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Found 24 results

  1. Single игра. Два килла, игрок в первой десятке. Навскидку - 300 - 400 поинтов. Игра в скваде. Такое же количество kill-ов, сквад, грубо говоря, на 4-5-м месте, игрок получает приблизительно 40-50 поинтов. Может пора подтянуть награду за игру в скваде, что бы по количеству получаемых очков имело смысл играть ?
  2. I am going to start streaming on Twitch and I need this issue to get solved. I have no BP points in my main screen. Same issue with the new update ... When will you solve this ? My username: premtonx https://i.imgur.com/nwgja86.jpg Bug Description: I am receiving BP points after a game but they won't display on the main screen, The BP points just stay n/a I can't even buy clothes or anything else. Date Seen: This error appeared from the beggining I was never able to buy clothes or see BP on the main screen. Server: EU server I tested also other servers like Asia same problem. Troubleshooting Attempted: I have tried it on many PC's no luck. Other Information: I have no idea why this is happening I saw that other people have this problem too. Launch Options: No, I haven't done any changes on the launch options... System Specifications: Operating System: Graphics Card: CPU: Ram: The easiest way to get this information is to hold the windows button and R to open the run dialog, then type in "dxdiag" and take a screenshot of the "System" and "Display 1" tabs. My username: premtonx
  3. Почему за топ 10 и лучшие результаты такая огромная награда даже если 1 килл, а если я закончу катку в топ 20-30 имея большое кол-во киллов получу 300-400 поинтов? Я считаю что за убийства нужно давать более весомую награду. Ты пытаешься убивать всех, но погибаешь с большим кол-вом киллов. пока в это же время крыса с 0 киллами лежит на краю белой зоны в кустах и ждет попадания в топ 10. Я понимаю что цель выжить, но пусть топ 1 получает большую награду даже с 1 киллом, но за топ 10 тоже нельзя много давать, а вот киллы другое дело. Так и уменьшится число кемперов.
  4. I was not rewarded my winning points at the end of the match. Now I’m out approx 1900 points as I came in first twice tonight with over 900 points at the end of the game. I go to lobby and the points were never given. Please fix as I earned my winnings. Thanks!
  5. Hello there PUBG devs, thank you for bringing us a great game in the first place and keep up the good work. I post this seeing there´s already many posts about the same BUG report and i post it too for a reason, hoping you guys take this issue more seriously and also hoping you can compensate somehow the thousands of players who didn´t receive their BP after the game. Following the template for bug report and asking for an apology for my english. (Ill try my best) Bug Description: My friend "xBorre" and i "xValen" (PUBG NickNames) played a game in 25th December and won. It was a DUO game and it was held in "South America" server, we won the game and we clicked "Leave game" when "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" appeared. After that my friend told me he didn´t receive the BP the winning screen showed us and i too, noticed the BP after the game weren´t added to my BP account. At first i thought ... "Okay... that´s strange" but the same happened when we won our second game another day making it seem like its totally a bug. We won another game in 27th December, it was again the same DUO game with my friend "xBorre" and it was held in "Oceania" server. We won and the screen once again showed "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner", after that we left the game and again our BP weren´t added to our accounts, my friend confirmed that and i also confirm that. Date Seen: 25th December - 27th December Server: South America - Oceania Troubleshooting Attempted: Restart the game. Refresh loading screen. Play another day. Other Information:The BUG is ONLY PRESENT in WINNING GAMES, if you lose or if you get top 2 or any other place, you DO GET the BP, it applies for all types of games, SOLO, DUO or SQUAD. I´m writing this in case by some reason you think im "Taking my time to report this hoping to get free BP" that´s totally a lie, devs feel free to check "xBorre" and "xValen" BP registration to confirm this. I personally have over 170 hours in PUBG in steam, i love this game and i wan´t to help it improve, im also scared that we might win some more rounds and lose our BP´s because of this. If it´s possible, please, do a bug compensation for all the players who lost their BP unfairly because of this. Thank you. Launch Options: Nothing was modified. System Specifications: Gaming Laptop - Acer Aspire VX Operating System: Windows 10Graphics Card: NVIDIA Gefore GTX 1070 CPU: Intel Core I5 7th Gen 2.50 GHzRam: DDR4 16GB Hope i could provide all the information required in a constructive criticism format and hope you guys fix this as soon as possible. I once again apology for my english, i tried my best. (It´s my third language) and hoping for the best for PUBG. Good Luck Devs and thank you.
  6. Sometimes I do not get any points after my rounds. The same happened after my last round again, which I won. But it happens even if you are only second or third place. The same problem I already had on the test server and I was hoping this problem will be fixed with the version 1.0. I do not know how many points I've lost by this bug. I have a theory. I think that the system does not allow to get more than 400 points! And it does not matter which place you take. This annoys me a lot and I know I'm not the only one with this problem. I hope someone from those responsible will contact me.
  7. Tive uma vitória Solo depois da atualização e não ganhei meus BP depois de voltar pro Lobby. A vitória também está registrada nos meus Replays, mas nada dos pontos. Isso já aconteceu antes com alguém? o que posso fazer pra tentar resolver? Obrigado desde já.
