times (no errors) Tried without my Audio Card Tried on another PC with no Audio Card (still doesn't work) Attempted a VPN (couldn't connect) Tried 3 other USB microphones Tried 2 quarter-inch microphones, each, plugged in to the on-board mic input, or the Sound Blaster mic input Went to %APPDATA%/LOCAL/TsIGame/Saved/WindowsNoEditor/ and opened GameUserSettings (within that I made sure that "bIsVoiceInputMute" "bIsVoiceOutputMute" were set to "False" and that "bUsePushToTalk" and "bUseGlobalVoice" were set to "True" Attempted to run Steam in Administrator mode Attempted to run TSiGame.exe in Admin (doesn't connect to server) I think it's important to note that this game is the ONLY game I have that doesn't seem to work for voice chatting. Other games in STEAM like CS:GO, Garry's Mod, Rocket League, Arma 3, and 7 Days to Die work perfectly. Non-steam games like, Battlefield 1, Battlefront, and Overwatch work perfectly. My microphone(s) also work in Skype and Discord. I have attempted to use a phone hotspot connection, thinking that maybe my firewall is blocking ports that allow me to voice chat. I would then, need to know what ports to open for this, and that hasn't been officially released. However, same story with a VPN, it didn't allow me to connect to the server to even attempt to test this. However, I was able to connect to a lobby, but saw no icon for VOIP working, and my friends also did not hear me in their lobby, so I am assuming this was unsuccessful as well. VOICE CHAT IS IMPORTANT. Many players use VOIP for tactical advantage, talking to friends, or just having fun listening to the shenanigans people do while dying, or in the lobby. It adds so much character to this game and makes it more fun and addicting. There are MANY other players who experience this problem as well, and PUBG Official Twitter posted a PSA about non-functional Voice Chat, and how it would be fixed soon. This was MONTHS ago. By the increasing number of threads related to this problem, it only seems to be getting worse. Are the developers still aware that this problem persists, and is there a fix for this issue already out, or in the works. I would love some input on this situation. Thanks for all your hard work.
  2. This is what I want to return from early access. 1.Want to return the music that was the coolest video games in general, in my opinion, it showed the whole essence of the game 2.It is necessary to return so that it is possible to bet on AR 8x because sometimes it happens that AKM and 8x and the Collator I always have such a set-up I want to shoot a kid who finds 200 meters from me, but tell me how to get me from the collimator and you cannot wear 8x because of this 8x in the game is useless if you do not have a sniper rifle or a marman rifle 3.I don’t know how you are, but the old lobby in the main menu was very cool and I repeat once again showed the meaning of the game and made it clear to the person that it’s not a joke to you bro here to shoot nrado and showed the seriousness of the game 4. 5 places in the UAZ and dacia, although it will not be so useful in solo, but in a team or event it will be good, this place was in the middle and you could kill the opponent who sat in your car 5.The interface of the game was very simple and it upset me when a little man was removed above the mini map, which showed you far from the blue zone or not, in my opinion, it was cool and in the left-right corners of the screens the icons of you and your team were more comfortable and looked at the currents and the minimap I liked more by the fact that the houses and buildings were And what do you think about this, write what you would like to return and that would not want to return, I will be glad to communicate with you
  3. Ruthless

    The Waterboys

    Large gaming community on discord with 100+ Active and 370+ Total. Monthly (and larger) Giveaways tied to our Friday games night. We are trying to establish a PUBG team for semi-pro tournaments. On Fridays, we hold Games Night which has 35+ people consistently and it's a ton of fun. Winners on games night get entry into our monthly steam gift card giveaway and at member milestones, we will be giving away larger items. At 100 we are doing an SSD. https://discord.gg/QqhF7Qr
  4. Wszystkich zainteresowanych zapraszam na mojego TSa: ptys.net.pl do poczekalni PUBG Będziecie możliwość zagrania ze mną i chłopakami z "Ekipy Ptycha" w PUBGa podczas live streamów na moim kanale YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwa-9xg5ftCoYHxt1En2K1Q) Zapraszam serdecznie i do zobaczenia! ;))
  5. Описание бага: В общем ситуация такая, при попытке выбрать какой-либо скин на одежду или на оружие происходит следующие "произошла ошибка" это же касается и получения наград за билет Викенди. Даже меню эмоций выбрать не могу Дата когда вы столкнулись с багом: Примерно уже месяц Сервер: Основной сервер Попытки устранения: Пробывал полность удалять игру и переустанавливать, чистил реестр Характеристики системы: Операционная система: Windows 8.1 Видео карта: GeForce GTX 1050Ti ЦП: I3-6100 Оперативная память: 16gb ppPLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS 2018.12.27 - (convert-video-online.com).mp4
  6. SecretPower2018

    Improvements on Vikendi?

