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Found 39 results

  1. I actually suggested gas cans blowing up about a year ago & they’re doing it, but I also included shooting back packs that had gas cans in them, which would blow up the person w the back pack & anyone nearby. My new suggestion is a simple setting option to control whether the parachute opens by its self at the current height as it does now or changing the setting to giving all control to the parachutist all the way to the ground. This will develop the skill of low swooping parachute openings which could be advantageous; more stealth, parachute is less visible, less time be shot by someone & quicker to the ground. But if you mess up you end up dead.
  2. Bug Description: A parachute landed beside me, but there wasn't anyone that came down with it. Location: Mongnai | Sanhok Evidence: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/droc-poopsmith/video/75802969 I confirmed that no one actually landed with that chute on the 2d replay. https://pubg.sh/DRoc Poopsmith/xbox/0867d3a2-9ebc-4e77-8fc8-86e9e2d68add Replication: I've only seen it happen this one time. Xbox One Version: Xbox One S, SSD Connection: Wired Game Mode: TPP - Squad
  3. Цвет полосок на рюкзаке парашюта "Горный" (выдаваемого в пропуске Vkendi) изменился с голубых на белые. После крайнего патча № 26. Белые полоски - дефолтный парашют. Красные - например у парашюта с event-а Hellowin. У "Горного" всегда были голубые. После патча стали белые. Верните пожалуйста.
  4. This parachute has yellow bag stripes than orange.
  5. Occasionally, I suddenly lose much of my ability to turn while chuting. It works fine until I need to be accurate with it and then I basically can't turn at all. Anyone else have this problem?
  6. Friend keeps having issue with being stuck in the air the whole game with his parachute. first two games hes ever played he gets stuck in the air. testing more now.
  8. On the new map, near the prison compound, there are 2 buildings in extreme proximity to one another. They are rather large rectangles just tucked away in a corner of the prison compound. I was trying to land on the southern one of these buildings, and was primed to do so, when the parachute immediately cut, without my say so, and flung me between these two buildings, immediately killing me from the fall. The parachute should not have deployed the mechanism to release itself if that were the case, because of the immediate death that ensued, should it have released. However, since it released, it killed me for no reason. I find that unfair gameplay and a rather unsightly bug. Either increase the spacing between those buildings or fix the parachute auto-release mechanic, because something's wrong here. I've landed on these buildings in subsequent playthroughs on that map, and had no problems, so this may just be a one-time fluke, but for anyone else with a future problem like that, at least look into it, because that was not the best way to execute that programming.
  9. Happy new year! When jumping from the plane, only the default keys "w,s,a,d" are working until you are on the ground. Once there, the rebinded actions work properly with the new configured keys. Thanks for fixing this
  10. Hello, So I read the patchnotes that says "Players can now parachute and land on certain areas that were not previously accessible, including the outskirts of the island" Which in my reading means you can basically parachute longer distances but now long chuting is simply impossible due to a bug or an intentional change, i do not see it intentional reading the above line.. Could you please have a look into parachuting? its simply impossible to chute longer distances.. Basically when the parrachute opens, the character dives even deeper than it used to be, no matter what speed i am falling..
  11. When parachuting and the top of the chute touches 1 or 2 buildings , you get stuck until it says “press B to cut chute” But I press B for a whole 5 minutes and he won’t cut it, so I have to leave to another game. The guns almost never zero, I’ve only been able to do it once, and the “hold breath” doesn’t work sometimes on some guns. As for the silly death, on duo me and my bud were on a motorcycle and he stopped next to a tree and we both got off the same side. We got off at the same time and he was suddenly on top of me and we were both doing the ‘falling without a chute’ animation until we died about 1 sec later. This can be fixed by making one player get off the left, and the other right.
  12. Hi There, So as of 1.0 I have had this bug where when I look straight up while parachuting, I spin 360 degrees very quickly, making my character fall straight down. If I look down slightly less than full up, then it strays in a direction, but the fall seems to still be very deep. I am unable to jump far away fro the plane, normally landing very close to it's flight path. Would love a suggestion on how to fix this!! its a big game breaker.
  13. Previously arrow keys worked fine. since new patch, arrow keys do not work after jumping out of plane until you land. Primary, secondary keys... either set do not work once you jump out, have to switch to left side of keyboard for WASD keys. Please fix this.
