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Found 6 results

  1. My computer lags insanely for about half a minute after landing and struggles to load buildings fast enough so they just appear as lod objects, and I can literally just walk through them. Sometimes they load 10 seconds after I land but sometimes they are lod objects for like a minute. After landing and waiting a bit however, the game runs fairly smoothly, there are some minor stutters here and there but nothing major, but the performance is literally garbage right after I land.
  2. Hi all, I made a quick video showing some of the changes coming into play with the patch tomorrow (which is currently on the Test server!). Its located at (watch 1080 fullscreen for better clarity): There is a minimum grass/tallgrass/shubbery distance regardless of settings, I'd guess about 50-100m The above mentioned grass distance is the same for very low through ultra, foilage option now determines the distance of trees/bushes rendered This could make proning in short range fights a good option for moving position or to cover Long range 100m+ these changes wont do much Indoors on very low is no longer super bright Indoors rooms with less windows are darker, corners are darker, areas near windows are brighter, this is true on ultra and very low Items now pulse/glow if you are within ~5m of them, maybe to counter the fact rooms are all darker GPU fans on my 1080 actually spin now because the GPU is doing work, game feels smoother at ultra and im getting extra frames seemsgoodman
  3. If a player were to parachute down and land inside a building (or walk into one) before it has fully loaded, they can get stuck inside tables, counters, cabinets, and other objects that therefore inhibit them from moving. They can still pickup items but can't do anything.
  4. I just played a game and in that game i killed 4 people through the bridge. I know it wasn't ethical to abuse an obvious bug that happened to be in my favor but my team would have died otherwise and i didn't really think. What happened was that a lot of buildings from the bridge area just didn't load in on the right spot of the map. It kind of shifted to a different place and that allowed me to see through buildings and also shoot through them like there was nothing there. I might have gotten reported for this since i was literally shooting them from under the bridge with a S12K shotgun. I have a shit computer so this happens from time to time and really needs to be fixed, it is simply game breaking. Im sorry for the guys i killed, we won the game literally only cause i killed them and that allowed us to get over the bridge.
  5. When shooting over close objects or crests in terrain the hit box extends too high so shooting over them results in hitting the object you are shooting over. Even allowing for the parallax error you may get with ADS, vehicles, low walls, out windows, terrain all stop your bullets when your close up but allow bullets to travel from the opposite direction. It's not a location specific issue its general throughout. Vehicles do seem to be particular bad however.
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