    Don't know if the following details pre-exist in Vikendi but just some thoughts. Level 3 Helmet (Spetsnaz Helmet) shouldn't be on global loot spawn. In my opinion, Vikendi, is a great map for snipers and it would be a huge nerf for any bolt sniper having everyone walking around with a level 3 helmet. Plus it worked fine so far to the other maps so it would work fine on Vikendi as well. Since you like as a team to have unique weapons on every map, I guess G36C (well done for adding it at last) will be the replacement weapon on Scar-L/QBZ, what about adding a unique sniper as spawn/drop loot as well on Vikendi? R700 or Dragunov would work perfectly on the map (Bolt Action Sniper / DMR) while Barrett .50 cal would work perfectly as AWM's replacement. P90 on the other hand would also fit on snowmap as a SMG replacement. A new shotgun would also make sense since the old ones are pretty boring. (eg M1014) Dynamic weather. I don't know if there will be a dynamic weather enabled on the map but snowstorm would be pretty nice to see on the map. Also, what if PUBG had finally on a map dynamic day/night system? Vikendi seems to me as a great map to create a dynamic day/night system. Plus a great detail during night, since we are on a snowmap, would the existence of Aurora / North Selas effect on the nightsky. Flashlight would also make sense existing in the game under a night situation. Night in the game would add a unique experience for the player and also would offer a new feeling on the gameplay as I would imagine it would be more intense. Adjustable scopes. On many FPS games this feature pre-exists. It would make total sense for players to be able to carry 2 aiming perks on AR/SMG etc, (1 sight, 1 scope) and being able to swap them with one click only. But this should be limited until x4 scope I guess. Sound effects. Some doors need adjustment on sound effects as they aren't that really close to a realistic sound of the door. (eg Chicken coop alike doors Other than that, I find snow ghillie suit as a brilliant idea existing on the map, as well as the footprints leaving a tracking path behind. Well done for that.
  7. So Epic Games is launching an initiative to supply an easily integrated and fully tested online crossplay solution for developers.... for FREE. Here's some notes for anyone interested. The tldr is that in 2019 they intend to basically giving away all of the work they put out there which was tested across 7 platforms, 200 million users, useable on any store/platform/engine and is rock solid. Are PUBG developers going to implement this? The solution they have they makes it seamless to link between consoles, smartphones and even PC to consoles automatically based purely on your input device etc etc... PUBG needs this, though obviously PUBG Mobile isn't likely to be a crossplay option but between consoles would be great and if they're able to ever get to 60fps on consoles, maybe allowing a mixed crossplay between mouse/kb console users and PC players could be an option. I'd like to at least know if they are considering this.
  8. (CPU+GPU) Olá, um amigo meu esta dando um upgrade no pc dele e está faltando o processador e a placa de vídeo (Atualmente ele tem uma Mobo ga-b250m lga 1151, 8gb ram 2400mhz e uma fonte CX550 bronze). O foco será para jogar PUBG. O orçamento é de R$2000. Qual combo GPU+CPU vcs indicam? Ele achou uma gtx 1060 6gb gigabyte windforce por R$1389 e uma Asus ROG RX480 strix 8gb por R$1144 O teto é 2k, mas se der pra ficar abaixo tendo um desempenho bom no pubg seria muito bom.
  9. I am here to recruit new members into my clan. Communication in games is a major requirement for all leadership positions in our clan, but anyone ranked as low as Silver tier may join our ranks. Our clan name is Savage Reapers and we are a level 5 clan averaging in the Top 1% for the entirety of our existence. Leader is DzyanReaper. Co-Leaders are λβκ×Fιrε, DaddyTripod, and Kaptan Doosh.
  10. Dæmonium

