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About Me

Found 6 results

  1. This has been an on going issue ever since I've been playing, to 1.0. Shotguns have a 1 second delay of killing an enemy and it's not fair when you land the first shot that should kill them. I have taken videos over and over of me shooting the enemy and they still live to shoot a few rounds at me before just toppling over like a ragdoll. It's not lag or anything. I notice that even when I'm in cover, I'm getting hurt for no reason when someone is using a shotgun themselves. When players jump in the air with a shotgun, they're more likely to hit than the person holding the corners which I find that really baffling. If the rubber banding ever comes back (right now, 1.0 is pretty stable for me) -- I'm not using the shotgun any more. It get me killed more than I can kill. Oh and uhh... Shooting an enemy should kill them regardless if I died. It should show both players dying. A shotgun bullet should still register even if I die. Even on the replay it shows blood going every where but no damage. How does that even make sense?
  2. After the most recent patch, found a Tommy Gun. When equipping a holo scope and a red dot scope, it allows you to attach but only gives you iron sights when you use it.
  3. Hi Devs, Lean (Q & E) doesn't work in the area highlighted red. I have had this around 15times and happens to other players around me, soon as i leave the area the lean starts to work again. Please put a fix in place.
  4. All of the sudden I can't talk or hear people in voice chat, also I can't see the talking icon next to my friends when they are talking. All of my other voice comms are working perfectly fine, I can also communicate in CSGO or Rocket League. Only voice chat that ain't working is in PUBG. Here's what I've tried: -Muting/unmuting voice chat (obviously, duh), -disabling/enabling input device in Steam, -verifying integrity of game files, -reinstalling the game Nothing of the above worked, any ideas?
  5. Leopard

    Cant Access Game

    I have had Battlegrounds for about a month and I have tried numerous times to get into a game but whenever I go onto the game I am able to get into the menu then search for a game but whenever it goes onto the loading screen the game just crashes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but nothing has worked. Please help!! I really want to play or otherwise I would like my money back.
  6. Hi first thanks for a great game, have had a lot of fun in the 30 hours i played it But i had a strange thing happen a couple of games ago, my interact stopped working i tried to rebind it but that didn't help. First i did think i lost connecting but i could hear other people shot. I was locked in a house, couldn't open door or loot the body in that house for like 5 min, then i logged off. Sorry not much info about but maybe it have happen to others also?
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