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About Me

Found 5 results

  1. Bug Description: Mouse indexation is not the same as where the pointer on the screen is at. In the UI, my mouse when moving around to click on a button, will be in actuality about three centimeters to the right. Meaning when I want to click on the "Refresh" button for example, I will need to hold my mouse over the exit button, for it to register. This is in full screen mode. The issue is apparently resolved if I put it in Full screen mode (windowed) but then this put's the exit button outside of my screen. Through either way, it is impossible for me to click on the exit button and I always need to shutdown the game via task manager. I cannot seem to make a screenshot of this, as steam always removes the mouse pointer. Which makes the screenshot useless to tell you more. Date Seen:since game install a few days ago Server: N/A this about UI Error Message: no Other Information: No Troubleshooting Attempted: No Launch Options: No System Specifications:
  2. I use windows10 and my mouse pointer not accurate on GUI when change taskbar position to left or top even in fullscreen mode.
  3. Hi So whats my Problem? http://plays.tv/video/593c0208e3f35cb801/mauszeiger-bug-neuer-bug-oder-ist-das-der-auto-fire-stop-bug-?from=user http://plays.tv/video/594a549d31eccef786/mauszeiger-bug-1?from=user http://plays.tv/video/594a5534bd8fc28a9c/mauszeiger-bug-2?from=user Need help
  4. the game menus pattern seems to be affected by the position of the taskbar on the desktop. If you have your taskbar applied to the upper side of your screen, you will have problems in the menu of the game. the buttons are only activated when you click slightly below the field.
  5. If you have your taskbar at the top of the screen (probably counts if you have it on the sides too) and you try to play in fullscreen you won't be able to click on the menu tiles unless you have your pointer below the boxes, which is annoying if you're used to having your taskbar anywhere but the bottom. How to reproduce. 1. Move your traskbar from the bottom to the top. 2. Launch PUBG 3. Have the game in fullscreen. 4. Alt-tab out and in to the game (This is to make sure you're "actually" in fullscreen. I guess) 5. Try and click your way through the menu c:
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