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Found 20 results

  1. I have dual GTX 970 sli enabled. Whenever I have sli enabled, the game seem to run better which is good. BUT... when I'm in the main menu, it's all screwy. When I'm scrolling through my items in the inventory, some items stay where they are some lag and go to the middle. Some disappear until I put my mouse over it and it appears on screen. When ever I open and close any tabs in the main menu, it stutters and leaves almost like a shadow behind. This includes opening friends list and the play button options. Sometimes nothing is visible and it's black in the tabs (just the tabs when I open it). This all goes away if I disable sli. ALL of my drivers are up to date. I've tried pretty much everything out there for improving performance etc like the launch setting all that. I seem to be the first to talk about this. It's really odd. Anyone know a fix for this?
  2. Доброго времени суток. Кому не лень, скиньте свои настройки фильтров NVIDIA, ибо все что у меня получается - это "вырвиглаз" картинка, либо мультяшка. p.s. Интересуют больше именно настройки цвета, нежели четкости.
  3. Dunno if anyone else has had this. At the end of a match you should get the Nvidia dialog with (if you're lucky!) all your kill videos ready to save. Sometimes the dialog doesn't appear and, even rarer for me, it seems to be invisible and lock up my keyboard and mouse. Key presses just give the Windows error ding. If I Ctrl+Alt+Del I can call the task manager up fine and the mouse and keyboard work fine for that but as soon as I click on anything outside task manager the pointer freezes again. If I knew which task to kill I could probably get out of this hole but so far only a reboot fixes it. Most annoying tonight: I had one kill from shooting ppl and another 3 just from running ppl down Couldn't get the video clips
  4. Такая проблема. Не могу включить в игре ShadowPlay Highlights для записи убийств. В настройках GeForce всё включено. Систм. требования подходят. Но почему-то в самой игре функция не доступна. Кто что подскажет?
  5. I have gtx 1070 and with v-sync turned on the temperature is around 55C. When I turn it off the temperature is going up to the max value(83C), even with a frame limit set in txt file or msi afterburner. My friend has radeon gpu and he doesn't have this issue, temps for him are around 58 in both cases. Is it normal behavior? Anyone else has this problem? It seems that I don't have this issue in the other games. Thanks.
  6. If I turn Nvidia Highlights on (or sometimes it turns itself on after an update - without showing it is on in the PUBG game settings) the game is unplayable with FPS around 10-20. If I turn it off by going to Alt-Z in game > Nvidia Geforce Experience > Settings > Highlights > Off - the game is playable. I get 100+ FPS when Highlights is off. My husband who also plays with exactly same specs on both a PC and laptop as me, has exactly same issues. I'm currently on MSI laptop with attached specs.
  7. Eai galera, beleza! Atualmente estou jogando o PUBG em uma 1060 3gb, ryzen 5 1400 @3.8ghz (OC), 8gb DDR4 2400mhz, SSD 120gb. O jogo está setado pra very low, com apenas a textura em medium (se usar high ou ultra a VRAM começa a tocar em 3~3,05gb e aparece uns stuttering), e tenho jogado com um FPS bem variado, chegando a 80-90 em partes remotas e dropando abaixo de 40 em algumas cidades. A questão é que vi vários videos de pessoas jogando com a 1060 3gb e um processador semelhante, com FPS acima de 60 constante, inclusive no lobby (local onde chega a dropar abaixo de 30 no meio da galera). Vi que a maioria utiliza configurações customizadas no painel de controle da NVidia, relatando ganhos de 20+ fps. Minha dúvida está justamente ai. QUALQUER modificação que eu faça no painel de controle eu perco desempenho. Seja mudar apenas para "performance ótima", seja mudando tudo, eu nunca obtive ganhos com isso. Desinstalei o Nvidia experience (só estava atrapalhando meu desempenho, não sei pq), desativei o DVR do windows, etc... Fiz tudo que os guias recomendam, mas não consigo melhorar o desempenho em FPS fazendo qualquer tipo de mudança. Estranhei pois vejo que todo mundo melhora pelo menos uns 10fps modificando esses fatores. Outra questão é que tento jogar com overclock de video, que aqui se mostrou tranquilo em até +175mhz e +350 de vram, mas o PUBG crasha com até mesmo +50mhz... sendo que em testes de benchmark, stress e outros jogos não tem problema nenhum Alguma opinião? Estou bem grilado com essa questão do painel da nVidia... lembrando que as mudanças no painel tanto para BF4, Overwatch e CS:GO eu obtive ganhos altíssimos (BF foi de 60 fps no ultra pra +100) Grato!
