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  1. Я играю на стареньком Athlon II, разогнанном до 3ГГц, купил скромную MSI GeForce 1030 OC, маленький SSD на 60 Гб, оперативку добил до 8 Гб. Оптимизирую потихоньку, захотелось поделиться некоторыми наблюдениями. Оказывается, в программе MSI Afterburner есть отличный монитор ресурсов, который показывает гораздо больше, чем известные мне программы (по крайне мере, больше, чем менеджер задач). А именно: не только загрузку ядер процессора (ЦП), загруженность ОЗУ, но и загруженность графических ядер, видеопамяти, файла подкачки, температуры разных компонентов компа. Мне, например, это позволило сделать два неочевидных вывода: при том, что на компе 8 Гб ОЗУ, файл подкачки был использован по полной, так что я его увеличил с 8 Гб до 16 Гб (разместил на SSD-диске, чтобы побыстрее); кроме того, я увидел, что центральный процессор всё время загружен на 99%, а вот процессоры видеокарты загружены только на 70%, так что я не стал разгонять видюху и даже немного увеличил качество графики в настройках игры. Забавно, что совсем другой режим работы имеет место при нахождении в лобби: тогда ЦПУ отдыхает, а вот видюха прогружается на 100% :-) Возможно, вам программа поможет увидеть какой-то нюанс, который вы не замечали, и немного поднять FPS, сократить лаги или ещё как-то улучшить ощущения от игры.
  2. Normally, the game runs... alright. Getting anywhere between 40 and 70 fps depending on the location and action - nothing great, but bearable I guess. However, when I get into a close quarters firefight with another player, my framerate tanks horribly, going into single digits and even freezing for a second sometimes, mostly while I'm getting shot at. Here's video illustration of the issue from my live stream. I apologise for the strong language; I was obviously a bit frustrated at that moment. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/217296460 Others have also recorded and reported similar experiences: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsejUreGiew Date Seen:Started along with 1.0 release and has been going on ever since Server: Live; EU & NA Error Message: N/A Other Information: I have seen many mentions of this behaviour, and they seem to converge on high-detail rendering of blood splatters when close up. Cannot confirm anything, though, of course. Troubleshooting Attempted: Updated graphics card driver (to Radeon Software 17.12.1) Installed important Windows updates Tried disabling Death Cam, Replays and both of these features Tried running both in borderless window and fullscreen All to no avail. Launch Options: I normally run the game with no launch options, but during the troubleshooting I have tried these combinations, all to no avail: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -d3d10 -maxMem=18000 -malloc=system -force-feature-level-11-0 -USEALLAVAILABLECORES System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit SP1 Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition (Pitcairn XT) 2GB CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 RAM: 32GB DDR4-2133 in dual channel Pagefile config: 2048 ~ 16384 MB on HDD + 256 ~ 2048 MB on SSD I use these graphics settings:
  3. Hello, I have been having an issue that started about two weeks ago. Since then or before I had no system changes in hardware or software including driver updates. Yesterday I did update drivers though and the problem still persists. I have a very good internet connection (fiber, second video) and a computer that can run the game just fine. Windows 10 64bit Ryzen 1600 EVGA GTX 1070 16gb 3000 ddr4 ram game and OS installed on SSD Running Malwarebytes but I have checked and it is not interfering with the game. The game will stop me while running, constantly, to the point where the game has become unplayable. (see first video, audio is a little messed up, it didn't sound like that in game) I do not get the rubber banding problem while shooting, driving in the vehicles, parachuting, flying in the place, opening doors, picking up items, or vaulting. The problem ONLY happens while I am running or walking, a lot more while running though. I am perplexed and cannot find a solution. I have reinstalled the game and run steam in administrator still nothing. I have done just about everything under the sun to fix this but no luck. It has to be a problem with the game. Since apparently it isn't a wide spread problem I doubt any developers to take notice of this but I hope they still care about the few that are struggling with these unique problems. Here are the links to the videos... Gameplay - Internet -
  4. Summary When using a controller the performance is visibly degraded compared to using mouse and keyboard. Reproduction steps # Plug a Xbox One control pad into the PC. # Launch the client. # Start a Solo match. # Upon landing walk forward with the controller. # Swap to keyboard # Walk forward with the keyboard. # Observe movement is smoother using the keyboard than the control pad giving the impression of frame rate issues. Expected result Performance should be consistent regardless of control peripheral. Actual result Movement is smoother using the keyboard than the control pad giving the impression of frame rate issues. Notes Also affects aiming. Possibly affects Xbox One platform also. Tested on i5 3570k 16gb RAM R9 390X 8GB Windows 10 64bit Video Settings Low Textures set to Medium. V-Sync enabled. Control settings Default.
