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Found 16 results

  1. What's up with the lack of clothing and weapon skins? I thought for sure, especially after the raider crate was introduced, that we would see more skins to burn up our BP. It would be super simple and put us all at the mercy of the RNG gods. Please add new skins to the existing crates!
  2. its been happening to everyone and even top players in pubg were theres a second or two delay when you or the other person your shooting are peaking corners or running behind cover, its not latency and its not FPS its probably the games servers or a coding issue. i dont like being knocked behind cover.
  3. Já é a segunda vez que isso me acontece, porém na primeira eu não pude gravar. A primeira vez foi logo após a atualização do 1.0 e asegunda me ocorreu agora pouco. O bug consiste no player estar deitado e simplesmente afundar na terra, na deathcam aparenta estar tudo normal, mas na visão dos outros players ele está embaixo da terar, no replay também é possível vê-lo bugado.
  4. Hello dear people. I have something for you. I have a female character but sometimes when i Start the game and im on Start Island i have a male character
  5. https://youtu.be/6PiQFwJsT2I I was playing with friends on PBE server. Got DC'ed. When i reconnect we have 2x orange marker, and for everyone in my team, i was stuck at Prison on map, but for me, i could play freely. Dont know if this important or not.
  6. Hallo Community, Ich habe einen Steamguide erstellt der alle Fragen und alles beinhalten soll würde mich freuen, wenn ihr vorbeischaut und mal ein Feedback, da lasst oder eure eigenen Strategien einbringt =) *Klick hier*
  7. Hello. I've been playing squad lately with three friends and one of the player markers got bugged. The marker was displayed on starting island despite the player was with us in the plane. We could see his character, he would play as normal, but the lack of the marker above him maked it pretty tough. He accidentaly got shot from one of us, because we didn't know if he was our buddy. We also weren't able to revive him, while he was down. His health bar was displayed as full for the entire round, despite receiving damage. Also there were no icons indicating that he was in a vehicle. Hope you can fix that.
  8. Good morning, recently I experienced the following bug several times. When rejoining after a game crash into a game with a team the name of the player that rejoined is not visible to his team anymore so he looks like an enemy. The name stays on the starting Island on the map. Thats pretty annoying due to the game crashing now and then... Regards Coppy
  9. Hi there! My problem is that when I see players far from my position, I am used to see them running but "pixeled". It started happening in the last patch. I tried to set textures to "high" and distance too, but it didn't fix it. What can I do? It is not problem of lag, because it would affect to my game experience. If anyone had the same problem it would be nice to know and try to find a solution. Thank you guys!!
  10. I had a bit over 3,000 BP and wanted to change the appearance of my character. When I was confirming the purchase it was lagging and wouldn't go through so in frustration I clicked the confirmation button multiple times. As a result, now I have ~ -17,000 BP. I tried restarting the client but the number remains. I tried playing games and getting more BP but considering how poorly I do in these games my debt is barely going anywhere. Is there any way to get this fixed? Or am I gonna have to play this game for a year to get back to positive BP?
  11. http://i.imgur.com/2EORmuR.jpg This is my view from spectator mode. https://i.gyazo.com/e8cbbeaf0b4e0969bb460b831bb65cde.jpg This is my mate's view in-game... I yelled at him why he wouldnt shoot him, turns out he didnt see him. I gave him directions where to aim, so he shot him, and apparently it was a phantom player who did not exist but was there in spectator mode. Video of that:
  12. Sometimes my character runs slower than normal and while running next to other team mates, with no weapon out runs twice as fast as me. Please fix. This happens at random times, cannot fix by relaunching game.
  13. Hey, Just played duo's and my random partner died earlier in the game. It's down to the final circle and I'm lying there after killing someone healing up. I'm there thinking it's just me and one guy... but I cant see him anywhere and he hasn't merc'd me yet... so after a bit I get up and run around the circle looking in all the grass and bushes for the last player but there wasn't anyone. The final circle closes in on me and its just me standing in the middle trying to suck in my fat gut.... until I died. I then I get 2nd place "better luck next time" screen. This would have been one of my few ever wins, and first duo win, I was hungry for that fine fried chicken dinner! Anyone else get this?
  14. In a match just a few moments ago, I was playing in a squad with 2 of my friends, and went to get a car to pick them up, but my squad mate "found" me in a house nearby him, even though I was a couple hundred meters out. This is what he saw Then I told him to shoot me to see what it would do and when he shot me in the head I was downed and fell out of my car. Not sure if any other players would have seen the same thing, but it could be frustrating if enemy players could take advantage of this.
  15. Guy starts doing a weird animation after I shoot him, he then becomes unhittable. If you need more info or full video let me know! https://gyazo.com/3d57e6f6d9555c6b5a6cdcc3d04f0e11
  16. So I think the rewards were bugged the other day and i kept clicking to see if they were working, well they are fixed now and its saying I'm on my 12th pioneer crate (I've only opened 4-6) can anyone help me fix this issue?
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