  14. Bug explained: So the problem is that when I drop from the plane in First person and that I want to go to the minimum speed, my charachter doesn't slow down, the charachter change his direction and my compass is going crazy. Date Seen:23 December 2017 Server: Live server Error Message: No error message Other Information: - The bug is only their in First person mod Troubleshooting Attempted: - Verified the integrity of the game files - Playing without Reshade - Removing launch options Launch Options: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64 Bits Graphics Card: Gtx 1080 CPU: i7 4770K Ram: 16Gb Video of the bug:
  15. Literally all 100 players all dropped at the same time. Never seen it before. Majority dove straight down to get guns asap to kill the players in the air or the afks. All that caused was massive lag and cluster of people looting ammos without guns or guns without ammos.
  16. Hi this isn't really a bug but I think it's something y'all might want to take a look at. Bug Description: I use extremely odd controls that require me to rebind buttons in mostly every game that I play. This includes me using RMB as 'Move Forward' and W as 'Interact'. The issue I am having is: 1) the grenade throwing style is hard-bound to RMB in both live and test servers 2) In the test server, the parachuting isn't determined by the keybinds. Although my W is bound to 'Interact' in the controls, I still have to use W while I parachute (causing me to release early if I tap it more than once). So, if I try to move forward while throwing a grenade, it changes the throw style. If I try to move forward while parachuting, I have to use W which, if pressed again, releases my parachute. Let me know if any of this is unclear and I can record a lil' vid. Thanks. Date Seen: 12/06/17 (today's date since it's been a thing for awhile) Server: Live & Test Troubleshooting Attempted: None Other Information: N/A Launch Options: N/A
  17. I tried to land in the ruins with my parachute. But I got stuck between the pillars and had to cut my parachute lose.
  18. I've seen this so many times it's unreal. no matter how perfectly you land, you get flung. I play at sosnovka a lot, land on the Radar walkway, i'll land, my character will literally bounce off the walkway like a rubber ball, and fall off the side and die from fall damage. Next game, I went to the radio station above it , landed on the dome, got flung off, you know the rest. Parachuting is so tedious.
  19. Saw this lovely loot crate which happened to be confused about physics.
  20. If a player were to parachute down and land inside a building (or walk into one) before it has fully loaded, they can get stuck inside tables, counters, cabinets, and other objects that therefore inhibit them from moving. They can still pickup items but can't do anything.
  21. When I'm falling down from the plane, I can't move left. When the parachute deploys, I can't move left either. When I'm in a car, boat or motorcycle I can't turn left. Turning right works fine in all the cases. Is anyone else experiencing this bug? I've validated all game files and even deleted and re-installed the game, hasn't fixed it. Would gladly appreciate any suggestions! Edit: I am literally retarded. I didn't realize there was a driving binding feature, so apparantly I had accidently bound Turn Left while driving to mouse wheel down. Lmao.
  22. Bug Description: I have noticed this type of thing happening a lot: ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62N2JkwIkGw There no other parachutes in the air above or below you, but there are players who have somehow managed to land before you. I know about the 234km/h freefall technique but this has happened to me regardless. I'm not sure if this is a hack/expolit, or whether other player's parachutes just aren't being rendered in some instances. Either way, it's a real pain. Date Seen: 20/08/2017 Server: Live Troubleshooting Attempted: None Other Information: None Launch Options: No System Specifications: Windows 10 Core I5 4670 8Gb Ram GTX 1070
  23. Bug Description: Yesterday I was flying towards the big appartment blocks next to the school. When I realised another squad will land on the roof before me, I tried to go down on the ground instead, so I can run to the 1st floor. But since I was a bit close to the edge of the roof, the "altitude detection" thought I was about to land and released my parachute, which caused me to fall straight down and loose 50% health. Date Seen: 2nd August 2017 Server: Normal Server Troubleshooting Attempted: No troubleshooting needed, since I was shotgunned 5 seconds later Other Information: - Launch Options: no System Specifications: -
  24. I was crawling around on spawn then got teleported to plane, once I dropped on ground I went automatically to crawl mode and my game just froze, I was waiting but ended going on task manager and force close game. I was playing third person duo if that means anything.
  25. Every now and then, I drop on an area and there are no people around me whatsoever. Sometimes it is nobody even within a kilometer, yet out of nowhere, someone gets me in the face with a shotgun cause I'm not looting under high alert due to my belief there is no one around me. I use to think I just missed them, but I have occasionally seen people completely disappear and then still walk out of the buildings they were falling in the direction of. Also, hearing others speak of the same issue, I believe that it must be an uncommon bug.
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