  8. unable to change Video Capture, Highlights Auto Capture. it is permanently disabled. i have windows 10, evga gtx ftw3 1080ti, geforce experience, nvidia driver 385.28, nvidia ingame overlay enabled, highlights = yes
  9. Since the last update, ShadowPlay has been working intermittently. After updating I noticed that I was no longer getting the "Kill recorded" or "Death recorded" modals and upon investigation noticed that the option for highlights in the settings was greyed out as well as ShadowPlay's "Instant Replay" feature not working for PUBG. After trying to fix it for a while I found that they would only work again after reinstalling the graphics driver. Both then show as available and work as expected. Instant Replay was also working fine in other games before the reinstall. After reboot however, this happens again. The only fixes I'm aware of currently are to either reinstall my GPU driver any time I wish to use the highlights feature or to use the "Capture desktop" option in the privacy settings of ShadowPlay and record the whole match/use "Instant Replay". Has this been logged as a bug already? The only information I could find was a few people experiencing the same thing as me on the PUBG subreddit here and here. Hopefully this is helpful to anyone experiencing the same issue. The attached screenshots show how both the Highlights feature and Instant Replay "Save" button are greyed out.
  10. Hi, So I have been reading about the kill capture knockout feature for Nvidia Shadowplay, Have I missed somthing, Is it not released yet? I have updated all my graphics drivers as instructed. but when I go to the PUBG in game settings the Video Capture option in the list is not highlighted. I am Using Windows 8.1 with EVGA GTX 1080 ftw2. And yes my PUBG game is also up to date. Any advice would be much apreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. I'm having really weird graphical issues when in SLI mode, especially on the home screen/inventory. The scroll animated windows that pop up your inventory/play options will start to flash, causing other items on the screen to disappear. When I disable SLI, it works flawlessly.
  12. Bug Description: Almost every match the game crashes, even when critical load or temperature is not reached. The log reads, "LowLevelFatalError [File:D:\tsl\tsl-client-branch\build\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\D3D11Util.cpp] [Line: 176] &nl;Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. (Error: 0x887A0006 - 'HUNG')&nl;". Date Seen: Since I started playing (29.06), still persisting on the date of posting this (05.07). Server: Regular server, not test. Troubleshooting Attempted: - Under- and overclocking GPU and CPU (crash occurs even on base clock); - Changing Nvidia Control Panel and Nvidia Inspector settings; - Updating BIOS; - Updating graphics drivers; - Forcing refresh rate, DirectX 11, memory allocation, etc.; - Reinstalling graphics drivers and any other Nvidia software; - Turning off Windows Defender; - Configuring paging file; - Using only one monitor; - Switching between screen modes in-game; - Reinstalling game; - Verifying game files; - Using CCleaner to clean the computer. Other Information: Could be related to drivers (382.33) released on May 22nd, although there are plenty of Unreal Engine 4 games that are not affected. Cannot test with an older driver though, as it was pre-PUBG optimization patch and game would run at 10-15fps. Launch Options: I have tried using "-refresh 60", "-maxMem=13000", "-malloc=system", "-USEALLAVAILABLECORES", "-d3d10", "-cpuCount=8" separately and together.
  13. Hi I had massive problems with my notebook and 2 or 3 games. Nothing solved my problem. I always got freeezing screens and restarts. I updated all, roll back to old driver, flashed new firmaware but nothing helped me. I recommend to everybody who has problems, contact the manufacturer for a vbios update. I updated to the newest vbios via msi service site. its the version, but however why, I sent back the notebook, cause I have warranty and they updated to an other version. Now I have the vbios version 86.04.5b.00.82 It seems that there are vbios versions, who boosts the clock to 1999Mhz and you get a crash. Now I can play with 4k and very low settings, but I play with 1440p and Ultra settings and set the foliage and the shadows to low. In the attachement you see the settings who are with 55+ fps. 1440p is 58+ fps. I have GSync activated. I have no link to the bios, sorry, but I can extract it. May be it will help some guys of you.