  5. These are some examples of vehicles spawning in late on my end (even though my squad can see it) and late loot spawn.
  6. hallo eine frage ich habe mir gestern pubg geholt und zocke es auf low mit manchmal starken drops habe ein amd fx 6300 gtx 1050 ti 8gb ram meint ihr nach performance updates wird das angenehm spielbar oder nicht , habt ihr villeicht tipps oder s LG
  7. Guten Tag, liebe PUBG Community, ich spiele jetzt schon seit einiger Zeit PUBG und es tritt immer öfter das Problem auf, dass ich nicht richtig spielen kann, weil mein Internet einfach zu stark überfordert ist. Wir haben hier eine 50 mBit/s Leitung und langsam bin ich echt abgef*ckt. Andere Freunde haben die gleiche Leitung und die können PUBG problemlos spielen. Ich starte PUBG während ich im TS mit Freunden chille und bekomme sofort einen 3000er Ping im TS, sobald ich PUBG starte. Könnte das vielleicht am Paketverlust liegen? Wir haben eine FRITZ! Box WLAN Fon 7360. Hat jemand von euch schon Erfahrungen damit gemacht? Ich habe gehört, die Reichweite soll ziemlich schlecht sein. Vielleicht rafft der Router es nicht, beides auf einmal zu schaffen. Ich hätte noch einen FRITZ! WLAN Repeater 310, der bringt allerdings garnichts. Hoffe auf schnelle Antwort, Henrik
  8. Many times I find myself in gun battles where my attacks dont matter and the others do. The most recent and the one I've documented is this: I tried to shoot somebody with no armor with an S12K, I shot them twice, once in the chest and once in the face. Either of those are a one shot down at that distance. I had the blood splatter effect but it didnt seem to hurt him at all, and I got mowed down by his AKM I wouldnt mind if it was once every so and so games. But it's every single game.
  9. Changing shadows from ultra to very low changes absolutely nothing anymore except how smooth the shadows look. The industrial sheds around the map are completely darkened inside, and you can barely see anyone/anything in most buildings now. Also, this has clearly had an effect on my fps, because instead of sitting on 60-70 fps in my regular looting town, its now 40-50.
  10. Just reporting on issues with performance of 5.1 surround sound (applies to 7.1 also) Issue is that "behind the player" stereo sound effects are still applied when using full surround. This means that any sounds coming from rear speakers have a whole lot of reverb, delay effects etc which help identify the direction in stereo (headphones) monitoring, but are confusing in surround. e.g. gunfire. Gunfire coming from in front of the player is clear and accurate, and stereo imaging in front is excellent. Gunfire occurring behind the player has additional effects applied, and although it does come from the rear speakers with decent imaging, the additional effects muddy the source direction of the gunfire. I also think maybe sounds coming from behind the player are being given some sort of overall volume boost, although that may just be my setup. Fix for this could be removing all direction-based reverb/delay effects when monitoring in 5.1, maybe with an option in the Audio tab. I'm using the Realtek 5.1 analog output on an EP45T-UD3LR mobo, known to have solid surround performance, and using the audio jack outputs (center/sub, front, rear). No other issues with this setup. Otherwise, PUBG is running great on my old system, and I'm loving the game! Thanks guys.
  11. Let me preface this by saying I have a crappy system, and don't expect to get good or even decent performance. That being said, I think audio processing is a major source of performance woes. With sound enabled, I get <20 FPS with bad jitter. With sound disabled using the -NoSound command line flag, I get 20-40 FPS with no jitter. I was able to run with a stable 25-30 FPS on the starting island with everyone shooting and throwing grenades. I'm betting just disabling all reverb effects would hugely improve my performance. Anyways, aside from looking in to any performance tuning for your audio processing, it would be great to have audio quality settings to disable some of the more processor-heavy effects. Disabling sound lets me go from "difficult to play" to "totally playable", save for the fact that playing without sound is like having both hands tied behind your back.