    PUBG Mobile Clan

    My clan - “Savage Reapers” - is currently recruiting new members who are ranked no lower than Silver tier! Knowing English, using communication with your team, and getting friendly with me - “DzyanReaper” - will grant you a promotion! We currently have 36/50 of our roster filled and non-leadership members who are inactive for over 48 hours are kicked out. As of this moment, there are FOUR leadership positions open and available.
  11. Howdy folks, just a clip of a potato scoring x2 https://www.reddit.com/user/newpTTV/comments/a2hwem/pubg_clip_walljump_doublefrag/ Thanks, newp
  12. Hi all, My name is DECIMAL or Deci for short. I’m a 21 year old from the UK. I'm looking to get a dedicated/loyal crew or duo who wants to get up the leaderboards and enter tournaments.Ive currently started playing again, was ACE last season, close to Conqueror and Crown 2 before that. I will add my personal achievements at the bottom of the thread* Im on EU server (Mobile, not EMU) and have been playing since start of season 2. I have tournament experience via my previous team Memoria but unfortunately we departed a while back. I'm looking for other players who want to get up the leaderboard to focus on gaining rank and maybe make something for themselves. I want to either join a crew, or make a new crew(not a community); This is what I am looking for... 1) Fluent English,I would like the same ( No offence to anybody else, its just I cannot speak any other Lang and preferably on EU as we be playing on there. ) 2) 100% has to have a MIC, for strats and overall information. 3) You want to take pride, you want to be proud of your team, so we do it as one, you want to be your best. 4) You must be active, be willing to play every day, and commit, this is a simple request, but if your not active then please understand we need to play together. 5) I'm only currently wanting EU or NA servers as these are the best pings for me. 6) Must be Mobile players, not Emulator! IF you think you got what it takes please drop me a DM. I will take lower ranked crew members, but please understand no lower than Plat3 with a KDA higher than 2. I need a player/'s who can hold their own, this is why my requirements are specific. If you are serious about joining, then please rank up first, I will always let people join. !!!!!!!Plat3 lowest limit!!! Can follow me on twitter @DECIMALgg and DM there for faster response or discord : DECIMAL#4179 Thanks, My achievements; Crown V in 1day gametime. My stats purely from playing with my old team Memoria.
  13. Here my second compilation!! hope you will enjoy it!! Please leave a like or subs if so!!
  14. PUBG_The Sparrow

