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Found 9 results

  1. Check replays: 1. http://plays.tv/video/5a42590e6e599a671d/bugg http://plays.tv/video/5a425bc8e5929ea5be/replaypubg 2. http://plays.tv/video/5a425a2b1771633580/bugg3
  2. I was playing my game with mate, when we have found this. Hope you will fix it soon P.s. Ofc you can kill and see enemy through this mountain
  3. Hey PUBG team, Just wanted to let you know what I've been experiencing with what I've read is one of the rarer glitches/bugs. I mostly play squad FPP and do not know if this occurs for me in TPP, my squad mates and I may try TPP out later. So what occurs for me while playing is that buildings and character models do not render at the beginning of the game. Character models slowly appear over the course of the game but not all the time. Items also do not render half the time but are more likely to than characters models and buildings. Usually what I see first is some items then character models. This allows for some interesting things to occur as the collisions do not affect me allowing me to have wall hacks and noclip through anything. One of the weirder things I've experimented with some squad mates is that while I am in vehicles I can noclip through everything except the ground. I've gone through various rock formations and buildings running over enemies coming out of angles where they do not expect me at all. One thing that we've noticed is for bridges if I am driving the vehicle my squad mate will noclip with me through the bridge and into the water but if they are driving then I do not noclip and the collision works properly on the vehicle. We have yet to test this for buildings in town if I can bring passengers to noclip through with me. Also there are some areas in the new desert map that are supposedly the ground but I am able to noclip through these hills and see what I assume is the skybox and water goes to the map edges underneath. Also while I am in spectator mode nothing continues to render and I can provide my squad mates with information on the whereabouts of enemies as buildings have not rendered. Mostly mentioning this because I hope that they will not get banned or punished for this. My squad mates and I might experiment some more to see how severe this bug is and what other craziness can be done. If we discover some new things I will add them on to this post. If more details are desired since this seems to be a rare bug let me know. I have tried multiple times to reinstall and verify the integrity of the game files as well as reinstalling graphic drivers but this has not helped. As much crazy and fun as this is I hope that this can be fixed soon so I can enjoy PUBG the way it's meant to be played. Plus I'm probably going to get reported like crazy for "hacking." Date Seen: Previously encountered several times before 1.0 but were fixed fairly quickly, now every game after the 1.0 went live I get this bug. Server: NA System Specs: See attached images.
  4. Directly after landing on a rooftop at the military base I 'noclipped' through the roof and was stuck there until dying to the zone. Attached images are 3rd and 1st person views of the problem. I could not stand up or move beyond rotating the camera to make my character swivel.
  5. So when the game was loading I was having load time issues I deleted my Temp file in the folder under in the %appdata% local during the load, when I landed no buildings had full textures and only trees rocks and cars had collision box's tried it again worked again. are you guys saving some important files to the temp folder or was me running the deletion process messing with the game. I have video of the game while I am running through walls and shooting out of boxes. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/169521294
  6. Hello. I'm not sure, if this is the right place to post this, but I feel like I must address this asap. I noticed while parachuting down in my latest match that no houses were rendering at all and I could see through walls. I tried getting into a car and wow, I could drive through terrain. I though what would happen if I were to drive someone over since I could see everyone. Didn't think anything would happen. I killed a player... I hope I don't get banned for this. I'm very sorry and understand if this warrants me a ban. I'll link some screenshots of what happened when I get them rendered out. This happened in FPP duo. I can post more information, but I am not sure what info do you need. Thank you. EDIT: I googled this and seems that some have indeed gotten banned for this and I didn't know what I was getting into..
  7. Bug Description:Clipping through the ground due to poor optimization Date Seen: 7/20 Server: 51D79F. Other Information:playeruknown refusing to properly optimize the game. The game is completely buggy and Needs actual work done within the game to improve optimization, Playdough like textures and models are extremely common, as well as poor FPS. I realize you stated you don't really plan on improving performance for "lower end" builds, but you have to, otherwise stuff like this will continue happening due to your stubbornness Launch Options:I'm not using any command line options, System Specifications:Windows 10:GTX 750 OC:G3258:8GB DDR3:
  8. Video/gif of what happened: http://imgur.com/LGq9jAj So this happened just a few hours ago. Me and my teammate was just pulling up behind the house to hide our car, and it just clipped me through the window when exiting. I'm not sure if it has been reported already, but I figured I should post it anyway. I don't know if this is only possible on some houses, haven't done any tests on it. It was also possible to enter back into the vehicle from inside the window. It's maybe not the most important bug to fix, but it feels like it could be pretty OP to just jump into house like that to clear it.
  9. Hey, i was watching Ellohime and he accidently glitched through this wall: https://clips.twitch.tv/BoredSmallTortoiseSmoocherZ Hope this gets fixed soon.
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