  12. I recently upgraded my rig from an FX-6300 DDR3 to an i7 7700k, 16bg DDR4 RAM, and I have the same GTX 970. Systems don't get much more powerful unless you add on the latest generation nvidia card. I used to average about 35fps and dipped to 20-30, and now I can get upwards of 80fps on occasion, but I sit in the 40s-50s most of the time, and often drop to 30 in towns or populated areas....Sometimes when there's very little around. I do play with discord open in the background, steam, and sometimes a web browser. I play with people who have lesser systems and get much better performance, so it must be an issue with my system or some settings. I just tried played with very low settings except medium AA with the same results. I feel I should be averaging 60fps, dipping to 30-35 on rare occasion in very populated areas or large towns, but maxing out at 80-100 in low-pop areas. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Intel i7 7700k ASUS STRIX Z270-E ROG mobo 16gb DDR4 ram OCed to 3000mhz @ 1.35v via EZ-OC (2133 stock) Corsair Vengeance 2x8gb EGVA nVidia 970 GTX SSC 7200 rpm 500gb HDD (I have a 250gb SSD for a boot drive and select (smaller) games. I doubt this should make a difference, though...) 1000w EVGA plat PSU Plenty of air cooling.
  13. Bug Description: Like the title says, CPU and GPU usage never exceeds 60% Date Seen: It's happening about 1 week Server: SA Official Troubleshooting Attempted: Try to use Launch Option -USEALLAVALIABLECORES, Reinstall the game, and all of the stuff i found to solve this Launch Options: I used to play normally with no lag on very low settings with none launch options Try to use Launch Option -USEALLAVALIABLECORES (doesn't worked) System Specifications: FX6300 @ 3.5GHz GTX 750 TI 2GB 8 GB RAM MOBO M5A97 LE R2.0 500W PSA
  14. I just thought I would stop by and mention that this game has some serious issues related to 3d rendering performance and driver support. I am playing the game Toxxikk on Ultra settings @ 60fps at the same resolution I get 17fps for on lowest settings within this game. Both games are using the same engine, yet there are some serious issues going on with this game that make me feel as though this should be abundantly clear to any developer actually working on this game who is worth his salt. My gpu usage while playing in PUBG regardless of in game settings is between 60-80% and will not maintain a steady usage, video ram usage is not the problem I am seeing with this games rendering pathways. GTX660M 2gb GDDR5 with Core Clock @ 1235mhz and memory clock @ 1.3ghz Core i7-3610qm 2.3ghz with 3.3ghz turbo 16GB DDR3-1600L CAS9 Dual Channel Ram (About 23GB/sec bandwdith) 550MB/s READ & WRITE SSD Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Clearly something is very wrong when my cpu usage is a steady 30% and my GPU usage doesn't go above 80%, there is absolutely no reason why this game should not be using 100% of the available GPU resources in a system, the behavior I am seeing is almost intentional throttling in the logic somewhere. If the graphics card was maxed out I would wager the card just isn't capable but when I can play BF4 on Ultra and BF1 on High with no issues then something is forcing this game to not use what is present.
  15. Hello, First of all, good job on last update, stutter slightly reduced making the game more comfortable to play For now, I think one of the most problem is entities. Actually the game is CPU hungry. I tested to overclock GPU and CPU. Only CPU overclocking work (+0.115Ghz (+11%) GPU OC give me at least 1 FPS where +0.2Ghz (+4%) CPU OC give me 7-8 FPS). I managed to get smoother game with this settings on AMD Radeon Settings : Players position seems to be calculated by CPU then transfered to GPU to display it. Isn't it possible to store and calcul it directly on GPU (or at least calcul it only). For today, I think a lot of game components travel between CPU & GPU. I mean, first processed by the CPU and then sent to the GPU to be finalized, display. Maybe try to store more things on GPU can avoid [[ CPU <-> GPU ]] operations. PC Specs: Thanks for reading, and sorry for bad english.