  14. Fullscreen: Uses SLI, runs without lag. The existing problem is that the menu's are almost not usable. All menus, being inventory, startup menu, everything. The mouse is way off the icons, ex: to exit the game, I need to click 2 full buttons upwards, and 2 full buttons left on the screen. Borderless: Fails to use SLI, providing lag on one GPU. Ironically, all the menu's work in borderless mode. Specs: Intel I7-4710MQ GTX970M in SLI Any solutions or fixes appreciated, Thanks
  15. Seen: Every 2 or 3 games Information: Operating System- Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU- Intel Core i5 4690K @ 3.50GHz Haswell 22nm Technology RAM- 16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 666MHz (9-9-9-24) Motherboard MSI Z97 GAMING 5 (MS-7917) Graphics- 22EA63 (1920x1080@60Hz) LG IPS FULLHD (1920x1080@60Hz) 22MP65 (1920x1080@60Hz) 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 (MSI) Storage- 223GB SanDisk SDSSDA240G (SSD) (Game on here) 465GB Seagate ST500DM002-1BD142 (HDD) Bug Description: The game and Nvidia ShadowPlay conflict in some way that causes the game to crash. When playing it will freeze, all 3 monitors will go black and then come back on with the game minimised and it being unresponsive. Every time it has happened I have had to close it through task manager so I haven't been able to send a crash report. I have a feeling it may have to do with 3 monitors or ram usage but I haven't tested it out. Troubleshooting/Testing Steps Attempted: Turned the overlay/shadow play off. Haven't had a crash like it since.
  16. Gutted for not being able to play this game through Windows 10 on Mac parallels. I get a black screen every time I load the game, although I can hear sound and get all the menus. Just can't see anything on the lobby or when the game is on (plane sequence is all in black although I can click on F to eject and land. When I get to the island it's all still black. Just can hear the sounds. Character apparently can move well and run and punch - I can hear all of that, but I can't see anything). Unplayable. Please fix this bug soon or I'll have to return the game. Me and thousands of mac (through parallels) users won't be able to invest/play in this game. Everyone loses if this is not properly sorted. Here's some screengrabs of what I get. My gaming machine: Intel Xeon X5670 x2 (12 cores) 2.93mhz 32GB RAM GTX980Ti
  17. I've crashed quite a few times while playing and I can now say with somewhat certainty that opening the in-game menu for shadowplay while in a match of battleroyale is the cause. I've submitted the report whenever I crash but I thought it would help to say what I was trying to do at the time of the crash. Whenever I press the bind to open the ShadowPlay menu, it would freeze for a second and crash the game. It happens about 40% of the time when trying to open the menu. I would also like to clarify that it happens when opening the in-game display MENU of shadowplay, not when I use the record bind for it. Bug Description: Crashing while trying to open the in-game shadowplay menu Date Seen: Randomly throughout the beta and in the EA version. Troubleshooting Attempted: Restarting computer, updating drivers, attempted to recreate bug by opening shadowplay while ingame and cause the crash again with somewhat consistency. Submitted the logs after crashing. Other Information: It does not crash while using the bind to record, but crashes whenever opening the in-game menu for shadowplay. This is the only game I've encountered that crashes while opening the menu for shadowplay. Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: GTX 970 FTW edition CPU: i5-4690 Ram:16gb
  18. I've got myself a GTX 1060 ROG Strix OC 6gb Vram yesterday, because i played with a GTX 770 twin frozr with 2gb which couldn't handle the game in some situations not very well. PC: I7 3770K 4core 3.4Ghz 12GB DDR3 Ram 2 SSD's with 300 GB 1 HDD with 3TB and the GTX 1060 ROG STRIX The thing is, i have to turn up video settings ingame otherwise the game will load everything on my cpu, but even when i put everything on ultra except shadows i only get around 60 - 80 fps in forest areas with low building density, i towns i dip under the 20. My cpu usage is nearly 45 - 50% all the time on all cores. My GPU VRAM usage unfortunately is stuck at 30% max and jumps between 20 to 30%. My question is what could cause the game to not use my available VRAM, the game even ran better with my gtx770 earlier, because 80 fps now with the gtx 1060 feel like 40 - 50 when 60 - 80 on the gtx770 felt like 100 - 120.
  19. Hi everyone (sorry for my english) I have a problem with my two graphics cards into my Laptop. I know my game is running with my Intel card because my FPS are very Low in the main menu... I know this because i can't choose my screen resolution as well. Sometimes, randomly the game is running with my NVIDIA 960M because i see my "1920x1080" in my setings and my game runs with 60FPS perfectly ! How can i fix it ? I would like to stay on my Nvidia card everytime... I hvae already change settings in my Nvidia Control Panel but it doesn't works, my game still running with my intel card... Thanks
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