    PUBG na PlayStation 4

    Olá jogadores, após vários meses de muito trabalho, gostaríamos imenso de anunciar finalmente que toda a frenética ação do PUBG está a caminho da PlayStation 4 no dia 7 de Dezembro! A partir de hoje podes fazer a pre-order de uma das três edições diferentes do PUBG para PS4. Cada uma com os seus próprios benefícios para que possas desfrutar do jogo da forma que preferires. Diferentes Edições Edição Disco (versão física) - 29,99€ Jogo Base Bónus de Pre-Order Edição dos Saqueadores (versão digital) - 29,99€ Jogo Base Bónus de Pre-Order Edição dos Sobreviventes (versão digital) - 49,99€ Jogo Base Bónus de Pre-Order Event Pass para o próximo mapa, Survivor Pass: Vikendi 2,300 G-Coins 20.000 BP Edição dos Campeões (versão digital) - 59,99€ Jogo Base Bónus de Pre-Order Event Pass para o próximo mapa, Survivor Pass: Vikendi 6,000 G-Coins 20.000 BP Bónus de Pre-Order Em celebração por nos juntarmos à família PlayStation, vamos incluir também algumas skins dos jogos mais conhecidos da plataforma: Uncharted e The Last of Us! Entra na batalha com as roupas icónicas de Nathan Drake e guarda os itens na mochila da Ellie, ambos incluídos no jogo gratuitamente com a pre-order de qualquer uma das edições PUBG na PS4! Equipamento do Deserto de Nathan Drake - Uncharted Series Mochila da Ellie (Nível 2) - The Last of Us Além disso, aqueles que fizerem pre-order, podem fazer imediatamente download de uma avatar do PUBG e de um tema do mapa Miramar! Avatar Unknown Tema Miramar Estamos muito entusiasmados por fazer parte da comunidade PlayStation e mal podemos esperar para que todos joguem PUBG na PS4. Apenas restam mais algumas semanas portanto sigam-nos nas nossas redes sociais e fóruns para saberem as últimas notícias sobre este tema! Queremos vê-los a todos no campo de batalha da PS4 dia 7 de Dezembro! Twitter Facebook Instagram Fóruns Obrigado A Equipa do PUBG na PS4
  15. We are the best up-and-coming clan there is. BKB (BuzzKillBros) We have rules to join, and we only want serious players who can commit time, communicate well, take orders and carry their own if needed.  To join our team ‘Buzz Kill Bros’ our requirements are simple; 1) You must play daily, be consistent, take orders and be respectful. 2) You must have a KD of 5 or above in 100 games. 3) You must have a headset with a mic, and use it. 4) You must speak some English. 5) Be willing to play FPP on EU servers. 6) You must be Male and 16+ We have a WhatsApp group where our members talk about all things PUBG mobile/gaming, set-up squads or duos with each other -this ensures you get the best team with no more noobs. Only trusted and elite members make it in to our WhatsApp group.  If you’re accepted in to our clan you will be expected to do the following; 1) Follow the clan motto, “Share Loot Not Kills And Put The Win Before Everything” Kill stealing doesn’t exist, you get the kill or you don’t. 2) You must always tag excess loot for your team and enemies before you engage. 3) You must always prioritise BKB members for games, not friends that aren’t in the clan. 2) You must report to the leader or co-leaders if you are going to be offline for more than three days, as three days of inactivity is an instant boot. 3) Always be respectful to everyone and respect clan ranks. A few members of our clan record videos for YouTube http://youtube.com/c/arronlowe  SEARCH BuzzKillBros clan and request to join. Clan leader IGN BKB·ArronLowe - See you on the battlefield ??
  16. Liebe PUBG-Community, Wir von Endside-Gaming e.V. sind ein Multigaming Clan mit mehr als 400 aktiven Mitgliedern und einem eingetragenen Verein mit ca. 60 Mitgliedern. Man kennt uns eventuell durch unsere Charityprojekte um Gamer gegen Krebs, wodurch wir mittels Tournieren und Events Spenden für die Deutsche Krebshilfe sammeln. Bei uns wird hauptsächlich CS:GO, LoL, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm und eben auch PUBG gespielt. Da der Bereich noch relativ "Jung" ist, sind wir derzeit auf der Suche nach neuen Membern im PUBG Bereich und natürlich auch nach Teams! Also wenn ihr bereits ein Team habt oder euch eines aufbauen möchtet - wir unterstützen euch soweit wir können! Skill hat bei uns keine große Bedeutung - je mehr Leute zu uns kommen, desto mehr können die Leute untereinander Spaß beim Spielen haben! Was wir euch bieten: - Große Community - Teamspeak³ Server (IP: endside-gaming.de ) - Online- sowie Offline Events - 2 Mal jährlich ein Clantreffen (August, Silvester) - Organisiertes Adminteam - Möglichkeit, sich selber zum Admin hoch zu arbeiten - regelmäßige Clan- und Bereichsbesprechungen, um uns permanent zu verbessern - Möglichkeit ein eigenes Team auf zu bauen - Freundliche und Lustige Leute soweit das Auge reicht Was ihr mitbringen müsst/solltet: - Mindestens 18 Jahre alt (bei vorhandener geistiger Reife können Ausnahmen gemacht werden) - Teamspeak³ + Headset mit funktionierendem Mikrofon - Kein VAC Ban in den Spielen, die wir vertreten - Frendlichkeit und Spaß am Spiel! Wenn ihr also Interesse daran habt, euch einfach einmal ein Bild von uns zu machen oder direkt zu uns kommen wollt, dann schaut doch bei uns auf dem Teamspeak vorbei , und kontaktiert dort einen der Admins. Für Fragen stehe ich als Leader des PUBG Bereiches natürlich immer gerne zur Verfügung! Liebe Grüße, Markus 'Major Winters'
  17. João Victor

    Mais Fov

    Bem,vou ser direto,na minha opinião,o FOV do pubg(Field Of View),é muito "pouco",se possivel,peço para anotar essa ideia,porque na maioria das vezes que morro,é por causa que não vi mou oponente(e eu sou meio surdo e meu fone é muito ruim .~.),acho que poderiam colocar a opção de colocar o FOV até o 120,igual a por exemplo a franquia COD,onde é possivel ter uma visão de 180°,e acho que isso deixaria o jogo mais "rapido",desde já agradeço,espero que considere essa ideia
  18. Endside Gaming

    Endside Gaming sucht Dich!