  16. Alright, I'm putting this in bug reports because I can't find a better place to put this. Sorry if I make life harder for moderators >~< Ok, let's start this off with the fact that I've been experiencing this problem with other Unreal Engine 4 games, and I think that this may be a fault on either my end or some incompatibility between my system and the engine itself - but it's most noticeable here. The problem here being, I can run most modern day games such as DOOM and Nier: Automata with mid-high settings with little to know performance issues (specs of my PC will be included down at the bottom). But when I go into PUBG, to even get the game running for more than 5 minutes I have to turn every single setting to very low, put the game in a window and turn the resolution down to 720p. Which sucks. I can barely see the game inside a small window and even then I'm having FPS dips as low as 5fps and entire areas not rendering on a frequent basis. I want to know what the issue here is, as I'm aware that it's not necessarily with the raw power of my specs. I can run Battlefield 4 pretty comfortably at 45FPS on full ultra settings at 1080p and I can list other benchmarking tools and results if that is necessary, what I'm trying to find out is why a mid-range PC is struggling to run this in the most potato of setting given to me. Is it my PC? Is it the specifications? I'm not sure, but I don't seem to see anyone else having this issue. Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this by the way, I really appreciate it. GPU: Nvidia EVGA GTX 770 CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 PSU: Corsair 650w Modular Gold RAM: 8GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance Blue HDD: Western Digital Caviar Black 250Gb OS: Windows 10 Pro
  17. Hey guys, i am confused. Is it just poor optimization? It does not really matter what settings i use i dont get more than 60 fps in game and it drop really low when i engage in combat (sometimes). The lobby and plane are like 5 fps when 100 ppl are on the server. I am confused because i think my system is more than adequate and i dont read more of these posts from other people. My specs are: 16 Gb Ram i7 4820 @ 3.7Ghz (50% usage while ingame) Founder 1080ti (40% usage while ingame) ssd Is it just a waiting game for the next updates or should i investigate my system? Every other game runs just fine. Even tried out 1080p instead of 1440p with scaling 120% but it doesnt change the fps, my system seams bored and still the game runs shitty for a fast paced fps.
  18. Hey there from Germany, first of all please excuse my worse english. I bought this game four weeks ago on Steam. I know that my Laptop is not the best but the systemrequirements fit to my Laptop (view image). I download and install the game but i can not play it because it's (i dont know a word for this but I think i got 10 fps). So ok - early access. Wait for an update. After the first big update i still can not play this game and i try to exchange the game on steam but they don't do this because the purchase is longer than two weeks ago. Is there still hope that the game will run on my Laptop or did i waste the 30€? Ps. That are my Launchoptions "-sm4 -malloc=system -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -maxMem=24000" Greets!!
  19. Hello Community, first of my pc: cpu: i7-6700k @4.5ghz gpu: evga gtx 1080 ftw ram: 16gb ddr4 2133mhz mainboard: msi z170 pro carbon (playing in 1440p) So the game runs ok for me i have around 40-110 fps, it vary´s quite alot, so sometimes im have a lag which happens everytime my fps drops from 70 to 50 for example. Yesterday i was playing and i monitored alot of stats about my cpu and my gpu and i noticed that everytime i had such an fps drop my gpu usage went down from 99% to what ever, sometimes 80% sometimes to 50% and even lower and i just thought id share this so the devs might have some use of this info. (other games run fine and dont show this gpu usage drop behaviour) have fun playing everyone i can get some screenshots later if needed.
  20. Bug Description: Getting back to lobby (main menu) after a game is quite slow. Almost 10 full seconds. Date Seen: Last seen 2017-03-24 01:00 Troubleshooting Attempted: Nothing, don't know enough yet to try things. Don't want to break things. Other Information: I acknowledge the lobby should be cleared when the memory is needed, but I have 16GB. I do think there's room to keep all lobby asset ready to use Yes I can guess it's a low priority enhancement. But please, pretty please, don't forget about it down the road. Launch Options: Using -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system -sm4 System Specifications: Operating System: Win10 Graphics Card: Geforce GTX 970 CPU: Intel Core i5 4690K Ram: 16GB Win & Steam & Game on ssd. Just in case, internet is 27m/1.7mb/s. No other internet activities at the time.
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