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Found 6 results

  1. Sugiro que itens do vestuário serem possíveis de ser coletados somente com o menu de inventário aberto. É terrível querer pegar uma caixa de munição, colete e outros itens mais importantes com velocidade e pegar uma camisa por engano. Já que só é possível ver qual tipo de roupa está pegando pelo menu nada mais justo que só tenha como pegarmos por ele. Eu pelomenos nao quero trocar as roupas do meu personagem por uma que eu nem sei qual é. Muito menos quando preciso pegar uma arma e as balas com velocidade.
  2. I found this bug near power grid. Here is a video about it:
  3. This list is currently being updated on the PUBGXboxOne subreddit. Thanks for making this game available to us! 1) Game crashes almost every other match, but you can reconnect after reloading the game. 1a) The points you earn at the end of the game DON'T get added to your total after a reconnect. 1b) If you reconnect to a game, your stats don’t get added to career. 2) ADS occasionally doesn't work, glitching out for the remainder of the game. 3) Items and decor take a while to load in, but items will load in first. 4) When landing and textures aren't fully loaded in yet, and you run into a closed Container, Cage, etc... Where you usually cant get in, you are stuck and cant get Out. ( /u/ConzT ) 5) Experienced a bug where I couldn't scroll down the loot list when looting someone's inventory. I could scroll down my inventory just fine but when I tried to scroll down on someone else the cursor would teleport back to the top after reaching the second slot. ( /u/HeyYouItsMyFirstTime )
  4. So I have been playing PUBG since the most recent patch and have had my game crash nearly every match. I'm playing on the Original Xbox One, the game crashes whether I'm in Solo, Duo, or Squad, but I have noticed that most of the time, the game crashes when I'm in a vehicle. Maybe 9/10 times. No error code or warning. Sends me back to home screen each time. Sometimes it black screens first, sometimes it gets stuck on an audio clip and visual screenshot. I am always able to immediately log back into the match but that takes a good minute or so(half the time I'm killed while waiting to load in.) This on top of the Chicken Dinner not paying out BP is why I will no longer play until the next patch. I love ya guys but this is one hell of a game "PREVIEW." ?
  5. So some friends and I were playing some games and we came across this. We don't know if it works in others that are the same. This was found at the https://clips.twitch.tv/RoughPoliteToadKippa
  6. Hello everbody, i just thought i give this quick info for the devs, i was playing a game and got shot at, i was pretty low life, after that i healed myself with a biggest med pack you can get (which heals you to 100% hp) shortly after when i already had 100% hp i got one tapped from a scar, i also had a lvl one helmet but as far as i know the scar cant even onehit with a headshot when the target doesnt even have a helmet. just wanted to share this bug for the devs! have fun playing!
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