  8. Just had a win, it shows I received 702 BP and when I go back to the lobby my points are unchanged. Can we atleast get our points after a game??? Rubber banding is still having a blast on servers and the missing points issue is still ongoing.. GG 1.0
  9. So, for my last PUBG match (#2 place) i got 949 BP Points ( http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1239539388 ) but when i exit to the main menu i had just 227 BP Points ( http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1239540158 )
  10. It seems, at least for me, that after some games the leaderboard and stats section will not update your kills. Also, after some games, I will not receive my BP or in-game credits or whatever you want to call them. Hope this issue will be fixed soon.
  11. I've played two solo matches on Xbox One, and I have finished in 2nd place. When the game finishes, one time I had over 700 battle points to collect, and another I had almost 700 points. I have yet to see those reflected in the battle points that I actually have when I return to the main menu. Is this a known issue? Do they take some time to register? Can anything be done?
  12. I have bug with getting points, i don't get BP points when i finish in top 5, i have finished 1st 3 times and 2 times in top 5 and did not get any points, but when i finish top 10 - top 100 i get points... P.s. Same bug for me on live servers and on test servers
  13. So I played a game of pubg and I placed 2nd in that game, after i returned to the lobby i realised I haven't recieved my points.. Any help? Thanks..
  14. Not receiving a crate when purchased with BP yet the price still multiplies. Wanted to purchase a 1800 BP crate, did not receive it and the new price for a crate is now 2800 BP. I Also keep my previous amount of BP which was 1800. So if I wanted to get a new crate I have to get another 1000 BP just to see the multiplier go up again? I've already tried restarting the game and refreshing the UI numerous times. Not all too concerned about losing money as prices are dropping, but I still do fell this should be addressed. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Game occurred on 9/11/17. My client crashed while parachuting at the beginning, but I was able to reconnect before landing. Ended up winning the match and getting around ~650 BP, but the points were never accredited to my account. As stated in title, gametype was Duos FPP. Is there any way to get those point retroactively added to my account? Thanks!
  16. okay SO my teammate in duos just won (i died due to game crashing) but on the end screen it says i have 1215 credits and then all of the sudden i cant go back to the main menu and now i dont have my credits i only have 455 Please Help ME!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Hello, I think i found some problems with your system. If my game crash in duo or squad, and i rejoin, after the game i only get the kills in stats but dont get the points/bps, what i earned. I lost this way about 5-6k bps. Its kinda unfair, so i think u have to fix it. Have a nice day.
  18. Помогите пожалуйста!!! Играл позавчера соло от первого лица на eu сервере, занял 2 место, должны были дать 600+ монет ( уже не помню ), но не дали. Только что сыграл сквад в соло от 3 лица в eu, должны были дать около 640 монет, занял 2 место, но опять не дали. Что делать???? Куда обращаться? Мне уже должны дать около 1200 монет, а это как минимум 1 кейс
  19. I've not been receiving BP for matches at random. This has been an issue ever since I got the game last week. Sometimes I get BP for matches, sometimes I don't. All there is to it. I've lost thousands of BP to the bug.
  20. Bug Description: I've not been receiving BP for matches at random. This has been an issue ever since I got the game last week. Sometimes I get BP for matches, sometimes I don't. All there is to it. I've lost thousands of BP to the bug. Date Seen: 18/08/17-Present Server: EU Server, non-test Troubleshooting Attempted: None at all, as it seems server-sided to me. Other Information: I can't seem to find any pattern aside from that generally once it happens once, it seems to keep happening. Generally once I log off and play another time it works again until it breaks again at random. EDIT: It seems this is in fact after my game crashes. I often crash due to low RAM during the plane ride. I always come back in under a minute to play the rest of the game, but it seems this keeps me from BP. Launch Options: None. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Home Edition, 64-bit Graphics Card: GTX 970 CPU: i7 4790K Ram: 8GB DDR3-1866MHz
  21. Loaded the game today and don't have any points or clothing. Checked my steam inventory and saw i had 41 items but could no access them,
  22. Bloggles

    Reward Crates

    Is it just my character, or are other people having issues with the reward packages? I purchase a couple, in hopes of saving enough to get the next level pack of clothing, yet next time i log in, the packages are back at the 700 level one, and i cant just get to the next crate. It seems to reset each time, yet i keep my clothes that i had, just cant get anymore. I have spent the reward points in a couple of cycles of packages, yet it resets each time. How can i fix this so i can actually get to the coats and such?
  23. Just bought the game, have played 3 games so far, it gives me the window that says how many points I have received for that match, but when I go back to main menu I have 0 Points.
  24. I am stuck at 2871 points. I just did three squads games and I am not receiving any points. Also, I can't open the crate at 2800 even if I have enought points. Account name: xNaNo_ Yes I have restarted the game multiple time.
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