    Guten Tag liebe PUBG-Community, Wir von Endside Gaming sind auf der Suche nach neuen aktiven Membern, welche Interesse an einem Clan haben. Zu Beginn ein paar Informationen über uns. Wir sind eine Community, welche bereits seit 2011 besteht und ständig wächst. Die Community teilt sich größtenteils in Counter Strike, Overwatch, HotS,LoL und selbstverständlich PUBG auf. Natürlich werden noch andere Spiele wie z.B. 7 Days to Die, Diablo III, Minecraft, etc. gespielt. Die Community besteht aus ca 450 aktiven Mitgliedern und ist seit kurzem ein eingetragener Verein. Jetzt kommst du ins Spiel! Wenn du Lust auf eine starke, freundliche und treue Community mit familiärem Flair hast, bist du hier genau richtig. Hier habt ihr die Möglichkeit einfach nur Spaß am Spiel zu haben oder auch etwas Größeres zu erreichen. Dein Rating ist hierbei nicht relevant – jeder ist willkommen. Was erwarten wir von euch: -ein Mindestalter von 18 Jahren -eine gewisse geistige Reife -aktive Teilnahme am Communityleben -und natürlich Spaß am Spiel! Was wir euch bieten: -ein Teamspeak-Server und ein Forum -eine aktive und gut geführte Community -regelmäßige Events sowohl Online als auch Offline -die Möglichkeit, Teams zu erstellen bzw. beizutreten und dabei unterstützt zu werden -zahlreiche Gaming-Server Haben wir euer Interesse geweckt? Besucht uns doch einfach auf unserem Teamspeak: endside-gaming.de und meldet euch dort bei einen Memberbetreuer (grüner Stern) oder auf unserer Homepage: endside-gaming.de Ihr könnt uns auch gerne via Steam unter folgenden Accounts kontaktieren: http://steamcommunity.com/id/r4le/ http://steamcommunity.com/id/Quacksmuacki Die Community freut sich auf euch! Mit freundlichen Grüßen Endside Gaming e.V.
  19. DoctorZlo

    Doctor Zlo I PUBG

    Всем привет! Здесь будут видео разного формата по PUBG, начиная от Hiqhliht до Fragmovie. Цель: Делиться интересными и местами познавательными моментами из игры. Буду рад конструктивной критики. Приятного просмотра!
  20. eXon-KrachBumm


    Heyho, ja die Idee ist nicht neu, aber ich persönlich habe die Nase voll von Admins, die nicht wissen wie sich ein Admin gegenüber den Usern seiner Gruppe zu verhalten hat. Deswegen habe ich spontan gestern eine Such-Gruppe in Facebook eröffnet, die ich nun hoffe ein bisschen befüllen zu können. Dabei geht es tatsächlich um Clan-, Team- und Matesuchanfragen. Die Gruppe steht natürlich noch am Anfang und wird von uns fleißig befüllt. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn sich noch einige finden, die der Gruppe beitreten und diese zum Leben erwecken. Wenn du Interesse hast, dann stell einfach eine Anfrage in dieser Gruppe: >>>> FB-Gruppe <<<< Ich hoffe dich bald dort begrüßen zu dürfen. Gruß KrachBumm
  21. Susurravientos

    Fallo al iniciar juego

    Buenas. Después de esta ultima actualización no me deja entrar al juego dándome este error "The global cache file...... is missing". Gracias!
  22. emresaldiroglu

    PUBG process has crashed

    Arkadaslar merhaba, sistem ozelliklerim; MSI Radeon RX580 Gaming X+ 8GB 256Bit AMD Ryzen 5 1600 3.4GHz 16 MB Cache MSI B350 Pc Mate 3200Mhz AM4+ ATX Corsair 16GB(2x8GB) Vengeance Led DDR4 3200mhz CL16 Samsung 250GB 850 Evo SSD FSP Hydro 600W 80+ Bronze PSU Seagate Barracuda 2TB 3.5'' HDD AOC 21.5" G2260VWQ6 75Hz 1 ms FreeSync Orjinal win10 pro kullaniyorum. Surum 1709. Ekran karti surucum guncel. Bilgisayarim guncel. Aklima gelen bircok yontemi denedim fakat yapamadim cildiricak hale geldim dedim format atayim tamamen bastan yukleyeyim yine crash yedim. Oyunun ortasinda sonunda basinda hic belli olmuyor ne zaman crash yiyecegim. Nasil cozebilirim bide sizlere danisayim dedim. Yaptiklarim; tum c++ eklentilerini yukledim. sanal bellek artirmayi denedim, directx surumum guncel. overclock kullanmiyorum. oyun dosya dogrulamasi vs. her seyi denedim. insallah bilmedigim bir yontem vardir da olur...