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About Me

Found 7 results

  1. quede trancado en el entretecho de una de las casas de pochinki
  2. Well... this is easy to explain... Something is floating over Pochinki ( I think it's a bottle...).
  3. Bug Report: Before the game renders, you're able to walk through walls. RIP Print Screen
  4. While freerunning in Pochinki I noticed an bug that got my player stuck on the roof of a building...
  5. Hi. When Pochinki is in the play area it's very likely that Redzone will hit Pochinki or nearby area. It's fun to see 1st-2nd-3rd Redzones bombing Pochinki non-stop but it looks like a bug. Here are some screenshots. I play on EU.
  6. Oicz


    So i have noticed alot of things i find weird, annoying or just plain stupid about pochinki. 1. The fields, some of the small walk ways through the field seems to work more a wall than a slope. if i go under 50 km/h it stops me and damages me 2. The building near the church that has nice roof access. you cant pick up small items in that building or any building like that. I find this very annoying as i often have found compensators and suppressors there 3. The most south building. When look slightly south-west and up there is a little black thing. 4. The building in the middel with the chairs, you can get stuck in them. I've killed an been killed becourse we tried to jump over that. There is a lot of places like that. In mylta power the main building, bottom floor at some cardboard boxes. You probably already know some of these, but i will just make sure its out there. Hope these bugs gets fixed soon since Pochinki is such a good place in terms of position.
  7. While playing in Squads yesterday with some friends, at one point it felt and sounded like we were taking damage from another player, but none of us were losing any health. Our first assumption was that it was a suppressed sniper or something like that from a long distance, but if it was we would be taking some sort of damage. This happen on the hill between the School and Pochinki. None of us took damage, but our characters were moving as if we were being hit. After that we just balled and went into Pochinki.
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